More than 400,000 Facebook Users “Hate” Reading

With more than 400,000 Facebook users publicly proclaiming their hatred of reading on their personal profiles, it may appear that technology is now more important to many young people than basic literacy. But a closer look reveals that this strong opinion may be nothing more than a result of the unusual culture of “liking” and “hating” found on the website.

For many Facebook users, one of the most enjoyable features of the website is the “Groups” app. Any Facebook-savvy individual can create a group to celebrate (or disparage) virtually any subject. One memorable group titled “I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way to Step on That Crunchy-Looking Leaf” has 412,090 members and the more recent page “Leggings are NOT Pants” has been “liked” by 399,845 people.

Perhaps frustrated by the continuing lack of a “dislike” button on Facebook (the “Dislike Button” group has 3,309,517 “likes”), people often dedicate groups or pages to things they hate. There are, incredibly, Facebook users who claim to hate puppies, candy and reading.

What is the point of an “I Hate [Insert Subject]” Facebook page? Blogger Jason Boog from GalleyCat suggests that kids list “I Hate Reading” on their Facebook pages to prove to their friends that they don’t like to study or to avoid looking nerdy. Anyone who clicks the like button on an “I Hate” page probably doesn’t actually hate the subject in question. Irony doesn’t translate well in the virtual world, and the penchant for “liking” and “hating” is just another phenomenon of Facebook culture.

There are fortunately plenty of “I Love Reading” pages on Facebook, and one of them currently has 17,421 “likes.” The Facebook generation hasn’t lost touch with the world of books — they just have the ability to express strong opinions online — and books, puppies and leggings are all fair game for criticism.

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Photo credit: Thos Ballantyne


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

How can anyone hate reading? gasp. how do they read the news feed? how do they read comments? hmm

Trina Dewes
Trina Dewes5 years ago


Trina Dewes
Trina Dewes5 years ago

Facebook and similar sites remind me too much of the Shallow and unrealistic high school experience. Kinda like reading people magazine--not a whole lotta substance to it. Intellectually brain DEAD. I pity anyone who dislikes reading because it sets you up to be led around by the nose by other people and governments and anything else that can affect one in a negative way. The concept of thinking for yourself is becoming a dying institution and is leading this country down a very dangerous path. I hope all the non-readers out there look forward to being future slaves since you do not want an educated say in your future---BAAAH! BAAAAH!

Hilary E.
Hilary E.5 years ago

Just because this article is so infuriating. this is so misleading I'm kind of disappointed in care2 for not taking it news is more truthful than this.

Julimar C.
Julimar C.5 years ago

Misleading title. Exactly what were the big news here?

Hilary E.
Hilary E.5 years ago

This is a ridiculous statistic. There are millions of people on Facebook, of course some are going to not like reading. I'm surprised it's not more.

Scott B.
Scott Bowers5 years ago

Rie Rie T: Not to worry; I'm 77 and think the whole human race is doomed. I think the older we get the more pessimistic we get--on a lot of things. It's our nature and perhaps makes us fear death less. After all, who wants to live in a world that's going to be so bad? Especially with facebook!

Donna Farr
Donna F.5 years ago

So once again a stupid discussion on FB, the way things are going we have enough app. out there that can read for you. So the next generation will be nonreading and pretty well disabled or dumb. That is what causes so many wreaks on the highway 'cause they couldn't read the sign or they didn't want to read the sign....LOL

Nancy R.
Nancy R.5 years ago

I hate to rain on Care2's parade, but participating in the "quick poll" is similar to "dis/liking" on facebook. It asks you to make a judgement on oversimplified choices, and on Care2 the issues are often complex and important. Of course it's all part of the phenomenon of ranting online, but why encourage black-and-white non-thinking?

Betty S.
E. S.5 years ago

Most people who hate reading either have a learning disability or don't know how to walk and read at the same time or are reading the wrong things.