Mississippi Plans to Push “Personhood” Through the Legislature After Voters Say No

Voters in the state of Mississippi made it very clear last November that they had no interest in adding an amendment to the state constitution declaring that a fertilized egg had the same rights as a person.  Initiative 26 failed to pass, with a majority of voters saying no to the move, afraid it would ban abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization and even life saving reproductive health procedures.

But Personhood Mississippi has decided that the majority is wrong, and they will continue to push their extremist agenda.  Now, they are going to ask the legislature to pass a law defining and protecting life at the moment of fertilization.

According to USA Today, nearly 60 legislators voiced their support for a Personhood Amendment in 2010, including the new governor-elect. So it stands to reason that Personhood Mississippi’s certainty that they can get a piece into the legislature isn’t just a boast.  “I would be very surprised if a member of the Legislature didn’t introduce some legislation similar to that,” said the new governor to be.

Much like the state of South Dakota, where the legislature has often pushed for extremist anti-choice laws despite the fact that any constitutional amendment presented directly to the voters has been rejected, Mississippi appears ready to consider doing what they want, despite the public’s support of their endevors.

Anything for a Supreme Court challenge, it seems.


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Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson4 years ago

Get the HELL out of our personal lives!

Daniel Aldouby
Danield A.4 years ago

Should the Personhood Amendment pass, one can predict the following court case.
A woman gets pregnant. Without knowing that she is pregnant, she has her usual 5:00 Southern Comfort cocktail. At her 20th week she is informed of her pregnancy. She is denied an abortion. She gives birth to a physically and mentally deficient. She is hauled into court for pre-natal Person abuse, and jailed for a long time.
What a Brave New World

Daniel Aldouby
Danield A.4 years ago

The proposed action by the Mr.SSippi legislature proves the case for retroactive abortion. These people should never have been born.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Lori: Three parties have full control over politicians. Corporations. the media and Religious zealots. The Corporations bribe the politicians with large sums of money(donation). From their first day in office they start vying for re-election to stay in power. It's the road to riches why give it up. And the dumb public is completely blind with loyality to their party afflifiation, Whose is to blame the voters? they are controlled by the media by expensives negative aids against the opposing party, sponsored by Corporations with deep pockets. That is why politicians once they get elected, could careless about the voters. Big money people, religious groups and the media overrule the voters. "He who has got the gold controls". Essentially with have a political corrupt system.

Lori E.
Lori E.4 years ago

Why are so many state officials dismissing what THE PEOPLE have voted for. Why bother with elections anymore. This is frustrating!

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle4 years ago

Used to be politicians were statesmen. Now they are the lowest common denominator.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Tom: I respect your views. However, the issue is that neither you nor I have the right to dictate
to women what they can and can't do with their god given body. Only the individual women can decide by her status, economical, heath and enviornment, whether she can give her off spring the protection and comfort it would require. Secondly, the objection derives from the rightous trying to force their beliefs onto others. Freedom of religion means exactly that, not that it be forced onto others. Only the individual can save his/her soul not by religion, if there is such thing. Keep in mind, human nature is others people busness never satified.The fear is that next will be to criminalize masturbation.

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Mark S.
Mark S.4 years ago

Why do we have Cave Men and Cave Women as politicians? Might as well vote for Apes, because Apes are smarter.

Bruce C.
Bruce C.4 years ago

erm, that should be Tom Y... preview or edit feature would be useful here...