Morning Mix: Newt Slides And Blitzer Talks Wives

So there was another debate last night. Illegal immigration, Cuba, Puerto Rican statehood and which of the candidates’ wives would make the best first lady were among the hot topics pressed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

It’s hard to tell what impact if any the debates are having on the ultimate outcome in Florida and beyond. Polls still have Romney likely to win the state, a brand new NBC/WSJ poll has Gingrich up by 9 points nationally over Romney. Time for more pearl-clutching from conservatives over a potential Gingrich nomination.

In fact, conservatives are so worried about a Gingrich nomination that they’ve called out the big guns to try and shut it down: Bob Dole. Wait. What?

Apparently there’s another big, nasty pro-Gingrich SuperPAC ad coming Romney’s way, which I’m sure Democrats love.

And since we can’t have a conservative race without some kind of anti-woman-in-power conspiracy theory bubbling up to the surface (hello Rose law firm), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) swears she has no secret information on Gingrich. Not that it matters because Romney’s going to run an ad that says so anyways.

In other news, the Senate managed to kill a measure to stop President Obama from raising the debt limit, meaning that Congressional Republicans will have to find a new hostage to take in the budget fight.

Last but not least, President Obama is feeling good about his re-election odds. If he’s been paying any attention to the race for the Republican nomination, he should be.

Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


SeattleAnn S.
Ann S4 years ago

I guess the fruitcakes who made this ad think creepy Gingrich is better than Romney. Gingrich makes the skin crawl of any woman who is not mentally off.

mike rollo
mike rollo4 years ago

Hey Newt "A working class hero is something to fear" not that you know anything about working a real job like 99% of us.. you're a an uncaring scumbag which is obvious with your marirital situationS. By the way your mom must have hated you to name you "Newt".Maybe that's why you're an asshole ,to make up for that.See my hardworking mother that raised 5 of us by the skin of her teeth loved me.That's why my name is Michael "God's soldier"

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Sarah Palin can't serve in the government...she murdered Bulwinkle...

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Craig D
Why would anyone follow a nut who wants to take America back 200 years to an America that never existed? Paul is a follower of Ayn Rand, as is his son Rand (named after Ayn even), Paul Ryan, Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan most of the people in the Tea Party and Libertarian Party of course. He would wreck the economy just like most of these have or are trying to do. His idea of fixing the economy is stripping the Federal Departments that help the majority while genuflecting to those at the top economic pile. Followers of Rand believe if there is a problem with something you do not fix the problem but you scrap the whole thing so you can rebuild as you see fit. They believe they are better than everyone else, that if someone is out of work and/or poor it is their own fault even if it was these idiots who crashed the economy, lost millions of jobs and made millions lose their houses. He is an isolationist in a time when we need more contact with the world not less... He is a bigot the same as his son. America's founding fathers were Deists not Christians as were more than 80% of the colonists, they believed in a God that made the Universe but then backed off and allowed time and nature to take it's course (e.g. evolution). They did not believe in rebirth or miracles. I could go on and on about everything that is wrong with anyone who follows Rand, but if you cannot see through the front Paul puts on then I would just be wasting my breath.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

OK we are going to colonize the moon.... we send Newt in the first wave... only we don't tell him that it is an all male construction crew...wonder if he will be able to find number

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke4 years ago

NEWT is Senile-and he's attracted to Palin (sexually)

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Sarah Palin???? That's just another clue how dangerous the Newt is.

The tea party has already brought the country down, now they want to complete the process. Can't they just go away. We have to vote all those right wing radicals out, and not vote anymore in. Vote Democratic so President Obama can get on with turning the Country around. Back to the Clinton days.

Tom Pearce
Tom Pearce4 years ago

These people creep me out so much that I don't even have words to describe it! If Newt gets in office, I am moving to another country! He has already said that if he wins, that Sara Palin will have a BIG position in his administration! God Forbid if it happens!

Cal S.
cal shummon4 years ago

thank you

Mark S.
Mark S4 years ago

Republican first ladies will have a prominent position before her husband. On her knees.
They have to set the example for the rest of the women in the U.S. Are you ready? Get those knee-pads, on ladies, if the republicans run the country.