Michael Vick: In Trouble Again

In the early morning hours of June 25, a shooting occurred outside the Guadalajara Nightclub in Virginia Beach. Doesn’t seem especially newsworthy, right? Well it just so happens that Michael Vick was celebrating his 30th birthday at that very location — and on that very night. 

Police continue to investigate, but they have apparently determined Vick was not present when the shooting occurred and they do not consider him “a person of interest” in the shooting. However, the story does not end there.

David Squires at the Daily Press reports that an unnamed eyewitness — with whom he spoke — claims the shooting victim, none other than Quanis Phillips, a Vick co-defendant in his dog fighting case, was responsible for getting some birthday cake on Vick’s face. Allegedly, this is the incident from which the shooting stems.

Squires reports Vick’s fiancé, Kijafa Frink, started to feed Vick a piece of cake when Phillips either slapped or tapped her hand, which resulted in some icing getting on Vick’s face. Words were exchanged, but the eyewitness could not discern whether or not the incident was in jest.

A number of news outlets have confirmed Phillips was the person shot, despite police never releasing his name. Why is this such an important point?Per terms of his signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick is to have no association with any of his dog fighting cohorts. Well, that agreement has obviously been broken.

On Monday, Vick and his lawyer, Larry Woodward, voluntarily went to Virginia Beach Police to give a statement.  Woodward claims Vick left the nightclub at least ten minutes, and perhaps as many as twenty minutes, before the shooting.

But it seems Woodward didn’t consider the power of video. 

One of the nightclub owners turned over surveillance tape to authorities on Tuesday, showing Vick leaving in his limousine only three minutes before the shooting.

The point in question is not at all if Vick did the shooting. What now needs to be determined is if he and his lawyer lied. And Vick has a bad history of lying — if you recall — to authorities and his previous team, the Atlanta Falcons.

Also important to note, it’s not just a Vick/Eagles deal the quarterback may have broken. A felon on probation is not allowed to fraternize with other felons. This does not apply only to Vick, but to every convicted felon.  

What does apply solely to Vick is that, as mentioned above, when he was reinstated into the NFL, Vick promised to cut all ties with his dog fighting cohorts. When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall reinstated Vick last year, he told him “Needless to say your margin of error is extremely limited.”  

It is yet to be seen how Goodall will measure that margin.

Want to let Commissioner Goodall know your feelings on the matter?  E-mail him through the NFL website.

And stay tuned to Care2 as we’ll closely follow this story as it develops. 


photo credit: thanks to Ed Yourdon via flickr


Lyn V.
Lyn V.11 months ago

Scary stuff---lock him up far away

Alberta Gentleman
Alberta Gentleman11 months ago

Sick bastard!!!!

kathy dottery
kathy dottery3 years ago

i think this man is a horrible role model for kids and should never be allowed to play foot ball or own another animal ever again

Alice H.
Alice H.3 years ago

I believe many of his cruel acts were done behind his house. His chilfren were there as was
his girlfriend. How come she was not arrested?

Rosemary Lowe

Naive people who believe Vick should be "given another chance," do not face the reality of what this monster is: He is no different from the serial rapists, killers, like Ted Bundy and others.
When I was doing my psychiatric nursing clinicals in a youth offender facility, I learned that the cutoff age for in any way "changing" a sociopath was, at the Very Latest, 9 years old, and that is pushing it.
The deeply troubling trend in our modern society is this idea that somehow if we "forgive" horrible acts, we are the better for it. We are like a modern- day Roman Empire. They, too rationalized away the terror they inflicted on the innocents. Some things are really evil, and there are evil humans, just as there are Evil Corporations, because neither have a conscience. The Absence of Conscience is the key here. Just as Ted Bundy enjoyed his acts of torture and killing, so does Vick, and that will not change. One can only hope he will soon try something else and get caught, hopefully before he does more damage. Unfortunately, we have a legal system which does not view non-human animals as worthy of the same protection as humans.
Vick should be locked up for life, as he is very dangerous. Do not be fooled by this monster.

Tommy D.
Tommy D.3 years ago

What a piece of sh*t !!

Tommy D.
Tommy D.3 years ago

What a piece of sh*t !!

Tommy D.
Tommy D.3 years ago

What a piece of sh*t !!

Als S.
Alysia S.3 years ago

Oh boy he just loves violence.

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 3 years ago

This guy is dangerous