Morning Mix: The American Jobs Act. No, The Other One


When President Barack Obama introduced the American Jobs Act during his speech in front of both the House and the Senate, he asked that Congress put aside the political games and just pass the bill.

Looks like Texas Republican Louis Gohmert wasn’t listening, because he’s more interested in playing games.

Congressman Gohmert has pulled a “fast one” on the president, creating and filing his own American Jobs Act of 2011 in the House so that Obama can’t use the name.  Gohmert said, “After waiting to see what the President would actually put into legislative language, and then waiting to see if anybody would actually introduce the President’s bill in the House, today I took the initiative and introduced the ‘American Jobs Act of 2011.’”

Gohmert had already received a copy of the bill, of course, after sending off snarky messages on twitter a few days earlier complaining that no such piece of legislation actually existed yet.  “What was #Obama holding in the Rose Garden today? Did he leave it sitting on the podium? We still don’t have it. Where’s the bill?”

So what is this master plan that the GOP has for their own jobs bill.  Well, it has only one plank — totally eliminate corporate income taxes.  A tactic that, if it occurred, would leave the country looking at an additional $300 billion shortfall each year on top of the already existing deficit.

But hey, anything to play a few more political games, right?

In general, the move shouldn’t really have come as much of a shock.  After all, Gohmert is the congressman who thought that whacking “Nancy Pelosi” golfballs would help him add a little “oomph” to his swing,  and that families who have a union member who is striking shouldn’t be eligible for food stamps.  Petty seems to be his forte.

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Eric Lees
Eric Lees5 years ago

Can we stay on topic and stop with all the personal attacks fellow care members?

I'll leave it to a real expert to explain what the government should be doing:

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

Alice, et. al., I could go back to, but when I was there, it just seemed like a chorus with everyone agreeing with everyone else, just like here. There was no dialogue because everyone was agreeing with everyone else, just like here. So I came here so that at least someone will actually have something to tell someone else and someone will learn something from someone else. Or did you prefer civil war?

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Alice E.
Alice E5 years ago

roger, find something else to do.....please!

Lilithe Magdalene

Even developing countries have it figured out better than us. They initially followed our advice by cutting spending - and their economies went further into the toilet. So they started spending, and taxing wealthy, and guess what? Their economies are growing and thriving. Time for the US to take the advice of the so called "little guys" who have figured out what really works. I did get this from NPR, I know, a little to lefty for folks like Jeffrey and Rodger. You talk about "individual responsibility" Jeffrey - tell that to the corporations and bank and politicians who got us in this mess in the first place. They don;t give a rats ass about responsibility - only their bottom line.

Phil Hanson
Phil Hanson5 years ago

@ Roger B.

Fox News? Seriously? Why don't you try citing sources that report the news rather than invent it? Your credibility, already on thin ice, just fell through.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K5 years ago

Today the republican controlled House began to seriously address the jobs problem.

Just kidding, they went home last night.

But then they already have jobs, what do they care?

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K5 years ago

I think Roger B. is really Diane O.
They are never in the same room together

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Roger B. has taken over this discussion..........He must be needing attention.

This is more garbage being put out to confuse what is happening.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Roger B. has taken over this discussion..........He must be needing attention.

This is more garbage being put out to confuse what is happening.