It’s Back! Outrage Over Park51 Reignited

Just when it seemed like the inanity over Park51, the Muslim community center that was labeled by the right wing as the “Ground Zero Mosque,” was long forgotten, the controversy appears to have once more raised its ugly head.

Via Talking Points Memo:

The Daily Beast reported yesterday that Park51 had applied for $5 million worth of grants. The organization, in a statement, acknowledged applying for a grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Park51 says it would use the money both for its construction and services it plans to offer, including domestic violence prevention and foreign language classes.

The news has the potential to re-ignite the furor over the planned community center, which by all accounts has largely died down. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has jumped onto the news, calling it “Outrageous to even consider federal funds go to building a mosque at Ground Zero.” Rep. Peter King (R-NY), the likely chair of the next Homeland Security Committee and not exactly a champion of the Muslim community, told Fox News it’s an “affront to the memory of all those who were murdered on 9/11. It’s taking, in effect, money that was appropriated after the World Trade Center attacks, taking that money, taxpayer money, hard-earned taxpayer money to use it to help to build this 13-story edifice.”

Never let it be said that Reps. King and Bachmann let a chance to be xenophobic fear-mongers go unnoticed.  No wonder King was one of the few Representatives outside Minnesota to support Bachmann for leadership.

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Debra S.
Debra S5 years ago

This is ridiculous, in a Country filled with various religious groups. Of late, the most hate-filled group is this new one called "tealigion". Honestly, if you were to put all the posts in defiance of this center on here, and put "tealigion" or "tealigious", instead of Muslim, you would see which way they are trying to take our Country!! It's funny to me, how all their hate and finger pointing, seems to reflect their own ideology. I am a Christian and I embrace all religions who accept these differences, and present LOVE as the cornerstone of their faith. Those so-called "christians" who present hate, fear and intolerance, certainly do not reflect the Love of the same Christ I follow.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

There has been a totally different standard on this project and "christian" churches. It is patently xenophobic. So many Americans do not seem to GET that freedom in the U.S. is for EVERYONE, not just christians.

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

I think, Marlon, to be fair, that probably 1/3 - 1/2 do not of American churches do not hold that view. But I'm not sure how to corroborate those figures other than anecdotal evidence. I would imagine that for mosques, though, it would be close to 100%.

* Marlon W. says
* Nov 29, 2010 10:50 AM

certainly state funded xtianity is completely acceptable, is it not? After all, churches still have their tax-exempt status while promulgating hateful anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-intellectual policies. Right??? RIGHT??????

Marlon W.
Marlon W6 years ago

certainly state funded xtianity is completely acceptable, is it not? After all, churches still have their tax-exempt status while promulgating hateful anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-intellectual policies. Right??? RIGHT??????

Christopher Fowler

Based on the behavior and demonstrated beliefs and stances on certain subjects, I fully expect the Dominion Christians would be opposed to secular domestic violence prevention classes, since those would go against the policies of those Christian cults that support spousal and child abuse.

They are unwilling to accept anyone but other Christians to build churches there. After all, there has never been a Muslim mosque anywhere near ground zero before.....NOT.

Like all Cults, they ignore the truth in favor of what they want, over all facts and proofs.

Stephen Greg
Jason T6 years ago

Beth S. & Mabolsa Ritchie

Simply calling Saudi Arabia "retarded" is hardly fair. They have good citizens and bad citizens. Christians and Muslims have similar roots and beliefs. If Christians can move past the dark ages, and they largely have, then so can Muslims, given time, money, and education.

Then again, since most of them live in a giant desert, it's possible the majority of them will be stuck in the dark ages forever. But the ones I've met in America are not maid-killing radicals. After all, they have been given everything they need to succeed, just like the Christians in this country.

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago


You said it better than I could have. BTW, Bin Laden and many other terrorists are multi-multi-millionaires, if not billionaires.

Stephen, did you see the discussion on the many wealthy Arab countries who have abused, tortured and murdered HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of foreign maids?

Stephen, there is evil in the world. Islam is in so many ways the evil driving more evil around the world. At its core, it is in love with death and destruction. How long will it take for Islam to wake up?

Islam is to our generation as the Nazis were to our parents' generation. Stop the evil.

In the meantime, I want as few Muslims as possible pouring into our borders and spreading the hate and destruction.

Read some of the latter comments and articles, then tell me again how bad the Christians are....

Mabolsa Ritchie
Gerry M6 years ago

@ Stephen Greg

"We need to help educate Muslim's and hope that their economies in improve."

This is a nice idea, but not very practical. You're not understanding how muslims think here. I use the word think very loosely by the way.

Many muslims have no time for education and certainly not western style education. They have no respect for non muslims and will not react to how we treat them by being nice back. They see our treatment of them as a sign of weakness and use it against us. They will not learn by example because they think we, non believers, are vile. This is in the koran.

You have very little chance of getting through to them this way, not least of all because they demand and get islamic schools where they spend too much time on koranic studies and teaching the children how to hate non muslims.

"The wealthier a nation is, the less violent it will usually be. Economics play a huge role in things like terrorism"

saudi arabia, like other arab countries in the middle east, has vast wealth, but it is an islamic theocracy. All that money has just made them believe that they can push islam on the rest of the world by using their wealth to fund mosques and islamic schools in non islamic countries and pay for hate preachers to teach in them.

Normally, the wealthier a nation is, the less religious it is, yes. But not when that nation is mentally retarded like saudi arabia and other muslim nations. Their wealth is just used to spread their hatred further.

Stephen Greg
Jason T6 years ago

Beth S.

In the end this is a matter of time: past, present, and future. Intellectual freedom used to be nonexistent in Christian nations where you could get executed for suggesting the Earth was round; or in slightly more recent times, that evolution is a reality. The witch hunts in developed Christian nations only ended a few hundred years ago, and Nazi Germany, a Christian nation, went completely off it's rocker a mere several decades ago. As we see in Uganda, and even with the Bible Belt militia movement to a lesser degree, their are still some radical Christians out there.

Islam just needs time to get caught up with the modern world. The majority of it's followers are confined to nations with few natural resources to help them move forward. Saudi Arabia is not exactly a great place to built a successful nation. It's a desert.

The best way to end Islamic radicalism isn't to invade every Muslims country. We need to help educate Muslim's and hope that their economies in improve. The wealthier a nation is, the less violent it will usually be. Economics play a huge role in things like terrorism.

Stephen Greg
Jason T6 years ago

bob m.

Your babbling

Mabolsa Ritchie & Dave Tohunga

With your psychotic conspiracy theories you aren't much better than bob m.