Meet the Latest Addition to the Marty (and Care2) Family

The prolific (in posts) and wise (in all ways) Robin Marty sent us this photo of the new man in her life: Sebastian Elmer Marty, along with his mom and dad.  Everyone is well and big sister Violet looking forward to meeting him.  We’re so grateful to have Robin as part of Care2 and wish her every joy with this young fellow, who has chosen himself a stellar set of parents.

The Marty Family


Kha Bliss
Past Member 5 years ago


Cristi Sturgill
Cristi Sturgill5 years ago

Congratulations on the cute new family member.

xxx y.

Congratulations !

jane richmond
jane richmond5 years ago


Wobbley Picklet
Wobbley Picklet5 years ago

Lovely to see the people behind this - Thanks. And wishing you lots of fun (and sleep!) with your beautiful little guy!

Ralph R Sutton
Ralph R Sutton5 years ago

Unlike most new babies, this little guy is good looking. Congrats on a beautiful baby.

Madi Von
Madi Von5 years ago

Awesome photo, congratulations and thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us xx

Susan S.
Susan S5 years ago

Congratutions to the proud parents on their beautiful baby.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

The best of all things are wished for your little family of four souls.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M5 years ago