Neo-Nazi Leader Allegedly Shot Dead By His Son

As regional director of the National Socialist Movement, 32-year-old Jeff Hall led demonstrations in Riverside and Los Angeles with marchers brandishing swastikas and also organized “militia-type watches” along the California and Arizona borders, in which volunteers in camouflage were on the lookout for illegal border-crossers. But in the end, he died from an act of violence in his own home.

His 10-year-old son is accused of shooting and killing him. The alleged shooting occurred early in the morning on May 1st in Hall’s Riverside, California home. The New York Times reports that “the boy stood near [the living room] stairs with a handgun and killed his father, Jeff Hall, as he lay on the living room couch.” Hall was declared dead when paramedics arrived.

Says the New York Times:

The police say that the killing was intentional, but that the motives behind it are still not fully understood. But whatever the reason, it has cast fresh light on the fringe group to which Mr. Hall devoted his life: the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s largest neo-Nazi party, whose message stands in surreal juxtaposition to the suburban, workaday trappings of many of its members.

32-year-old Hall was a plumber; last fall, he ran as a National Socialist for a seat on the local water district and “won a surprising 28 percent of the vote.” He had plans to run for office again. In what seems an eerie pronouncement, he had predicted that “his political activities — in a world rife with hatred, suspicion and violence — would lead to his demise.” Hall said that he wanted a “white society” and that he believed in “secession.”

Hall’s 10-year-old son was one the eldest of five children. The boy is to appear in court later this month and it is expected that he will be charged as a juvenile with murder; his public defender says he might plead insanity. The boy and a sister had been the “subject of a bitter custody battle with Mr. Hall’s first wife, with a series of allegations of abuse on each side”; their father had eventually won legal custody. Hall’s other children have been taken into protective custody, says the Los Angeles Times.

The National Socialist Movement is the largest supremacist group in the US and is based in Detroit. It has some 400 members in 32 states. Its “suit-wearing spokesman,” Jeff Schoep, calls the group a “white civil rights movement.”

More than a few of us will be asking if Hall’s Neo-Nazi beliefs had something to do with his son committing a terrible, tragic act.


Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Natalie Rusu
Natalie Rusu5 years ago

Big Like!

James F.
James F.5 years ago

"...he had predicted that his political activities... would lead to his demise"
Somehow I doubt the kid was making a political statement. Even in a normal home children can get mad when they're told to pick up their mess or get ready to go to school... teach them hate, train them in the use of firearms, leave weapons accessible and it's not surprising if they feel the solution to what bugs them is to blow holes in it.

Danuta W.
Danuta Watola5 years ago

thanks for sharing this

Marg Wood
Marg W.5 years ago

a ten year old is a child! They have not yet developed the skills to determine consequences. I am sure he had a reason. If there was no gun available it would not have happened. Unfortunately hate mongers are allowed to have children and pass on the hate!

Sam Seuss
Sam Seuss5 years ago

typo below ... he 'taught' not thought ... hate to his poor son

Sam Seuss
Sam Seuss5 years ago

he thought hate & hate has no boundaries ... he lived by the sword & died by the sword ... his son is my hero.

Sam Seuss
Sam Seuss5 years ago

sweeeeeeet killing!

david h
david hershman5 years ago

the boy should get a medal

Tasia Edwards
Tasia Edwards5 years ago

@ Angela R. Well said. Why do people care so damn much about other people beliefs? I don't get it! Why is it when a White boy is the "bad person" it's so horrible but by God a black racist? They don't exist! LOL Whatever. This poor little boy may have had an ok life and just had issues or mental illnesses OR he could have had a horrible life, this does NOT excuse what he did, if it did then 95% of the prison population would not be in prison because they have all had hard lives too! REALLY? Just cause you have a hard life NEVER excuses MURDER in COLD BLOOD! Even for a ten year old boy! I pray that this man that is dead is at peace with himself and where ever he is now. Amen!

David K.
David K.5 years ago

I'm inclined to believe that Jeff's political ideals had everything to do with his being shot. His son was probably acting on a guilty conscience...