Morning Mix: Obama And Bush Join Together on 9/11


The country is pausing for reflection on the tenth anniversary of the attacks on September 11th, and for the most part even politics is being put aside.

In a moment of bipartisanship, President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush joined together to lead a memorial that began with the raising of a tattered American flag damaged that day, followed by silence, Psalms and a letter from Abraham Lincoln written during the civil war.

Yesterday, Obama gave an interview on NBC News stating that there was “no doubt” America is safer than it was 10 years ago, but that the country still needs to remain alert. “There are still people out there who will try to hurt Americans…we have to be constantly vigilant.”

Republican Senator and former Presidential nominee John McCain agreed while speaking on Fox News, saying “I can understand why people want to focus on home. Still, he warned that pulling troops from Afghanistan too soon simply because of economic concerns could be a danger, too.

Still, sadly, we are in an election cycle, and not everyone can put politics on hold for a full day. The New York special election is two days away, and New York Republicans have once more brought up the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” to push a wedge between Democrat David Weprin and the voters of the district, this time sending out an “incendiary” mailer with a mosque rising from the debris of the site, with a photo of Weprin stating “I support the right of the mosque to build” next to one of a smiling President Obama. Weprin is currently trailing Republican Bob Turner in the latest polling.

Be sure to click here for more of our September 11th anniversary coverage, which will continue all weekend.

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Bruce V.

Why not Obama is looking more like Bush each day. Signs up with Alberta's dirty oil , widens the war, Guantanamo still open the torture continues.

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y.5 years ago

News is media's business just like this alterantive forum at Care2. Political movement and elections are part of the system we have in th past, today and tomorrow. If media and political has a break, we would slow down a bit in the world so we can spend more time for ourselve for something more important. A nice wish, the same wish, itself, would be used for political purpoase, such as this discussion! - hey not place is "clean and be ok with "no clean" conversations, perhaps, this is part of democratice process, which also bring USA inc down by have the process of debt "communication in public"...No place to hide -:)

Sandra S.
Sandra S.5 years ago

William, yes to both your questions although I lean towards the latter.

William G.
William G.5 years ago

Or was it Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

William G.
William G.5 years ago

Thanks Sandra S. they were both very informative articles. Maybe you could give the writers on Care2 your list of information sources, they could use a realistic view now and then.

With the election two days away shouldn't the voters have the right to know where those running stand on the issues? The truth is a good thing and we should all be allowed to get it, instead of the garbage that most of you here seem to be getting feed.

"Bush is responsible" Wow have you people been in the Strawberry Fields again?

Sandra S.
Sandra S.5 years ago

I knew people that narrowly escaped dying at the WTC & the Pentagon. I wish the lot of you would stop damning Bush being there at the supposed scene of the crime. I'm thankful he was our president at the time. If anyone deserves to be condemned, it is Clinton for letting the opportunity to capture or kill Bin Laden go several times.

Linda, you said it all & you said it well! I'd send you a green star if I could.

Mark Allen D., American Muslims were killed on 9/11 and the vast majority of innocent Muslims die world wide by Radical Islamists than by anyone else. I pray for those people as do many others. The US does not intentionally kill innocents.

Janet H.
Janet H.5 years ago

How long will Americans fall for the Republicans strategy of keeping Americans living in fear. We had enough with the WMD's and the mushroom cloud from Bush and his cronies just to start a war in Iraq and then he changed it to nation building in the end anyway. Its not even a mosque being built, its a religious center in a building thats already there and there is already mosques in NYC. All Muslims don't hate America and Republicans should stop trying to use hate and fear as a political tactic.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.5 years ago

bin Laden also stated that if Gore had been president, he probably would not have attacked at that time; he know that Bush would respond the way bin Laden wanted.

One of his stated goals was to break the US financially, another was to lower the world's opinion of us.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan5 years ago

I stand corrected,Michael C. Yes,Desert Storm was a reason,according to bin Laden himself,for the attacks,as well as our troops being in Saudi Arabia. Still that never justified the 9/11 attacks,which to this day I consider a criminal act,not militrary;cold blooded muder.I'm not just concerned about another attack on us,if an R is elected President. Unlike GWB,who only gives lip service to the Religious Right,Rick Perry is a genuine End Times beliver,who believes a major war,involving Israel;if he's elected I'm concerned he'll join with Israel in starting a war with nuke armed Iran,with disastorous consequences.

Michael MacDonald

you were attacked on the 11 year anniversary of when bush senior announced the first invasion of iraq.
In the middle east, people were in the streets burning American flags and hanging bush dolls after he was elected.
how much more do you need?
It couldn't be more obvious.

The reason why I'm so passionate about warning people about this
is that it could very likely happen again if you let another republican get elected.
The chances would more than double.
I'd bet everything I have on it.