Occupation Of Wall Street Enters Fifth Day [Videos]


Today marks the fifth day that crowds of people have marched, chanted, eaten and slept on the sidewalk in protest of unbridled corporate greed in America.

Although total turnout is lower than hoped, the throng of nearly a thousand protesters refuses to leave, exercising their legal right to assemble on the sidewalks surrounding Wall Street.

As police aggression toward protesters increases, organizers have unanimously agreed to accept the services of a local lawyer who has promised to protect their right to assemble and even erect tents in Liberty Park.

The Nation reports that “outcry erupted yesterday when it became apparent that Yahoo was censoring emails that contained references to the Occupy Wall Street protest. A sender would receive a message that there was ‘suspicious activity’ detected on their account when they tried to send a message relating to the event. Yahoo later responded, saying the culprit was an overzealous spam filter.”

#OccupyWallStreet’s invitation to those in New York City and beyond:

You have fought all the wars. You have worked for all the capitalists. You have wandered over all the countries. Have you harvested the fruits of your labors, the price of your victories? Does the past comfort you? Does the present smile on you? Does the future promise you anything? Have you found a piece of land where you can live like a human being and die like a human being? On these questions, on this argument, and on this theme, the struggle for existence, the people will speak.

Come take the square with us at Liberty Plaza.


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Image Credit: Flickr - pweiskel08


Alicia N.
Alicia N.4 years ago

GOOD LUCK to ALL those protesters, the more the merrier, Thanks!!!

Jane H.
Jane H.4 years ago

I had no idea this was happening until I just now read it---thanks for letting us know. This is amazing and perhaps the beginning of something big.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Well it got ZERO recognition from the press......which I find rather stunning.

How the press misses something like this if they ARE the press is beyond me.
This could have never happened 30 years ago. The control over what we get to hear and see is stunning.

It is one more stepping stone to 1984 Shakes my head sadly. Where did my country go.

Christopher K.
Christopher K.4 years ago

As much as a certain segment of society chooses to combat what they perceive to be the gaming of society by entrenched power interests perhaps we ought to ask the uncomfortable question- does anyone then really care anymore? And if they did, how is it that the movement that started off with 5000 members last weekend has dwindled to less than 200 come this weekend? After all the concerns of the ‘occupy wall street’ group are legitimate ones with deep consequences.


Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti4 years ago

Just the right number of people are protesting in Wall Street. Looks like its going to grow, too. Yay!

David Menard
David Menard4 years ago

Hurrah for the occupiers Down with the fat cat robber baron fascists Bush's policies and their greed caused the mess we are in now in. The wall st fat cats will never regulate their own greed .profit at all costs is their goal and they will use all means to get it and fight any and all attempts to reign them in.

sandra m.
Past Member 4 years ago

I wish ALL of us could be there......it would be even more awesome.....
Everyone,Who is sick and tired of everything represented in person!

Linda T.
Linda T.4 years ago

Although we can not all be there in body we are there in soul. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for all americans.

Karen D.
K Dinkins4 years ago

I wish I could be there. They are getting to the heart of a very big problem, we Americans should really stand with them.

Berny P.
Berny p.4 years ago