Moderate Democrats Begin Election-Year Run From President Early

The budget battle is still being fought, the government is on the verge of a potential shut down, and some at risk Democratic senators think that this is an excellent time to try to score some political points by distancing themselves from their party and president by playing the “moderate” card.

Via The Hill:

Sen. Claire McCaskill said Wednesday that she’ll vote against her party’s deficit reduction plan when it comes up for a vote today.

McCaskill, the centrist Missouri Democrat who faces a tough 2012 reelection battle, said she’ll vote for neither the Republican nor the Democratic plan today.

The Republican plan, which passed the House and would cut $57 billion the rest of this fiscal year, “represents the wrong priorities,” McCaskill said in a conference call with Missouri reporters.

“On the other hand, I believe the Democratic proposal also falls short, because the cuts are not substantial enough,” McCaskill added. “They represent another $6.5 on top of the $4 billion we’ve already cut, and I think we need to do more [...] the Democratic proposal falls short.”

Freshman Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Professional Partyline Straddler Ben Nelson of Nebraska have also both come out saying they are rejecting all plans currently on the table as a way to assert their independence to their constituents.  Of course, many of their constituents would also probably like to see a budget pass at some point, too, rather than just political showmanship.


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Anne N.
Anne N.5 years ago

William Y...what politician has been convicted of smoking pot?

Anne N.
Anne N.5 years ago

Wow, I'm certainly not a Republican, but can't imagine another 4 years of Obama:-(. He has proven to be Bush term 3... Just look at his policies! No change!

Virginia B.
Virginia B.5 years ago

Interesting: when did these "moderate" Democrats become moderate? Weren't they elected by Democrats? Did they suddenly become "moderate" after the lobbyists started visiting their offices in D. C.??
Could the reason they were elected not have been that the folks electing them wanted them to adhere to Democratic Party principles??
And, by the way, we're all forgetting how many Republicans just "squeaked by" last fall -- landing in the House and Senate by "defeating" their opponents by a measly .01 or .0 15%.

Maurice Simoens
Simoens Maurice5 years ago

the democrats and obama was the first good thing for the whole usa,and obama didt a lot,but not forget the big mess left by republicains is hard to fix in 4 years,we must give obama 4 more years,he is the best for all

Robert S.
Robert S.5 years ago

They always run towards the right before an election. Otherwise, they wouldn't get elected.

Kathy V.
Kathy V.5 years ago

When are more of us, and I'm pointing big fingers at myself, going to ACT like they are doing in Wisconsin, as well as other states? Only the grass roots will cause substantial change----in health care, workers' needs, fair taxes, environmental care, education, etc. After all, this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, NOT corporations or the wealthy only. Oh, I forgot, corporations ARE persons (per US Republican-controlled Supreme Court who has been known to misinterpret the Constitution even tho' they are intelligent lawyers or whatever). Get ready, you Plutocracy, here we come!!! We, the people!!! Yeaaa!

Linda Mccleary
Linda Mccleary5 years ago

Politicians of both parties are interested in one thing: re-election. The difference is that Republican leaders think that the way to re-election is fear-and hate-mongering to get people who like snappy slogans with no plan or substance behind them to believe they are doing something for the country. If they don't get re-elected, they can always take jobs with the big businesses they supported. Democrats think that the way to get re-elected is to fight for re-distribution of wealth so that the under-, working-, and middle-class feel comfortable enough to vote for them out of gratitude, and get complacent enough not to see how precarious things really are. If they don't get re-elected, they can always go work for some organization focused on a cause that they championed. That leaves the rest of us living in a world polluted by fear, hate, and believing that the light at the end of the tunnel ain't another train...

William Y.
William Y.5 years ago

If one looks a Obama, he is a moderate Democrat. In most first world republics, he would be regarded as a conservative. That is the problem with labels. To the right Obama is a liberal, but then to them anything to the left of their right-wing idealism is a liberal. As for libertarians, the best definition of them was "A Republican who smokes dope." that is a liberal republican although that sounds like an oxy-moron.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

economic meltdown.

Democrats who are for the manjority of people should strangly back Obama and his policies and not give into the Republicans who are only for the wealthy and themselves. And intelligent voters should come out in droves and vote Democrat and get
fairness to the people back into their hands.

Anything less will only lead to plutocracy.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

Who rules America - Wealth, Income, and Power


History of Tax brackets shows how the top tax brackets have given an undue advantage to the wealthy. And that is not including all the deductions, loopholes, and other untaxed income.


85% of the nation's wealth is held by 15% of our people; 15% of the nation's wealth is held by 85% of our people.

Instead of attacking programs that benefit the 85%, it is time to raise the percentage on the top bracket to the 1982-1983 levels
and close the loopholes. The wealthy can afford to pay more while 85% of our people have already given more than they can or should afford.

Do you still feel you are middle class? We must get those people who feel because of their wealth they can buy anybody and anything out of politics.

It's very nice they give to charity but think again; they demand something in return and it's tax deductible for those who itemize which of course they do.

The Republican candidates have been bought and paid for by the super wealthy and are doing their bidding. They want to repeal Healthcare because one of the provisions cuts into their profits since they must spend 80% of the premiiums on benefits. The financial industry wants The Financial Reform
Bill repealed because of the regulations that will curtail their abuses which led to our