Morning Mix: President Jeb Bush?

You would think that with 14 days left before the Iowa caucus, it’s too late to start thinking about potential “other” candidates.

You would be wrong.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has printed an op-ed piece that has many Republicans feverishly speculating that it might be a sign that he is considering stepping into the presidential race.† Published in the Wall Street Journal, Bush talks up “economic freedom” and touts his own record in Florida as support.

“Increasingly, we have let our elected officials abridge our own economic freedoms through the annual passage of thousands of laws and their associated regulations,” Bush writes. “We see human tragedy and we demand a regulation to prevent it. We see a criminal fraud and we demand more laws. We see an industry dying and we demand it be saved. Each time, we demand ‘Do something . . . anything.’ As Florida’s governor for eight years, I was asked to ‘do something’ almost every day. Many times I resisted through vetoes but many times I succumbed. And I wasn’t alone. Mayors, county chairs, governors and presidents never think their laws will harm the free market. But cumulatively, they do, and we have now imperiled the right to rise.”

The Hill calls the piece a channeling of “campaign-style rhetoric, leading some conservative commentators to question whether he might launch a late-inning jump into a chaotic GOP field.”

The Washington Examiner is more direct. “Perhaps Bush just wanted to say something.† Or perhaps he wanted to join the presidential conversation, either as an influential voice or a possible candidate.† If his motivation is the latter, it would be a change from months — years — of denying that he would run for president in 2012.† Both Bush and members of his family have said repeatedly that he will not run, that after spending his peak earning years as governor of Florida, he needed to make money for his family.† Were he to decide to take run, Bush would have to reconcile his action with his many, many denials.”

But former President George W. Bush aid Karl Rove says a run is simply not going to happen. “Iíve spoken to Gov. Bush, who says heís not push-polling, doesnít know anyone who is push-polling and is not running for president.Ē

It’s true that with family and party money and connections, Jeb could have a campaign running within a matter of hours, and probably leap right to the forefront as the newest “anti-Romney,” even if it meant running via write in for states who’s registration deadlines have already passed.

But could he win a general election, even if he swept the primary?† That’s a lot less likely, especially for country still, despite everything, likes President Barack Obama better than his predecessor.


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jo Howard
jo Howard4 years ago

Huh, a third Bush in the barrel? I don't think so!

jo Howard
jo Howard4 years ago

Huh, a third Bush in the barrel? I don't think so!

Anne P.
Anne P4 years ago

The Bushes have already established their dynasty. Jeb is next in line (2016) and his son, George Prescott Bush, is being groomed to follow his dad. GPB's mother is from Mexico and the Bush family believes he will win over Hispanic voters. Trust me, people - we will never be rid of the evil Bushes. Check this out:

Doug Gledhill
Doug G4 years ago

Bush 41 and 43 did enough damage to this nation especially 43. There is no hope for this dumb ass country if they empower another self serving Bush.

Marlene C.
Marlene C4 years ago

Maybe the third one's the charm ? !!!

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

No! No! No! Not another Bush. W has left a foul feeling in my gut.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Jeb isn't running this is just someones wish list on the R side

Patrick F.
Patrick f4 years ago

NO, another Bush in the oval office would be enough to destroy the country. This family has no morals, ethics, or reason.

dawn walker
Dawn W4 years ago

Ugh,not another Bush.Please,folks,put an end to this already! How many more Bushes are there lurking around? Just when you think you're safe...

Frank Mugford
Frank Mugford4 years ago

And, do you remember that puerile fool Dan Quayle? What a jerk he was. Wonder what piggy banks he's plundering at the moment.

As somebody said earlier, pity is when bush senior said to his fat old racist wife, 'Fancy an early night dear?' that there wasn't a roll of drums and a flash of lightning that struck one or both of them down.