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Jerusalem Bookstore Caves to Pressure for “Modesty Standards”

Jerusalem Bookstore Caves to Pressure for “Modesty Standards”

After months of vandalism and harassment, the owners of a religious bookstore in an Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood have agreed to a series of “modesty standards” particularly aimed at women) laid out by the Sikrikim, an extremist group. The owners of the store will display large placards in the front windows requesting that patrons dress modestly. They will also remove controversial books from the shelves, although no books written in English will be removed.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “the group has smashed [the bookstore's] windows more than a dozen times, glued its locks shut, thrown tar and fish oil at the store, and dumped bags of human excrement inside. The owners were also personally threatened multiple times.”

One of the shop’s managers, Marlene Samuels, said, “In the beginning, the owners thought it would stop, that it was temporary, but it didn’t stop, it got worse and worse [...] It’s never going to end 100%”

I wish that bookstores and libraries around the world could be censorship-free havens for knowledge, but there are still some people determined to repress opinions and ideas that they don’t agree with. It’s too bad that this particular store was put under such pressure that they had to concede to the censors.

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7:56PM PST on Dec 27, 2011

It's even more horrible that this Jewish Taliban group holds such sway and that the Zionist Entity government does nothing to stop such occurences. Only a couple of days ago, an 8 year old girl appeaered on Entity TV tearfully describing how these evil fundamentalist people spat on and screamed at her for being "immodestly dressed" on her way to school in an area where they had signs telling women they should not "linger".

Utterly horrible. And unlike the Muslim fundamentalist tendency, which comprises a tiny minority of all Muslims, these monsters are 10% of the Zionist Entity population. Moreover, they are producing huge families on social security as they don't work and many commentators are worried that they will eventually bring down the state as they are becoming more numerous and their children do not get educated in any meaningful way, thus adding to the drain on the state's coffers.

Actually, that might be a prospect we should all encourage....

4:28PM PST on Dec 27, 2011

I find it horrible that 80% of respondents suggested that the store should have continued to keep on despite personal threats to the owners. What if they had children; what about their lives? It is a tragedy that this happened, but safety is always paramount.

11:20AM PST on Dec 17, 2011

Look you pair of cackling loons. I am saying that I will not accept a "collection" from a "Persian" with a French name, which was translated into French and then from French into English by a Zionist.

And if you think that the correct translation I provided to refute the "sex with animals" slur actually condones it, you are barking as well as cackling.

11:13AM PST on Dec 17, 2011

Look you pair of cackling loons. I am saying that I will not accept a "collection" from a "Persian" with a French name, which was translated into French and then from French into English by a Zionist.

And if you think that the correct translation I provided to refute the "sex with animals" slur actually condones it, you are barking as well as cackling.

8:04AM PST on Dec 17, 2011

OK John D, Dhimmi supreme, Islamist stooge, give us another translation of Pedophile Khomeinii's writings then. You can't just say you won't accept some because you don't like what it says. Khomeinii was the pervert, not the translator. Are you making the absurd claim that the translator made it all up? Yet you expect us all to believe something you post from your chosen site? No.

Where is the source for your bizarre claims about Khomeinii. There is no such things as you claim we can find in Wikipedia.

Harold Salemson has many links when Googled. He was a well known & respected translator & author, born in the US & lived & worked in Paris. You have no credibility.

You use your standard Jew hating lines - Zionist - for everything. Grow up. You have said nothing here but lies. Give us acceptable sources for all your refutations of what everyone here has said.

You give a quote from a source you expect us all to believe which only serves to back up sex with animals notion. The poor animal must be killed, tho. And what a hoot that it implies that the lamb born was because of a human having sex with its mother. Great Islamic science there.

7:58AM PST on Dec 15, 2011

Oh dear Monica R

" A book "Tahrirolvasyleh", cited on the Internet, which quotes the Ayatollah Khomeini approving of sex with animals under certain conditions, is unconfirmed and possibly a forgery.[32] Though the book Tahrir-ul-Vasyleh does exist, there is widespread suspicion concerning the existence and authenticity of such a "fourth book"."


7:52AM PST on Dec 15, 2011

Monica R

As with the "sex with animals" quotes that people like you purvey, you are incorrectly translating. He is alleged to have said that sex with animals is ok. This is the actual text:--

22-One of things which will cause an animal to be Haram, although it was originally Halal, is a human having sex with it and ... because of this work (sodomizing the animal) its meat and the meat of its lamb which will be born after sodomizing will all be Haram, along with its milk, wool, and hair.

23- If the animal which someone had sex with is an edible animal like a sheep, cow, or camel it should be killed (Zebh) and burned. If it is one of the animals which is not usually eaten but is used for riding and transportation, like a horse or donkey, it should be taken out of the city and sold in another city.


7:46AM PST on Dec 15, 2011

So Rob and Jay, you pair of twits honestly think that I am gouing to take any notice of a "book" that has in its introduction:--

"an example of how Islam corrupts a person’s mind."

Or even take notice of a 3rd hand "translation" that is not of an original, but an alleged "collection" by someone else, translated into French and then into English?

"This version of The Little Green Book , is a translation done by Harold Salemson, whose source was a French translation of the Ayatollah’s fatawah compiled by a Persian named Jean-MarieXaviere."

This "Persian" has rather a French sounding name to me.

An internet search reveals nothing about these people, who are clearly Zionists with an axe to grind, as is the writer of the preface.

No thanks. Do better next time.

12:13AM PST on Dec 15, 2011

John D, a little late, but here is Khomeinii info:
As related in 'Hal Ataaka Hadeeth ur-Raafidah?' by the late Sheikh Abu Mus'abaz-Zarqaawi:
"When it was time to sleep, the guests had all left, except for the inhabitants of the house. Al-Khomeini laid his eyes on a young girl who, despite being only four or five years of age, was very beautiful.
So, the Imam requested from her father, Sayyid Sahib, that he spend the night with her in order to enjoy her. Her father happily agreed, & Imam al-Khomeini spent the night with the girl in his arms, & we could hear her crying and screaming.'”

"If a man sodomises the son, brother, or father of his wife after their marriage, the marriage remains valid."(LGB - Little Green Book)
"A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels & so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighbouring village is reasonable."(LGB)
Much more here:

2:49AM PST on Dec 12, 2011

And I think, Linda T, that you should just bog off telling me what to do.

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