Morning Mix: Mitt Wins Florida, Bails Out T-Paw

After a 10 day slugfest in Florida, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney pulled out a decisive primary victory and seemed to neutralize, for now at least, any momentum former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had coming out of South Carolina. The race now moves to Nevada and Minnesota with caucuses in those states on Saturday and Tuesday.

The win was certainly enough to start speculation as to who Romney would chose as a running mate. His recent bailout of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s anemic presidential campaign only added to that speculation. Could Pawlenty once again be on the short-list of vice presidential candidates and if so, will he actually make the cut this time?

And the loss was just a bit of the bad news on the Gingrich front. It turns out the Gingrich campaign made the rookie mistake of using the song “Eye of the Tiger” at a campaign event without getting the appropriate licensing first. So now they are getting sued.

Believe it or not, there’s other political news beyond the race for the Republican presidential nomination. For starters there’s the recall race in Wisconsin where Democrats announced candidates in three of the four Republican state senate recall elections this year. Democrats will offer state Rep. Donna Seidel to run against Sen. Pam Galloway in a Wausau district, former Sen. John Lehman to run against Sen. Van Van Wanggaard in a Racine district and Sen. Terry Moulton in a Chippewa Falls area district. A challenger to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is still being recruited.

In New York Republicans are struggling to field a candidate to challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her seat after Marc Cenedella, CEO of and misogynist blogger dropped out.

Last but certainly not least, the Stephen Colbert Super PAC reported over one million dollars in donations in the last quarter, proving that if you really want to highlight the absurdity of our campaign finance system, just play by the rules.

Photo from Gage Skidmore via flickr.


William Y.
William Y4 years ago

@ Darryl G. If you have someting to say about my comments, post them here in the open forum so anyone can see your drivel, I will not answer such drivel privately.

William Y.
William Y4 years ago

@ Bev B. It isn't that we are against the rich, per say, but against the rich who farm jobs out overseas to increase profits while American workers are out of work and then complain that there are too many American workers on the dole. Then saying that these unemployed workers are lazy and don't want to work. We are against all types of hypocrites.

Bev B.
John Bilsborough4 years ago

Im so frustrated. People are so against the rich - wealthy. I don't know why. Mitt is self made. So is Obama. The difference between them is huge. If we continue on the Obama trend we will become a socialized country. Is that what You want. Hand outs. More welfare. Trying to find a dr to take GOOD care of you. What happens when all the wealthy aren't wealthy anymore? Where is the money going to come from? My husband left the UK for these very reasons. His poor father died because of pretty simple health problems. This is scary to me. The UK people are trying to warn us against the socialist style of life. It's a terrible way to go. We are Americans (home of the free and the brave). Life will change dramatically for all of us. Be careful what you wish for.

Darryll Green
Darryll Green4 years ago

Mitt Romney didn't win the Florida election, the R N C bought it for him, as they will try to buy the nomination for him. he is what the republican party has become, they are no longer for the people as they started out as, but for the money

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan4 years ago

As to Mitt's claim to be for the middle class,back in October he was video taped saying nothing should be done to stop foreclosures,but to let them reach bottom,fix up the vacated houses and rent them.But those who have suffered foreclosure can tell Mitt with no uncertainly just how fast a road out of the middle class that is.

So for me the choice is real clear; rather than this former equity capitalist whose roll in destroying jobs sent lots of people Mitt never knew into poverty,I'll stick with President Obama who,when he was a Community Organizer just as I've been ,worked not only helping the poor,but helping them to learn their own organizing skills with which the could often participate in helping themselves. It's for these reasons that President Obama,not Mitt Romney,understands the poor.

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan4 years ago

Actually,Eugene W.,Mitt supports the Paul Ryan budget ,which would,if actually enacted,leave the safety net in complete tatters,benefiting only the wealthy. True,Mitt did say being poor isn't good,but it was as if he only remembered to at the last moment as an afterthought. Mostly Mitt seemed to be saying that being very poor is ok because of the safety net.But I could tell him as someone who several times was one of the very WORKING POOR,that even with the safety net at it's most complete ,we just BARELY GOT BY.

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Wow! Now there's a real slap down. President Obama who graduated at the top of his class, who could have been a high powered lawyer bringing in the big bucks. But that silly guy, he went out and used his talent to help people. Then went on to become a Senator, and then was elected by the people of the United States to be their President. Yes, we would have all been ashamed if our son had done that. Not to mention marry a fine lady, have two lovely children, and is a good husband and father. Eugenie, you are so clever, you hit that nail right on its head.

Romney was born into money and an influential family. Google- George Romney. His father was born in Mexico because his family had left the United state to live in Mexico because the mormons wanted to have multiple wives. They came back in time to cash in. Romney doesn't even know what POOR means, that is why he says such stupid things. What he said was, I want to help Americans, not the poor they have a safety net. Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, listen up, the poor are also Americans.

Eugene Windchy
Eugene Windchy4 years ago

Gingrich has been married three times. Romney has been married only once. He is rich because he was extremely successful in business. Obama's background is notable for a tremendous amount of job-hopping, almost always among non-profits.

Catherine S.
Catherine S4 years ago

I can't believe it's a decision between a Mormon who earns ovef $50k a day in interest while sitting on his ass, or an all-out meanie who's ben married 5 times. Well, I guess they sort of agree on something: multiple wives. This is just too depressing. I know some people will say I'm depicting Mormons incorrectly. That's ok.

Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m4 years ago

I can't even here the mention of the song "Eye of the tiger" without instantly remembering that it was Diane Downs, (the mother in Oregon who shot her own three children in the 1980's)
favorite song, and she had it playing loudly on her car radio as she fired...

Way to go idiot.