Las Vegas Casino Operates “Dolphin Death Pool”

Las Vegas is 300 miles from the nearest ocean, yet that hasn’t stopped a popular casino from importing and imprisoning dolphins on its property as a way of entertaining its guests.

The Mirage Hotel and Casino’s “Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat” is anything but natural–the intelligent marine mammals spend day after day trapped in a shallow concrete pool next to a highway doing tricks for tourists.

The location forces the dolphins to breathe in fumes and smog without protection desert heat or the winter snow. As a result, seventy-five percent of these captive creatures die prematurely from respiratory infections.

One would think that dead dolphins would be bad for business, but the Mirage just keeps on restocking the “Death Pools” with more innocent animals.

ACT NOW: Put An End To Dolphin Death Pools In Las Vegas

Despite multiple appeals to the National Marine Fisheries Service and USDA to revoke the Mirage’s permits, this cycle of abuse and death has been allowed to continue for decades, leading to the deaths of 14 different dolphins since the exhibit opened in 1990. Five of the dolphins were stillborns or died shortly after birth.

Jacques Cousteau, world famous marine biologist, once said “No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.”

If you believe that dolphins like those at the Mirage deserve a life of freedom in the sea, please TAKE ACTION by signing these other petitions:

STOP dolphin captivity in Egypt
Stop the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan
Save the Honiara Dolphins!

Image: A captive dolphin waits in a side pool at Siegfried & Roy's "Secret Garden" wildlife habitat in the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Credit: Flickr - Dan4th


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Dolores Dee JonesMontano

This is a news report by a San Diego columnist fro 2010. It list a federal report that you can access, federal programs that are in place to monitor captive sea life, the average age of dolphins in captivity, and some of the real issues that are faced by them in captivity. The article from this website states 14 deaths with some being from still births....were the other ones from age, disease, mismanagement, etc. That is information that needs to be posted to people can make informed decisions.

Dolores Dee JonesMontano

Christine, I never disputed the deaths....I said they were on par with other captivity programs. What I disputed is #1 the picture #2 the facts as they were presented. It's OK to be incensed about animals in captivity, but do it based on facts, not on a bunch of b.s. that's being thrown out there to just rile people up.

Christine Stewart

Fourteen dolphins have died, Dolores Dee J- do you think that is hyperbole?

Dolores Dee JonesMontano

This report is hyperbole and meant to do nothing more than inflame people without putting down salient facts.....just because it's on the internet does not make it true or 100% accurate. Always do your own research before believing what you read.

1. They don't need protection from winter snow here in's the Mojave desert and very rarely if ever do we get snow on the ground, especially on the Strip.

2. They don't 'breathe in fumes and smog without protection desert heat'...remember they live under water and on periodically come up for air

3. They get no more exposure to 'desert heat' than they do in the ocean....remember they live under the water and the suns rays are just as damaging whether in the ocean or in the desert.

4. They are provided with state of the art care in the facility and the picture that was posted is another example of hyperbole.....that's a swimming pool, not their tank...Photoshop, thank you.

5. Yes, quite a few have died in captivity, however, the percentage is on par with other captivity programs.

6. Do dolphins or any other animal for that matter belong in captivity....that's a personal decision that everyone has to make....just make it based on fact, not hyperbole.