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Morning Mix: Newt’s Guy Says Dems Abort Black Babies, Mitt Gets Glitterbombed

Morning Mix: Newt’s Guy Says Dems Abort Black Babies, Mitt Gets Glitterbombed

Fresh off his win in Florida, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney traveled to Minnesota where he was met with a big parade of glitter aka “glitterbombed” just before taking the stage at a campaign event where he promised to “repeal Obamacare on Day 1.”

In case we’ve forgotten, Romney isn’t too concerned with poor folks. And why would he when it’s the nation’s billionaires funding his campaign?

Just like Romney, the Susan G. Komen Foundation doesn’t seem too concerned with poor folks either, or their ability to access affordable cancer screens. And guess who wants to take credit for that brilliant policy decision: the diaper-wearing, prostitute-loving Republican Senator from Louisiana, David Vitter.

And just when you think the Newt Gingrich campaign can’t get any uglier, can’t racially dog-whistle any louder, Gingrich’s surrogate Rick Tyler goes on tv and announces that Democrats just want to abort black babies.

Good news for the Obama administration as the President’s poll numbers continue to improve, even in swing states like Ohio where the President now leads. Maybe there is a benefit to this bloodbath of a Republican primary after all.

In other high-profile races, two-term state representative from Tuscon Matt Heinz became the first Democrat to enter the special election to succeed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Heinz is an openly gay lawmaker in a hostile climate which will no doubt make this case even more of an attention-grabber.

It looks like Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has some explaining to do as he’s now been implicated in the ever-expanding criminal enterprise otherwise known as the Gov. Scott Walker administration.

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Photo from Gage Skidmore via flickr.

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6:15PM PST on Feb 11, 2012

on the bright side with no legitimate republican canidate Obama should get reelected with no problems

9:18PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

Correction...Eugene. Tom must have been a Freudian slip!

9:17PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

Do you understand Tom that both the prosecution and defense teams Voir Dire potential members of a jury? Prosecutors are almost always Conservative while defense attorneys are generally Progressive. That means it's a 50/50 crap shoot. Since you say most criminals are acquitted by Democrats, then, does that mean Republicans convicted all those black men accused of rape, only to have been found innocent after DNA testing was finally done? Does it mean that Republicans convict the innocent? I'd be willing to bet that in fact is the case more often than not. We know how prejudice you red-neck Republican/Teabs are.
I bet you've got some real goodies in your family as well Tom; maybe even worse than Obama's 2 vulture relatives from his despicable father's side of the family. That doesn't have any bearing on the kind of person Obama since he barely knew his father or his father's side of the family, so stop your childishness. You know the old saying; "you can pick your friends but you can't pick family."
Again Tom; absolutely very little of what you've said in any post thus far has been credible. You sound like a really bitter and hateful man. You're prejudiced and a racist and I pity your family members because I'm sure they're a product of their environment. The old apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

8:28PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

Obama has had two illegal relatives in the country for years, an aunt on welfare and an alcoholic uncle who has DUIs. Currently the uncle is fighting a DUI in which he ran into a police car. It doesn't look as though either relative will be deported. If the uncle kills somebody, this will be an embarrassment for the White House, but the "mainstream media" will find a way to bury the story.

8:20PM PST on Feb 8, 2012


Most murders are committed in big cities. Since big city population is mostly Democrat, the juries are mostly Democrat. Moreover, identifiable conservatives are rejected by defense attorneys. Thus we have Democrat juries acquitting a lot of criminals. In the District of Columbia a few years ago a defendant was acquitted because he was black. The jurors said too many black men were in jail and they were not going to send another one. You may recall that the O.J. Simpson trial was held not in wealthy Brentwood, where the crime occurred, but in Los Angeles, where a friendlier jury could be empaneled.

7:58PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

Tom D - seriously dude; where do you come up with this crap? You are so far out in right field as to be suspected as an extraterrestrial being. Hasn't deported in some time; and did that tidbit come before or after you called home?

7:53PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

I just said as much about felons. But my comment was in regards to another comment that all felons are Republicans. The Dems want to give them the right to vote. So obviously, ex-felons are Dem. This comment was in the midst of laying blame for all the evils of the world on the Reps.

They have other rights, just not the right to vote which has been the common way of handling ex-cons. There must be a penalty for crimes committed.
Obama stopped deporting illegals some time ago.

2:49PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

correction...I don't know of any Progressive who believes that people should be condemned and not enjoy the same rights the rest of us enjoy as citizens of this country.

2:45PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

don't believe that people should be 'condemned' as unfit for society and enjoy the rights the rest of us enjoy when they've been rehabilitated as non-violent offenders. Many in our prisons are guilty of the crime. We know, far too often those who fall through the judicial cracks, were framed, in the wrong place at the wrong time, or didn't have adequate defense to prove his or her innocence. One size does not fit all Tom D, and you are old enough to know that.

12:48PM PST on Feb 8, 2012

Tom D - "...most are Central American illegal aliens..." and Democrats are trying to restore felons rights to vote? Speaking of "intellect" Tom, you are showing your own ineffectual attempt at intellectual. First of all Tom, illegals who've committed crimes and are 'caught' are deported. Again, Obama has deported more illegals than any other U.S. president in recent history. Now Tom, I'm sure you are not aware of this fact, but, illegals are not allowed to vote in this country (felons or otherwise). As far as U.S. citizens who have been convicted of felonies being restored to voting status, why shouldn't they be allowed? If they've done their time, and they are trying to live their lives as moral citizens, they pay taxes; why the hell shouldn't they be allowed to vote? You Republicans think laws should apply to everyone but yourselves. Your attitude is lock em up and throw 'way the key. As far as I'm concerned child molesters, child murderers, murderers, should never be allowed to vote because their crimes are so heinous I don't believe morals can ever be restored. But felonies of a non-violent nature; absolutely. Gangs are a cancer on society and I have no sympathy for any gang member and they too are murdering innocent children and adults in this country and there should be no mercy in prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. I don't know any true Progressive who don't believe time should fit the crime. I am a Progressive and I don't know of any true Progressive that d

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