Nevada Police Tell Teens “Premarital Sex Will Kill You” in New Sex Ed Campaign

It has become a joke that when watching teen scream horror movies, you always know who will be the first victim since it’s usually the couple (or, frankly, the girl) who is having sex. Now that moral lesson is being morphed literally into today’s sex ed programs, which in some cases are looking more and more like they have been taken straight from the “Scared Straight” game book.

Then again, that could make sense, since now the police are involved. Yes, abstinence only education the type where rather than accepting that most people are likely to at some point have sex with someone before marriage and need to know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is getting some new instructors in Las Vegas, Nev. The Metro police put on a “Choose Purity” event for girls, at the request of Victory Outreach Church, and they went all in.

According to the Metro police, sex outside of marriage will lead to one of four things: sexual assault, gangs, drugs and prostitution. To make sure the audience got it, they had real life participants explain how their lives were ruined by sex.

“The room of about 125 parents and children watched recorded interviews with a pimp and prostitutes, learned modern-day slavery exists in the form of the sex trade, and saw grisly images of people who’d suffered at the hands of hard drugs such as a woman who’d lost limbs in a methamphetamine lab explosion and a man who’d had his face partially gnawed off by a meth user,” writes Bethany Barnes at the Las Vegas Sun News.”Wide-eyed youngsters watched as two girls gave dramatic performances told from the perspective of one girl who had died after abusing diet pills and one who had died after contracting a sexually transmitted disease as a prostitute. The monologues concluded with each girl getting on a gurney and into a body bag.”

A body bag is an interesting prop to end with, when in true sex ed you could make the point that another way to avoid death is, well, to wrap it before sex, but this presentation was less sexual education and more evangelical Hell House, or, as one audience member called it, “a hodgepodge of unrelated fear mongering.”

Hodgepodge is exactly the right word for it. “So let me see if I can make sense of the multitude of messages here,” writes sex ed columnist Martha Kempner. ” Premarital sex will make you promiscuous. Promiscuity will turn you into a sex worker. Prostitution will make you turn to drugs. Drugs will kill you. But don’t worry because purity, beauty, and a nice tiara will empower you to keep your legs crossed and that will fix everything. Right, got it.”

To be fair, a tiara does fix a lot of things in life, I’m told, but probably not the teen pregnancy rate in Nevada, which is currently the 4th highest in the nation. In fact, in states where the only approach to sex ed is “purity” and saving yourself, the pregnancy rate for teens are consistently higher.

The Metro police have stepped back slightly in their support of their purity party, apparently now realizing their involvement may not have been the best idea. “Metro’s primary role is ensuring the public’s safety. In support of this role, we also work to prevent crime through education. Some of the opinions expressed at the meeting did not represent those of the department,” they said in a released statement.

It’s not clear if that means that they are calling off “Choose Courage,” the boys’ version of the educational effort. If not, I’m sure that young men can look forward to learning about how their own potential sexual activities can kill them, even, likely, masturbation. I doubt that they will get to try on a tiara after, however.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven7 months ago

thanks for the article.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

Breathing will kill you too, in the right circumstances...

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

Breathing will kill you too, in the right circumstances...

Krista Slavin
Krista Slavin2 years ago

I am surprised that the police (since when did they get involved with sex ed in schools) are allowed to tell these lies. Kids CAN die from sex, anybody can. What they should be taught is about SAFE sex.

Susan T.
Susan T.2 years ago

Why is it so important for some certain groups to tell teens sex is fine? And anything done to try to discourage sex in teenagers looked upon as bad? I did not have sex as a teen, did not cause me major issues. There is a big disconnect here.

Janis K.
Janis K.2 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Nevada can truly be a "hellhole"

Carla van der Meer

Linda, doesn't the dancing usually come first? And sorry Alfred, but teenagers are IDIOTS. Don't show them bodies, pimps or hos (?) show them condoms, how to use them, pregnant teens and teen moms with barfing babies. Maybe show them the disgusting results of STD's. That would scare me!

Alfred Donovan
Past Member 2 years ago

Teenagers are more savvy than we give them credit for.

Ernest Roth
Ernest R.2 years ago

@ Linda M."Sex might lead to dancing!" But only if you do it standing up. According to Mormons, it could also lead to drinking coffee !

pam w.
pam w.2 years ago

Know what's yet ANOTHER thing wrong with this stupidity? They've lost any iota of credibility they may have had before making these insipidly inane announcements.

Premarital sex has happened for thousands of years. Guess what? Kids know it. And if you don't think they're having sex and're smoking ''funny stuff.''