Journalism Losing Its Footing in Canada

Just two weeks after Postmedia killed its in-house wire service, laying off around 25 journalists, the news organization held short-notice staff meetings at their newspaper offices across the country to announce more cuts. Staff will be laid off, there will be a centralization of services, Sunday papers will be cut in Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton and a paywall will be going up for access to their websites. The National Post will stop publishing a Monday edition during the summer and also put up a paywall.

All of this means less access to news and less local coverage. Postmedia will be centralizing some copy editing and page layout, which will provide content to all of its network papers, meaning there will be national and wire coverage and less time and room for local.

The country’s other national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, will also start charging for online content this summer.

Newspapers may have waited too long to make these changes, now that they have an audience that is used to getting information for free and shrinking budgets that won’t help them to deliver interesting and innovative content that will encourage readers to take our their credit cards and pay to read more.

Cuts also mean fewer journalists doing more work, which is bound to lower quality exactly the opposite of what the newspaper industry needs right now. It’s a vicious cycle.

All of these changes, the President and CEO of Postmedia said, are efforts to reduce their “print-related infrastructure costs,” but how much can you cut infrastructure without hurting the public interest?


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Judith H.
Judith H5 years ago


Judith H.
Judith H5 years ago


Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber5 years ago

The rich & the powerful have gutted our journalists being able to report actual news... So what's the point of having a propaganda paper? Sun Media (Vancouver sun, Calgary sun etc) is more right wing propaganda, than news & has been for years... With Harper in charge, it's only gotten a LOT worse.

Nancy W.
Nancy W5 years ago

What's going to happen if we don't have professionals who know how to research ethically and responsibly. We need to see stories from many different angles, locally and internationally. Its an important skill to know what questions to ask who to ask and be able to get the truth and back it up. Its a gift, the best of these people can get anyone to open up and tell their story. It has the power to heal through understanding. Truth and trust? is there any value on that within the ruthless business and political realms? Its Dangerous to rely on the internet rumour mill and there's a lot of people who will act reactionary, cause fear conciously or unconciously. We are seeing the media controlled by corporations and a willingness to cater to them, because of money factors, reliance on ad revenue and who know what else. Yes our CBC could be losing its mojo thanks to government cuts it threatens them to be rendered powerless no longer able to have the reach and be physically present in the current issues. More music feeds and entertainment than reality is dangerous for our societies. Being fed unwarranted fear without understanding is a worry. News seems to be more reactionary than ever and will get worse with out some kind of resolve and human resources to dig deep and tell the truth ethically and as unbiased as possible. Just the facts Ma'am. A calm reliable voice in the storm would be ideal for a saner stable intelligent world.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

Because we can't have the truth getting out.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

The point is it's no longer journalism.

Robert K.
Robert K5 years ago

Holy cow! I always thought we might be insane, but I always held Canada up as a shining light for North America. See what allowing conservatives and billionaires access to power does?

Karen and Ed O.
Karen and Ed O5 years ago

Interesting, isn't it? First we have an article about the conservative government in Canada, and I thought, boy, doesn't that sound familiar.
Now we have a story about "Journalism Losing Its Footing in Canada". Well it may be losing it's footing in Canada, but in the US it's losing it's grip. Example: Fox's so-called news.

All I have to say about charging for accessing news papers' stories --- besides sounding illegal, it sounds kind of dumb to me.

Darlene Buckingham

The only reason I read the newspapers now is to see what lies the world oppressors are feeding to us. Journalism is dying.

Carole Cherne
Carole Cherne5 years ago

Journalism in this country is on life-support. Too bad Canada is going the same direction.