New Folk Music Video On Impact of Mountain Top Removal


Written by Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress

The Ohio-based folk band Magnolia Mountain has just released a new music video documenting the environmental and human impact of mountaintop removal coal mining.

The song, “The Hand of Man,” was released as part of a new 21-track album with bands from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia performing songs about protecting the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding communities from destructive coal mining practices.

Mountaintop removal mining is exactly what it sounds like: Explosives are used to to blow up mountains in order to access coal reserves, thus forcing rocks and soil into valleys and increasing concentrations of mercury and arsenic in water supplies. According to researchers from Washington State University and West Virginia University, communities located near mountaintop mining sites have seen double the amount of birth defects than the national rate. To date, almost 3,000 mountain ridges have been blown apart to access coal.

Watch the music video:

They say our nation needs our coal
And that is worth our lives and homes
We have no wealth, we have no voice
We have no power and no choice

‘Twas the hand of man brought a mountain down
Oh, the hand of man brought a mountain down
‘Twas the hand of man brought a mountain down
Oh, the hand of man brought a mountain down

The multi-artist album, “Music for the Mountains” was organized by Magnolia Mountain’s lead singer and guitarist Mark Utley. The groups have already raised more than $11,000 dollars for organizations in Ohio and Kentucky working to end mountaintop removal coal mining.

This post was originally published by Climate Progress, a branch of ThinkProgress.


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Photo from Rev. Billy, The Church of Earthalujah & The Stop Sh via flickr


Marcia O.
Marcia Oyler4 years ago

Great song bringing attention to a horrible practice.

federico bortoletto

Che tristezza.

federico bortoletto

Che tristezza.

Diane F.
Diane F.4 years ago

Beautiful music & lyrics expressing well the horrific, devastating consequences that big business promotes.

Charlene Tinkham
Charlene Tinkham4 years ago

This is not the way man should be. Greed is taking over. The more money they have the more they want...

Douglas S.
Douglas S.4 years ago


Terri Hughes
Terri Hughes4 years ago


Joan Mcallister
4 years ago

What devastation when seen for the air, it is just unbelievable. Yes the words of the song do say it all. This mountain top removal must stop.

Marie W.
Marie W.4 years ago

Song says it all- we must find a voice.

Charles P.
Charles P.4 years ago

They used to say that if West Virginia was flattened out it would be the largest state in the country. Well, they are flattening it out but they are reducing the magnificient beauty of the WVA mountains. By the way, I live in PA.