Longing for Liberation

If you are steadily losing your ability to walk… to move… to remain independent… your tolerance for extended debate and controversy over a possible treatment, if not a cure, is put to the test.

In this case, debate centers around “Liberation Treatment.” All around the world people with multiple sclerosis have been clamoring for action, ever since last September, when cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Paolo Zamboni released the results of a preliminary study of MS patients indicating a link to chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), a narrowing of the veins that restricts the flow of blood from the brain, causing iron build up, in turn causing the degeneration of neurons.

Dr. Zamboni undertook this research in response to his wife’s own heartbreaking battle against MS. The resulting theory that some types of MS are caused by CCSVI, told him that it might be treated by clearing out major veins to free the blood flow. After confirming that his wife did indeed have CCSVI, he opened the veins by using a small inflated balloon to clear the blockage, a procedure that has earned the moniker Liberation Treatment. In the three years following her surgery, she has not had a relapse!

Widening his study, the doctor repeated the same procedure on 65 people with MS. In some of those patients, stents were required when when the veins collapsed upon removal of the balloon. Two years later, 73 percent of those patients were free of symptoms.

Initially, this study did not cause great fanfare in the medical community, with MS organizations, or in the news, but the two and a half million people worldwide who live with the devastating effects of MS were elated by the possibilities and turned the CCSVI/MS connection into major news, setting off a demand for allocation of funds for more research.

Dr. Zamboni’s research is challenging everything we thought we knew about MS. If CCSVI is found to be a cause, it would be possible to identify and treat the disease before damage has been done, liberating patients from debilitating symptoms. Since MS was documented and named in the 1800s, research has resulted in significant discoveries and methods of treating the disease, such as the approved disease-modifying injectable drugs. Still, the exact cause and path to a cure elude us. MS is widely considered to be a combination of an abnormal immune system response caused by genetic predisposition and/or environmental factors and/or infectious agents.

As hopeful as we who live with MS are, MS organizations around the world are cautioning patience in the face of the limited studies done thus far, and the myriad of unanswered questions… What came first, MS or CCSVI? Why don’t all people with MS have CCSVI? What are the risks of Liberation Therapy? What are the long-term results?

That is sound advice as far as it goes, but here’s the thing — when you are living with a disease that has “no cure,” and you are becoming increasingly impaired despite following doctor’s orders, you begin to feel a sense of urgency. Time matters.

Liberation Treatment may not be the answer we are all anxiously awaiting, but it is most definitely an avenue worth pursuing in earnest, one that could shed new light on an old problem. That’s why CCSVI groups are springing up all over.

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre offers a comprehensive list of CCSVI organizations and groups around the world so we can stay abreast of important new developments. You can access the list HERE. People with MS must continue to advocate for ourselves.

Liberation Treatment… now that’s a phrase we could get to love.

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Derek Dadey
Derek Dadey6 years ago

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 1983. I can hardly walk now and it seems my condition worsens every day. When I first heard about the Liberation procedure and its results from a friend, I thought United States would be the first to conduct the trials. I could never imagine the corruption involved. I ended up applying for this simple procedure in Poland and waiting.. The other options were to get it done in India. After researching the internet extensively, I came across http://www.ccsviclinic.ca/ . They are screening for CCSVI in Fargo, ND and have very affordable packages for the Liberation procedure in India. I called (404)461-9560 and spoke to their nurse administrator Lisa whose priceless support made me realize that we are not alone in the fight against MS. They are screening within the US and Canada, their medical travel package includes flight arrangements and help with the visas, world class accommodation and meals within their hospitals, the liberation procedure, a stent if needed, medications necessary, a site-seeing tour, Pre-and post-procedure supervision, Full medical file including copies of charts, screens, CDs of Venograms, blood work, EKGs, etc. Post Procedure Screenings, follow-up and consultation with surgeons for the next 6 months and so many other provisions Lisa told me about, I can’t recall however you might be able to find out more on their site.. http://ccsviclinic.ca/?page_id=564 . They are providing all of this at just $13000 as

Derek Dadey
Derek Dadey7 years ago

You can’t set a number and say the original is disproven; things just don’t work that way. Think about the age-old quest to fly; even in the ancient Greek stories we hear about Icarus and yet we are only aware of gliders for a comparatively short period of those 2000 years, ballooning is not quite 200 years old, and motorized aircraft have only been around for about 100 years. Now medical claims may be quite a different case; with what is currently known about various diseases etc., some claims are easily tested and rules out on the basis that the claims simply don’t match reality – that is the case in physics, for example, with all claims about perpetual motion machines. For most claims in science, the best thing to do is reproduce the setup and then have the original person making the claims around to help run the show, but don’t let them touch anything or play any direct part in gathering the data; such a scheme would rule out any questions of the competency of the people doing the experiment. This is usually not practical though, but competency is only relevant in rare cases where you need a lot more background understanding which your colleagues are not likely to possess – these are extremely rare cases indeed. Now with 2 negative results, if Zamboni cannot come up with a verifiable reason for the negative results, I would immediately dismiss him as a quacking crank.Check this out.. http://www.ccsviclinic.ca/

Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch7 years ago

Wow this is great news,, could be better if they were ready to get to work right now.. but thanks for all the info I will be watching this..

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