Monks Donate Handmade Casket for Youngest Arizona Shooting Victim

Trappist monks in Iowa handcrafted and donated the casket for 9-year-old Christina Green’s funeral today. Christina was the youngest victim of the Arizona shooting spree that claimed the lives of five others and left 13 wounded.

A Special Request

A representative of the Green family contacted the monks at New Melleray Abbey, which is located near Dubuque, Iowa, after her death. The monks, who do not make children’s caskets, agreed to custom make one just for Christina.

Sam Mulgrew, a craftsman who manages Trappist Caskets for the monks, said, “We didn’t want to send an adult casket, which would be too big. We wanted something just for her.”

Just For Her

Christina’s casket was crafted from red oak. The monks maintain a forest area from which they procure the wood they use. It was designed specifically for her with her name, date of birth and death inscribed on the lid. The monks also made a cross for the casket and five smaller keepsake crosses for her family, carved from the same wood.

The monks, whose casket making is viewed by them as a ministry, are especially hard hit by the death of a child. They don’t like to sell child caskets and so don’t keep them in stock and have a small fund put aside to cover the costs. Before the casket was shipped to Arizona, the monks blessed it in ceremony in their chapel.


Photo credit: Another Angel by Natalie Maynor


LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Sarah D.
Sarah D5 years ago

It was a terrible thing that happened and they are so nice to do that

Wendy L.
W L5 years ago

I've only now come across this article. However, the tragic loss of darling Christina Green is timeless, as is the act of kindness by the Trappist monks who lovingly hand-make caskets. May God bless all those who continue to grieve for the victims of the Arizona massacre.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

That's a very kind deed.

Ayrika Whitney
Ayrika Whitney6 years ago


gerlinde p.
gerlinde p6 years ago

glad the monks made an exception for christina, if it helped to make the family feel a little better.

Michelle Martini
Michelle M6 years ago

Very kind

Alexandra O.
Alex O6 years ago

I'm so grateful there's still something I can read in the news that doesn't make me mad or want to vomit. While the death of this child infuriates me, the kind acts that followed touch my heart.

Holly M.
Holly McClenahan6 years ago

How beautiful. We are all connected in our family of humanity.