Malaysia Makes Gays Invisible

UPDATE: The Malaysian government is now denying that it will ban gay characters, although the Information Minister said he “however, reserves the right to select content suitable for the general public as Malaysia is a multi-racial, religious and cultural country.”


Supporters of LGBT rights have become much more active in Malaysia during the past few years. The topic has been discussed more in the media and particularly younger Malaysians, who are part of international youth culture, have increasingly become more tolerant and accepting of LGBT people.

Hence, a backlash.

The Malaysian government wants to ban any gay or ‘effeminate’ people from TV. Any shows or episodes of shows with any of these characters cannot be shown. So, no ‘Glee’ for Malaysian kids then.

No movies with gay characters either.

Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz said he wants to ‘curb the influence of the LGBT community.’

Malaysia, like all South-East Asian countries, in fact like many countries, has beloved stars who certainly are ‘effeminate.’ So D’Cruz was pressed by The Star newspaper to explain how his directive would effect programs and TV shows hosted by men who appear effeminate — he said they can still go on, “because they are born this way.” This is extremely ironic given how the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s song was censored in Malaysia last year.

The government also appears to have bought in wholesale to the ‘pray away the gay’ idea. Speaking at an education seminar last week, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told the audience the government has set money aside to fight “sexual orientation disorders like LGBT.” He said:

I believe that through an effective counseling approach, we will be able to curb this negative phenomenon from spreading in our community.

Last year, it was discovered that one state government was sending boys off to a boot camp to learn “masculine behavior.”

Two Malaysian states have moved to enact laws similar to those in Russia which ban LGBT groups and last year a ‘sexuality festival’ was banned. Seksualiti Merdeka had been held since 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, and was organized by a coalition of Malaysian NGOs.

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Photo credit: Seksualiti Merdeka


Loo Samantha
Loo sam4 years ago


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

There are no democratic islamic countries. Period.

Beth S.
Beth S4 years ago

There is big money financing Islamic terrorism. Most of the leaders of the most sophisticated savvy and terrorist groups are wealthy and highly educated.

Oil, illegal drugs, and blood gems finance most Islamic terrorism and radical groups. The wealthy and highly educated leaders of terrorist groups often exploit the nihilism and hopelessness of some of those not so fortunate into doing the dirty work, especially the suicide bombings.

Another factor in Islamic terrorism is that there are relatively few women available to the less affluent Islamic males. Because Islam allows men up to four wives, the wealthy often do make use of this allowance, which leads to a dearth of women available to the less wealthy.

This leads to a lot of resentment, pent-up sexual energy and hopelessness in non-wealthy Muslims, who are then easily manipulated and exploited into acts of terrorism so they can get their promise of 72 virgins in heaven, since they have no hope of it here.

Animals, sheep and goats are often the alternate recipients of the unfulfulled sexual needs of Muslim males, who have no other outlet.

Stephen Greg
Jason T4 years ago

Rob and Jay B.

How about I am right, and you are wrong? As I've stated many times before on this comment section alone, Christianity is not just about Jesus, it is about the whole of the Bible. You must be very, very selective in your Biblical cherry picking.

Big surprise that the author of one of those articles was taught in a Christian school and writes for the The Christian Science Monitor; I think I can take a pretty good guess on how he feels about Islam. The other author is Marc Sageman, who's works and findings are as heavily debated as they are complex.

Of course linking us to a couple of iffy articles is hardly debating and is, as John said, lazy.

John Duqesa
Past Member 4 years ago

Rob and Jay

Did you guys ever go to uni?

"Here's actual research to disprove that"

Not true. What you should've said was, "here're a couple of articles". You guys are so intellectually lazy.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S4 years ago

Stephen G, Tommy is right. You are wrong.

Forget the actions of those who claim to be followers of Jesus of the Gospels or Mohammed. Examine the Masters themselves.

Jesus taught love your neighbor & even your enemy, turn the other cheek when hit, forgive those who harm you, don't judge or throw stones at others (no one is perfect), do no violence.

Mohammed taught the exact opposite of everything Jesus taught: Mohammed said to hit back if hit, he forgave very little & had people who 'insulted' him, including women & girls, murdered, he commanded killing those who criticize Islam or leave it & gay people & said to only care for Muslims.

There personal lives were night & day too. Jesus owned nothing, forgave those who tortured & killed him cruelly, treated women as friends, didn't 'marry' a harem of women, including a 6y/o child, or have sex with them, he didn't rape captive women & didn't raid, rob, rape, murder or take captives. He owned/traded/sold no slaves or sex slaves. He healed the sick & stopped stonings. He was a light in a dark world.

Mohammed was all that Jesus was not - yet he says in the Q that he is the greatest man to ever live. His deity condoned every atrocity he committed.

You really should read the qur'an: & hadith:, then read the 4 Gospels. Night & day. Please.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S4 years ago

Stephen G, you are falling for the old myth - poverty makes terrorists. It is NOT true. Here's actual research to disprove that. Most Orthodox Muslims obeying Mohammed's/Allah's commands for violence against non-Muslims are well educated and well off. Bin Laden came from a very wealthy Saudi family:

Stephen Greg
Jason T4 years ago

Tommy S.

If you can equate Islam only with hate than you are ignorant. If you can equate Christianity with only love than you are not only ignorant (of the Bible and Christian society) but you are also delusional. Your "sympathy" is nothing more than a condensing, passive-aggressive remark. Considering you have not even attempted to back up your opinions with evidence, you are barely even worth replying to.

Tommy S.
Tommy S4 years ago

@Stephen G
quote...I only argued against Christianity when someone else tried to claim Christianity as a religion was so much better than Islam....Unquote
and that is the nub of your problem-- you cannot compare love with hate , only like with like
If you cannot see that Christianity is vastly superior to islam then you have my sympathy

John Duqesa
Past Member 4 years ago

Yes Monica R. And no one killed them or attacked them on the way home or the way there. And no one has attacked them while they go about their daily business either.