Occupy Congress Takes The Fight To America’s Capitol

On January 17, 2012, thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters left their homes and encampments to protest in the chilly streets of our nation’s capitol. It’s a move that must have pleased the movement’s conservative critics, many of whom have insisted that our corrupt political system is the fault of our “liberal lawmakers,” and not the corporations that have exploited the system.

Planned to coincide with the House of Representatives’ first day back to work after its winter vacation, Occupy Congress was a day of action designed to capture the attention of the very politicians who are charged with representing the interests of the 99%.

Actions included a multi-occupational General Assembly, teach-ins, an OCCUParty, a pink slip for every congressional “representative” and a march on all three branches of what protesters say is “a puppet government that sold our rights and our futures to the 1%.”

The protesters braved cold, damp weather to cluster outside barricades in front of the Capitol, chanting “We are the 99 percent,” according to VOA News. Scores of police officers blocked them from moving onto the Capitol steps, and police arrested at least one person.

“This is an illegitimate system,” reads a statement on OccupyYourCongress.info. “Around half of the nation’s population doesn’t participate in electoral politics. More than 6 million Americans who want to vote are disenfranchised, including the entire populace of the District of Columbia. There is consensus that we are on the wrong track and that our “leaders” do not have our interests at heart.

“All ‘elected’ officials bought their way into gerrymandered seats with Wall Street money. These bankers’ henchmen have shown themselves both unwilling and unable to take on the tremendous, systemic issues in our country, our place in this world.

“In the face of this endemic corruption, the Occupy movement is about organizing locally to discuss and change these problems from the ground up. We came to show the 1%’s Congress what democracy looks like.”

For those who couldn’t attend the demonstration, but still want to give their “representatives” a piece of their mind, Occupy Congress set up an easy-to-use “Find Your Congressman” contact form on its site.

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Image Credit: OccupyYourCongress


Jose R.
Jose R.4 years ago

You must understand that the reason our politicians keep make and passing the same laws to protect the greedy is that they are governed by the Israel lobby AIPAC. There is a law in Congress called Foreign Agent Registration Act. The Justice Department, Eric Holder neded to get them to register them and put them out of business so you can have your country back! That's what JFK tried to do and the Mossad took him and about 20 other people out!

jerry coleman
jerry coleman4 years ago

Go 99%

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Phil thats absolute bullshit.

Some scream you just envy us is all. Bzzzzzzzzzttt Wrong. Like Most, I don't envy Romney or anyone else with a lot of money. The more money you get the more isolated you becomes. The more you worry about if someone is trying to take what you have. I don't want to be isolated and look at every person like a potential blood sucker. Thats a disgusting way to go through life.

Most middle class people I know aren't the least bit envious of "the have's". We ARE sick of watching our country crumbling before our very eyes and seeing NO ONE is trying to stop it.
All some of us see is MORE and MORE and MORE favorable laws being passed to protect everything they have from any additional responsibility while everything around them crumbles.

I see my country being destroyed from within. I see the entire fabric of the country I was raised in being erased but the very thing people of MY generation never believed could happen here. Fascism.

We ddont envy Romney or any other rich person having money. We find it disgusting that many of them are doing it by dragging our jobs to China and now Africa. Get it straight "Haves" we don't want what you have,….we want what used to be our country back……our livelihoods back… our voice back. Envy has NOTHING to do with it.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Phil, If the OWS if so small and ineffectual, why did DHS hand out hundreds of thousands of $$$ in an effort to destroy the Occupy Movement?

So the the Occupy Movement of no threat to Wall Street, the banks or the power elite of Washington. Why did the Lobbying firm of Clark, Lytle, Geduldig, Cranford offer to dismantle and destroy the OWS, yes, for the princely sum of $850,000 USD.

The power brokers are becoming frightened little men, there are many who believe that they will turn the US Military loose against the people.

Yes, Phil you are right

Phil S.
Phil S.4 years ago

What the ex had to say was old news - I believe it was the press that went to her looking for dirt. Just like the tax thing with Romney. He's done nothing illegal that I can tell. He's a successful business man that is paying the legal tax rate for his income status. The press and the dems are playing up the class envy thing to keep our nation divided. Most people want jobs -not handouts. Those looking for handouts are the problem - too many takers and not enough producers.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

No the Press ACCURATELY showed the American people what the war WAS. Not the rhetoric of war the actuality of it. Thats why you don't see much of the war in all of its brutality on TV anymore. The Military controls the news now. They control the message. War is the ugliest and stupidest thing we engage ourselves in. we don't have wars to win anymore we have wars of to occupy and affect regions of the world. Thats all Viet Nam was. I was there.

Ginriches ex went to the press and exposed something ugly about Newt. Its their job to vette the good the bad and the ugly. If the press hadn't exposed it someone else would have. You can bet Romney would have,……or even Santorum if he had to. The problem is most candidates are sleaze bags. Its easy to find ten being hypocritical. if he hadn't preached family values and the sanctity of marriage etc etc It is the presses job to expose the candidates as much as they can.

its obvious you don't like the ows and wish to marginalize it. Thats fine. But there are plenty of people here that support it.

As far as the timely truthful information, this is what happens when we got closer and closer to fascism. Fewer and fewer newspapers etc exist…..and the ones that do exist are owned by medial dynasties. The message is then becomes the corporate message. We have very little investigative journalism anymore. We never should have allowed all the consolidations. Many of these huge corporations need to be

Nancy L.
Nancy L.4 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Phil S.
Phil S.4 years ago

The difference with Viet Nam is that the press turned most Americans against the war. They have failed to convince America that OWS is in the best interest of our country.

I'm sure you heard about the first question posed to Gingrich in the last debate concerning his personal life. It was supposed to be a gotcha ? But it showed everyone the targeting by the media on anything Republican. Obama was never asked to explain very questionable associations or ANYTHING about his personal life.

The media's job is to provide accurate ,truthful,timely info the the public. They have violated that trust. They pick what and when we get their info. That is why they are also falling by the wayside and becoming irrelevant as well.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

OWS is no more irrelevant than the Viet Nam protestors or the civil rights protestors. They were mocked exactly the same way you are mocking the OWS. But BOTH of these movements that were mocked WON THE DAY eventually.

So go ahead and mock it Phil. The movement doesn't care.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

I wish care 2s spelling tool would stop turning my typos into something unrecognizable.

The first sentence was I have heard about this left leaning press my whole life.