Meet the Moment and Protect the Place You Play!

Triathletes love food, and I am no exception. And more than that, they need food. CLIF Bar provides a wide variety of options for before, during and after an important race. High-performance athletes of all kinds use these bars to perform to the highest ability and meet the challenges they set for themselves. 

Now CLIF Bar is starting a campaign that not only helps adventurers Meet the Moment, but also protect the “places we play.” 

Starting today, May 16, CLIF Bar is launching this Meet the Moment initiative. The idea is you upload pictures from all of your own adventures and tell the world how exactly you Meet the Moment. For every user who uploads a photo and story, $5 will be donated to the charity of your choice.  

These five non-profits are all committed to protecting the “places we play.” This is a great opportunity to chose to save your favorite endangered place, and its a great opportunity for you. For every “Moment” you upload, you have a chance to win your next adventure! 

You can upload your moments through the website or through the mobile app! 

If you check out the picture above, you can see my first Meet the Moment photo. My adventure I’m hoping for? A snowboarding trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Be sure to upload your favorite mountain climbing, skiing, biking or general advernturing today and start thinking about where CLIF Bar will take you!


Photo by Andy Jessop


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Thanks for the article.

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If it helps, it's good.

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That would be good... If I actually went to endangered areas. Everywhere I normally go is maintained and sustainable. :p
Not that I'm complaining. It sucks when areas are endangered.

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