Major Corporations Setting Global Warming Pollution Targets as Climate Week Kicks Off

A full 51 percent of the worlds biggest corporations have corporate-wide climate pollution reduction targets, according to a new report released today by the Carbon Disclosure Project. The nonprofit, which represents institutional investors, noted that only 36 percent of corporations have set targets beyond 2012 and called for a long-term international treaty to provide regulatory certainty for these companies. The release was one of many events billed as part of Climate Week NYC surrounding the United Nations Climate Summit, at which President Obama will speak Tuesday.

On Monday September 21st, the coalition sponsored 1,500 events in 130 countries at 12:18 local time as a wake up call to world leaders on global warming. “The world is sleepwalking into a crisis of epic and historical proportions,” the group wrote in its press release. Celebrities Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Alanis Morissette, Michael Stipe, Stephen Fry, Harry Belafonte, Emiliana Torrini, Lila Downs, Groove Armada, and Zap Mama, among others, participated in events, calling their elected leaders and urging their fans to make calls.

That major world corporations are joining the drumbeat call for a global treaty on climate pollution is significant given the rhetoric out of Washington opposing a clean energy economy. “If we don’t move now, it just becomes more expensive, more complicated, and a bigger risk,” Brad Figel, director of government affairs at Nike said of global warming at a Capitol Hill briefing Friday. Figel was quoted in a Washington Post article Monday along with executives of Levi Strauss, Starbucks, and Walmart discussing their corporation’s climate pollution reduction efforts.

So besides signing this Care2 petition calling for a strong global climate treaty, what are you doing to mark Climate Week?

Human Countdown to Copenhagen Demonstration in Central Park, Sept 20, 2009.

The visual makes much more sense from above, as seen in this ABC News video featuring tcktcktck’s Ben Margolis.

And if you missed that petition calling for a strong global climate treaty, here it is again.

12:18 TckTckTck Global Wakeup Call photo from Dam Square, Amsterdam by Flickr user brian-fitzgerald/ / CC BY 2.0


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Babak R.
Babak R7 years ago

Selwyn R. is the man!

Selwyn R.
Selwyn R7 years ago

Can I just say that kai J is an moron. Thank you. There is not 1 piece of contra climate science that has been peer-reviewed and allowed to stand. Why? Because only the fossil fuel lobby and NASTY corporations put out hokey pseudo-science about climate change, starting with the Tobacco giant Phillip Morris. Why are there idiots like Kai J in the world? Of course this #%^**$% loved George Bush. Of course he is bigoted, racist, anti-environmental, narrow-minded, anti-science, a creationist, etc... Kai J, could you do the world a favor and take a lifelong vow of silence? Pretty please. And notice how he can't point you to any peer reviewed science that contradicts the scientific theory of anthropogenic climate change. I wonder why? (not).

Kai J.
Kai J7 years ago

Yes, I'd like to STOP global warming... That and climate change! All exposure of it, all political and corporate nonsense spoken about it and generally for the 31 thousand scientist who signed an open letter to Obama disagreeing with it, to be taken notice of. I also would love it if people stopped being brainwashed by this constant rediculous babble about it. 52 U.N. scientists, working for the super-elite, through the United Nations various propaganda machines have blinded you all to the facts. Global Warming was replaced by Climate Change because they realised that in fact the Earth is in a cooling period right now and has been for the last ten years! Oh what about the ozone hole? Well it keeps shifting and has nothing to do with so-called carbon emissions. Our total human input in terms of 'climate change', has been put at the equivalent to the thickness of the lino on one floor of a very large High-rise building. Yeh, I'd like to stop global warming. All talk of it would be great!

Lisa B.
Lisa B7 years ago

I am dissapointed in this article. While it has some good information, the action that you can take and the survey are all about influencing US politics. It is not a "global" petition as claimed, but a petition targeted at President Obama. Completely pointless if you don't live in the US.

Here is a suggested action, remember that if you live in the USA, you also live on this planet with many other countries. By remembering that, it is easier to realise that your actions don't just impact on your country, but the whole planet.

Come on Care2, you can do better.

Roberta Marten
Roberta Marten7 years ago

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