Most Americans Want ‘Path to Citizenship’ for Immigrants

A new poll has confirmed that most Americans want some sort of path to citizenship for undocumented migrants and oppose mass deportations.

The poll, published by the National Journal, shows that the largest group of respondents — 39% — backed the position of current GOP presidential front runner Newt Gingrich which calls for long term and law abiding ‘illegals’ to be allowed to stay.

Only 25% of respondents, 33% of Republicans, agreed that all ‘illegals’ should be deported.

The Obama administration has established new rules which are supposed to only lead to deportations of criminals, however, the effectiveness of this policy has been called into question by immigrant advocates. Detentions and deportations have hit record levels.

In the poll results:

  1. 28% agreed that all undocumented immigrants should be allowed “to stay, provided they have broken no other laws and commit to learning English and U.S. history.”
  2. 39% said that authorities should “deport some, but allow those who have been here for many years and have broken no other laws to stay here legally.”
  3. 25% agreed that all should be deported “no matter how long they have been in the U.S.”

The highest support for the third option was amongst Republicans, whites with no college, men and non-Hispanic whites.

Gingrich’s position that longtime undocumented immigrants who have broken no other laws should be granted a right to stay in the country, although without citizenship, by local community boards, has been labelled as “amnesty” by his main opponents.

A new Fox News poll found only 19% supporting the proposition that “the government send all illegal immigrants back to their home country.” Another Fox News poll in October found 63% support for the proposition that “illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States since they were children should be eligible for legal citizenship.”

The United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from Dec. 1 to 4; it interviewed 1,008 adults by landline and cell phone. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

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Jim Richards
Jim Richards4 years ago

This has my vote!

Bruce S.
Bruce S4 years ago

"Most Americans Want ‘Path to Citizenship’ for Immigrants"

Then what do you say we put it on the ballot and take a vote? If that's true, I'll abide by the majority.

Ernest R.
Ernest R4 years ago

@ Amber T—“Does that include, any whose ancestors were not here 15,000 years ago?” No. Are you willing to be held responsible for the deeds of your ancestors ?

Ernest R.
Ernest R4 years ago

2 marg W== “Why were these people not sent back when they first came?”
Better late than never.

Ernest R.
Ernest R4 years ago

AbdulAziz A.—Given the chance, a great number of less fortunate people could flood the US and create the same kind of hell hole they were fleeing from. Their fair chance to improve the conditions of their populations would begin with fewer children than those previous families that have created an overpopulation that cannot be supported.

Ernest R.
Ernest R4 years ago

There already is a path to citizenship for immigrants. It starts at the US Consuklate in your country where you get the papers to fill out. Doesn't everybody know that ? Once enough people of a specific group get in, they can form a voting block. Guess what ? Gingrich is sucking up for the Latino vote.

bob m.
bob m4 years ago

Nice Abdul...carrying on the tradition,, hyper embelishment , playing with history.
Things a LONG time ago were difficult but I think your "cultural" bias, identity, history is getting in the way a bit; Rapes slaughtering, murdering , starving .... you should put aside your prefences Abdul to be more objective.... they are patently obvious. I think it's called projection...(Hypocrisy?)
Sometimes you sound like a Red guard takoff of an Iranian propogandist.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A4 years ago

Americans by nature are immigrants - except the indigenous few who have now been almost wiped off. A huge number of the original population were invaders and much more than illegal. Now they call this US their homeland. Given the chance a great number of other less fortunate people could call them selves Americans too.

If they are not allowed to stay then they should be sent back together with their children as soon as possible rather than raping and punishing them. The Third World countries deserve to be given a fair chance to improve the conditions of their populations and perhaps they would not put their lives in danger to earn a crust of bread.

Tamara C.
Tamara C.4 years ago

Who did they poll ILLEGALS?

Ernest R.
Ernest R4 years ago

@ Stephen B “On a macro-economic scale, it doesn't make sense to deport any law-abiding worker.” That is debatable, but if he is law abiding he probably wouldn’t be deported. If he is in the country illegally, he is by definition NOT law abiding.