Ken Buck: Global Warming is “Hoax”

We’ve already seen that Colorado senate candidate Ken Buck has hit a rough patch lately, especially when it comes to women’s issues.

To try and turn around his sliding poll numbers, Buck encourages everyone to focus on nothing but the economy from now until election day.

Too bad he didn’t take his own advice.

Via Talking Points Memo:

The Coloradoan reports that after the meeting with supporters in Fort Collins, CO, Buck was heading to a fundraiser featuring Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK).

“Sen. Inhofe was the first person to stand up and say this global warming is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated,” Buck told The Coloradoan. “”The evidence just keeps supporting his view, and more and more people’s view, of what’s going on.”

Ironically, Buck had just finished telling his supporters: “let’s stay focused on economic issues for the next 13 days.” His Meet The Press comments have sparked criticism, and while he has said he wasn’t trying to compare being gay to a disease, he did not withdraw the comment when The Coloradoan asked him if he wished he’d rephrased what he said.

Buck’s Democratic challenger is rising to take advantage of another bad press moment for Buck:

Buck’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet, seized on the statement, pointing to a report from the National Council of State Legislatures that Colorado will incur annually “more than $1 billion in losses due to impacts on tourism, forestry, water resources and human health from a predicted drier, warmer climate.”

And the League of Conservation Voters is hitting Buck hard as well:

The League of Conservation Voters released a new web video today mocking Republican Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck’s statements on climate change. In the video, the environmental group shows a spoof version of Buck’s Facebook page, complete with a video of him saying, “I don’t think man-made cause is a primary factor for global warming.”

On the faux-Facebook page, Buck sets his relationship status as “it’s complicated” with “Big Oil,” writes a message on the Tea Party’s Facebook page and sends a message to Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and “Big Oil” that says, “Miss you guys! Hopefully I’ll be around in 2011! LMAO!! :).”

Can Buck get back to the “it’s the economy” basics?  He sure can’t stray much further from that topic at this point.

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Frank Friedrich Kling

Looks like "Lil J", "Tom Y", and "Patricia S." have meet their singular doppelganger.

Richard McBane
Richard McBane4 years ago

That even 10% of the readership seriously believes that Global Climate Change is a hoax highlights the woeful state of science education in America. Atmospheric physics and atmospheric chemistry doesn't give one whit what you believe, what you political allegiances are, nor the size of your bank account. Humans have been digging (coal) and sucking up (oil and natural gas) from beneath the earth's surface for over two hundred years. The amount of formerly sequestered carbon pumped into the skies has accelerated ever since. Until the early-mid 20th century, plant life and the oceans could abosorb most of this, but the rate of disgorgement has exceeded the absorption capacity since before the 1940's. Therefore, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have risen annually. CO2, methane and water vapor trap outgoing infrared radiation (heat) inside the lower regions of the atmosphere. Annual surface temperatures rise, changing night-time and winter temperature minimums, especially at higher latitudes, and wind patterns shift altering the dispersion of rainfall. All science. All documented fact.

Richard McBane
Richard McBane4 years ago

While (globally) scientist may receive a few 100 million dollars studying these phenomena, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas companies receive HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars annually selling their fossil carbon extractions. Pray tell then, *who* exactly has the greatest vested interest in maintaining the status quo? A few thousand scientists seeking to understand the world around us and offer educated guidance for prudent longterm public policy decisions, or a few hundred thsound lining their pockets from the sales of fossil carbon? Only the deluded, deceived, willfully ignorant or dishonest attribute deceit to the scientists in this situation.

David L.
David L.4 years ago

"Lil J' = "Tom Y." = "Patricia S."

Such a clever little troll(s)...

Using multiple IDs to pretend there is more than one of him..

David L.
David L.4 years ago

IS "LiL J." possibly the SAME creationist troll as "Elaine...", I wonder !?!

Reinventing him'herself from year to year..

This article is 18 months old, I notice ~ just to prove that this is a long-running attack on students within the education system...

Should line up all these creationist propagandists - and shoot them..

Den S.
Dennis Sweitzer6 years ago

...ya gotta admit, that's a heck of a coincidence for temperatures to be rising in lockstep with CO2, while there is an unknown mechanism counteracting warming from CO2 while another unknown climate cycle warming the earth.
... how any of the illegally obtained and selectively edited emails distributed in the hoax known as "climate-gate" have any bearing on the climate debate. Deleting redundant datasets? Accurate, though rude, descriptions of the dups who accuse them of withholding the data and algorithms that are already available on the web?
... or for that matter, how any climate scientists & advocates are getting rich? (especially laughable in light of the people being enriched by the fossil fuel industry)

Den S.
Dennis Sweitzer6 years ago

Well Tom, the climate change cynics have some major explaining to do. They have yet to provide a defendable explanation for the very real climate changes that have been observed.
For instance...
... how a 0.1% periodic fluctuation in the sun's output can cause a 4% jump in average global temperatures. (I know Fred Singer had some beautiful theories about that which crushed by actual evidence)
... obviously, he meant that (while last winter was record cold), it was the summer before last (not last summer) that was relatively mild.
....or how come the last 2 times the average earth temperature became this warm was during the sunniest part of Milanovich cycle, while we are currently no where near the sunniest part. (Milanovich cycles are the variations in the Earth orbit and tilt that are linked to ice ages. Global temperatures tend to follow the Milanovich cycles, unless something unusual happens like massive transfers of greenhouse gases from within the earth by volcanos, or humans)
... or fill a hole in my science education. I got the part about how we can calculate the greenhouse gas properties of CO2 from mathematical equations (quantum mechanics), and the part about how those properties have been confirmed in the laboratory. I must have missed the part about how CO2 behaves differently in the atmosphere than in the laboratory.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR6 years ago

By any measure of public sentiment out there, his stance is that of over half the country. Concern over global warming isn't even a top 10 concern of the nation anymore.

You can rant about it, call him delusional but his views on this issue are of the increasing majority of this nation.

Patricia S.
Pat S.6 years ago

Lili J,
You are right on point!!! Dozens of stars for you, my dear!

Patricia S.
Pat S.6 years ago

Yes, it is a hoax, all to do with the current administration and George Soros and all of his associations in order to make more and more and more money and have us pay for it all!