Mustang Lovers Head to Capitol Hill

Wild horse lovers are going to gather on the West Front Lawn of Capitol Hill on September 29th from 8a.m. – 4 p.m. to urge Congress to protect our wild horses.

In 1971, Congress adopted the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act — which stated that wild horses are “an integral part of the natural system of the public lands” and was meant to protect them from “capture, branding, harassment, or death.”

However, in 2004 Conrad Burns stealthily removed over 30 years of protections for our wild horses.

The Bureau of Land Management spends about $27 million taxpayer dollars on the horses they currently have in captivity, which seems odd considering that they’ve rounded up horses that were living for free on public land in order to graze cattle there.

Wild horses and burros consume only 5.3 percent of the total forage in combination with livestock. And when forage consumed by big game animals is taken into account, wild horses and burros are responsible for less than 2 percent.

And yet they are blamed for destroying the land, rounded up and left in holding pens or sent for slaughter. 

“This is where the 33,000 captured horses should be released but this time under the protection of public servants who really care for them and defend their rights to freedom, to fill their vacant ecological niche in the natural world. These wide-ranging herbivores are perfect for reducing dry flammable vegetation, re-seeding native plants, and building soils. They are also a wonderful aesthetic resource. And North America is their evolutionary cradle and rightful home,” according to wildlife ecologist Craig Downer.

There’s still hope for our wild horses. The Restoring our American Mustangs (ROAM) Act passed the House of Representatives and is now in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, S. 1579.

If you can’t make it to D.C., you can still help by sending an email to the BLM to protest their poor management tactics at: with the subject line: WH&B Advisory Board Comments.

You can also contact your senators and ask them to support the ROAM Act, S, 1579. 

Sign Care2′s petition to support protection wild horses.

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Pattie Segura
Pattie Segura6 years ago

i truly wish i could be apart of this, ROCK THE HILL FOR OUR HORSES

Hyunji Do
Hyunji Do8 years ago

horses are beautiful creatures that SHOULD have the right of being protected. it angers me to see that man rid the law that is keeping them from harm. ilovehorses. :]

CR C8 years ago

Save these beautiful creatures let them run free on the land that they love. But watch over them so they are protected.

Pat P.
Pat P.8 years ago

We need to preserve these magnificent creatures, they belong to the land, more so than cattle or sheep farmers. They are a part of my heritage and need to be returned to their land, to live out their lives as it should be. Please protect them.

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis8 years ago

I'm appalled that the American People let these people take away the protection of the animals. Hopefully, one day the schools will teach the children and their parents on how to keep informed and how to advocate. Maybe instead of commercials on tupperware that talks we can have commercial updates on what laws are being passed or taken away, since everyone like t.v. so much, although they do have some. Having lived in Nevada, it's just so utterly terrible, what' happening.

Shirley A.
Shirley A8 years ago

I am so disapointed and angry at the media. Not one channel that I can find has ANY coverage. Just goes to show again, the good guys almost never get the attention when it comes to the ratings grabbing press. Has anyone seen any coverage?

Sherri Dragotta
Sherri Dragotta8 years ago

what are they thinking or are they thinking.
it would be a crue & inhumane act to round them up & pen them. the people in those states should let their voices be heard. what a terrible lose to take away their freedom!

Lori O.
Lori O.8 years ago

I live in Nevada. We have more wild horses than any other Western state, and our local BLM representatives are determined to round them all up (they euphmize the term to "gather" which is a much gentler term than the action has proven to be) and exterminate them if possible. I have seen wild horses many times. They are amazing and adaptable animals. They come up and eaten out of my hand. I've known people who have adopted them and who swear they make the best horse companions. What most wild horses haters don't want to recognize is that wild horses evolved in North American 65 million years ago, died out about 10,000 years ago, and then were reintroduced by the Spanish in the 1540's. Wild horses are a native species; they are not vermin, they are not foreign, and they do not destroy the environment. They are a proud symbol of freedom and the American West. Most civilizations were built on the backs and through the strength of horses. We owe them our protection, wild or domestic.

Black T.
Blacktiger P8 years ago

As I traveled on the Greyhound between Jasper and Edmonton I saw a small herd grazing on the wide grassy area near the high way, They were beautiful, and I fear for them as there are people out the that consider wild horses vermin!

Peoplehorsepet V.

Hitler of Horses.. sad..
I'll do what I can..