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Given that Jessica Pieklo has been so prolific all election season it’s only fitting that we honor her latest production:  Olive Rose Pieklo.  She arrived this morning and she, her mom, dad and brother are all doing fine, and, I’m sure, want everybody to go vote!  Congratulations to all.

the Pieklo family


Jane W.
Jane Warren5 years ago

Blessings on the whole family.

Susan S.
Susan S.6 years ago

Congratulations Jessica and Olive. Welcome to the world.

moggy w.
moggy w.6 years ago

Congratulations to you all, and I love the name you have chosen, a real old-time name, and it will look grand as a byline.

Tatiana T.
Tatiana T.6 years ago

Congratulations! Wishing you all the wisdom you need to raise this beautiful baby girl!

Linda H.
Linda h.6 years ago

So- you've been busy lady! She's beautiful and so are you!

Rose N.
Past Member 6 years ago


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

Congratulations! New Baby, and family

Therese K.

Lots of love, light and blessings for the whole family.

Tori W.
Past Member 6 years ago

Beautiful and Congrats! A new member. She just might be the youngest member here!

Linda P.
Linda P.6 years ago

So happy for you all, children are the greatest gifts we ever have. Enjoy every moment together!