Monster-Sized Trap With Dangling Hot Dogs Saves Railroad Dog

Written by Ed Kostro of Illinois

I first learned about this homeless street orphan from a police officer friend of mine more than a year and a half ago. She had discovered this poor dog roaming a huge vacant lot adjacent to some railroad tracks, and she immediately took pity on her and began feeding her. But this dog was extremely skittish and wary of people, so she asked me if I could trap her.

Thus began more than a year and a half long odyssey in our attempts to rescue her. I soon started going out to these railroad tracks just about every day myself and setting up my dog traps with all sorts of enticing bait, but she just would not enter any of the traps, no matter the bait, and I, like Police Officer Barb, could not get within 50 feet of her.

Here you see the dog in her railroad territory, wandering alone.

I began watching this poor dog and following her movements along the railroad tracks, and I eventually discovered a tiny wooden shelter located in a huge clump of trees adjacent to the tracks that she slept in every night. Although we knew where she slept, I feared crawling inside it, not wanting to spook her out and away from her little sanctuary.

There were three of us going out to the feeding station that we had set up for this poor street orphan in that vacant lot adjacent to the railroad tracks, but we just could not figure out a way to rescue this extremely wary and skittish dog. We eventually learned that she had been out on these railroad tracks for the past three years, and until about two years ago, she had lived in that make-shift wooden shelter in that clump of trees by the tracks with a homeless man. We also sadly learned that this homeless person had simply vanished one day, and since then, this poor dog had to fend for herself.

How the trap works: the huge door is held way up high by a metal pole, and the other end of the metal pole goes under the plywood where you set out the bait. Once the dog steps on the plywood, the metal bar rolls out and the door falls down.

Our third very determined pet rescuer named Katie eventually read about a man who had lost his beloved pet in the deep dark woods, and his dog would also not enter any dog trap. In his frustration over this, he decided to construct his own dog trap an extremely huge Monster Trap and it worked. So Katie arranged to borrow this mans Monster Trap and it was soon hauled out to the railroad tracks in a pick-up truck. It took us nearly an hour to put it together out there, and once we did, we filled it with every type of mouth-watering food that we could think of from roast beef and baked chicken to sardines and salmon. We even hung hot dogs (this dogs favorite food) on strings from its mesh ceiling.

Then we retreated to our vehicles to hide and to wait for this extremely wary street orphan to come down from the tracks in search of her daily meal. We prayed that this borrowed home-made Monster Trap would work since winter was fast approaching once more, and we really wanted to spare this poor dog another frigid winter out on the tracks.

After about an hour of hiding and waiting, we finally spotted her coming across the vacant lot towards the trap, and we prayed even harder. But as we watched in dismay, this extremely wary dog darted in and out of the Monster Trap at least four times without walking all the way into it.

On her fifth attempt, she walked to the back of the trap, and the massive door slammed behind her. This homeless dogs three year ordeal living out here on these railroad tracks was finally over, and Police Officer Barb, Katie, and myself, were all overjoyed.

As the three of us have witnessed many times before, once trapped, this extremely skittish and wary dog transformed into an extremely sweet and affectionate dog a dog that was now enjoying our gentle pets and soothing words. She soon fell fast asleep in the back seat of my truck, now also enjoying its warmth and softness after spending the last three years sleeping on the cold hard ground.

After a brief stay at the animal hospital, Katie, who had named this street orphan Etta, whisked her away once more to her new adopted home, where deserving Etta is now truly enjoying life once more, and where she loves being petted, talked to, pampered and walked about in the park. She also really enjoys falling fast asleep on her plush new dog bed.

Katie sitting with a nervous Etta at the veterinary clinic shortly after rescue.

Etta is doing wonderfully now and can’t get enough attention.

Enjoy more great photos of the rescue here.



Madison F.
Madison Fabout a year ago

what wonderful human beings!
thank you! may God bless you beyond your wildest! much love for your thoughtful efforts and patience. it is people like this that restore my faith in humans.

Melissa Howard
m habout a year ago

what wonderful human beings!
thank you! may God bless you beyond your wildest! much love for your thoughtful efforts and patience. it is people like this that restore my faith in humans.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

sonia b.
sonia b3 years ago

perseverança e amor fazem isso

Carrie-Anne Brown

great ending, thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie V.
Stephanie V4 years ago

Wonderful and creative rescue. It must've taken a lot of time and patience, but SO rewarding. God bless you all and thank you!

Donna Ferguson
Donna F4 years ago

thank you ((((Animal Angels)))))))))

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jessica r.
jessica r4 years ago

Loved reading this story! Thanks so much to all involved in the rescue & rehoming.

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this story and for the patience you had, I am so hw
appy for this angel