O’Donnell “Dabbled” In Witchcraft?

Every time a new Tea Party candidate wins an endorsement, the political world gets just a little crazier.  It was assumed we’d heard the most bizarre from new GOP senate candidate Christine O’Donnell when her anti-masturbation past come into the spotlight.

But witchcraft?  That was a little unexpected.

Via Think Progress:

Later in the show,[Bill] Maher played a previously-unaired Oct. 29, 1999 clip of O’Donnell on Politically Incorrect, in which O’Donnell said she once “practiced witchcraft”:

O’DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. … I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. [...]

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it. I mean, there’s little blood there and stuff like that. … We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.

The shocking news from this bastion of Christianity has quickly spread, even hitting the Washington Post.

How much is this hurting O’Donnell?  Well, according to Politico, she just canceled her Face the Nation appearance tomorrow, a sure sign the candidate no longer feels ready for prime time. 

Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has backed out of an appearance tomorrow on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with no explanation to the network.

“They just emailed us and said she needed to cancel,” said Mary Hager, “Face the Nation’s,” senior producer.

O’Donnell’s abrupt cancellation comes after scores of stories have emerged about extreme comments she has made in the past about issues ranging from condom usage to human brains being inserted into mice. 

As the story points out, Rand Paul went into media retreat as well, after his Aqua Buddha craziness.

Perhaps all of the Tea Party candidates are in need of a quick exorcism.  Or maybe, in the words of Sharron Angle, they should at least stop wearing black.  After all, that is the color of the devil, right?

Expect more revelations on the candidate as Bill Maher releases a new O’Donnell clip every week on his show until she agrees to come on again.  As Maher is calling it — “It’s a hostage crisis.”

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Gary A.
Gary Addis5 years ago

Claire, I believe she made the witchcraft comments on Bill Mahrs show. She was being flippantly cute. In her private life she has often vacillated from religious extremism, extreme conservatism to high school coquettish. She's a phony.

Mara C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

So, In closing O'Donnell may very well have practiced what she believed to be witchcraft, but what I have shown is that it is more likely that she had a penchant for "bad boys" as a teenager (like so many younger American Women) and this particular "bad boy" was trying to impress his friends and his ignorant little girlfriend with a can of red paint or a gallon of pig's blood from the butcher shop.

Witches in the Modern sense do not worship Lucifer (which ironically means "lightbringer,") most don't even believe in him; the only reason I do is because so many Christians do and if enough people believe in something it takes on a life of itself; Christian examples would be the healing waters of Lourdes, no scientific study has found any difference besides mineral content yet reliable data shows that the water has cured blindness, injuries, etc..

And finally, why is this an issue as long as she does her job?

Rev. Matthew, ULC, Wizard

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

away from you "non-believers" as we can when we try to change reality (or work magick); the less people around to claim something isn't real, the less spiritual effort must be expended to do what we do.

13.) We do not try to get people to leave their various religions to join ours. In magick you either are drawn to it or you are born with a natural talent for it. I have enough issues with my friends teenagers to want to subvert your teenagers. The issue with many orthodox faiths and why people are drawn away from them to paganism, wicca, magick, etc. is, I feel, an issue with hypocrisy and the subversion of free will by these faiths. If people practice what they preach then they are more likely to remain among the faithful, the words of Christ where a message of tolerance not destroying the unfaithful; those were Constantine's words. If people are asked to worship of their own free will instead of being told that if you don't you'll go straight to hell, more people may remain among the faithful. Just a thought.

So, In closing O'Donnell may very well have practiced what she believed to be witchcraft, but what I have shown is that it is more likely that she had a penchant for "bad boys" as a teenager (like so many younger American Women) and this particular "bad boy" was trying to impress his friends and his ignorant little girlfriend with a can of red paint or a gallon of pig's blood from the butcher shop.

Witches in the Modern sense do not worship Lucifer (which iron

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

humans and by interacting with board without taking the proper magickal precautions (circles, salt, cold iron, Holy Water (for the Christians out there) you are opening yourself up to goddess knows what. Playing with these devices without proper precautions is like opening your door and letting twenty drunk belligerent bikers into your home; IMHO a bad idea.

12.) A reasonable portion of Magick is about Belief. If you Believe that someone can harm you with magick then you are adding fuel to the fire. Just like if you believe in Angels then Angels will be part of your reality. Magick is a paradigm just like science, christianity, capitolism, communism, socialism, democracy, etc.

There are two distict "realities" to a practitioner of the arts. Consensus Reality and Personal Reality.

Because of how we perceive the world as humans via our senses each of us has a personal reality which extends to the limit of your senses, and it all about you what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel and how you choose to interpret those senses.

Consensus Reality is what exists when those personal realities collide, kind of a spiritual democracy the more people agree on the existence of something the more likely it is immutably so.

Paradigms are pockets of Consensus Reality. Ever notice how "miracles" seem to happen more often in the presence of a group "believers" than in the middle of a University Science Dept.? Magick is the same bit. This is why most of us stay as far the hell

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

The issue is with the black arts, the practice is very addictive; like spiritual crack, and people can spiral out of control and congress with beings of non-human origins. Before anyone points fingers....the god of Abraham, and his choirs of angels are just a non-human as the Fae (faery folk), Qlipporth (Judaic Demons), The outsiders (just unpleasant things that seem to get off screwing with and hurting people, especially ignorant people), and Lucifer and his Choir of Fallen Angels. We police ourselves for the most part and these addicts are usually rendered harmless in magickal sense before they can cause any major trouble. It is the failing of law enforcement not to notice the trend of missing poodles and teenagers after that.

10.) you do not have to practice the black arts to be evil to the core. The monsters produced by the modern world (serial killers, rapists, members of the Tea Party, republicans, pharma CEOs) are by and far more dangerous and prevalent. Sure some of them might be being manipulated by a black Magickian or a non-human entity; but really the evil in the hearts of some people needs no outside influence to flourish.

11.) Spirits are not to be trusted. They lie unless bound not to and the favorite lies are "I am God", "I am an Angel", "They are all out to get you", "I am Satan", "I am your long dead lover", etc. This is why there is almost always some mention of Ouija Boards because this is a favorite way for non-human entities to screw with ignorant

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

of all practitioners of the arts.

7.) By the Doctrines set down by La Vey and others before him, a Satanist will only harm another person unless they have violated the sanctity of their lair or show disrespect to them in their lair (read lair as home or ritual space); La Vey is very specific how harming animals and children is a big NO NO.

8.) The Satanic Plot against the world is a fabrication of religious zealots and media to justify torture and theft. There is no truth to it. Most Satanists are way to self absorbed and independent to tolerate each other for longer than their needs require, let alone care what the local orthodox religions are doing.

9.) 75% of all practitioners of the black arts are dabblers who know very little, are doing what they do to freak someone out, or make them "Look Cool" to their peer group. I guarantee you most of the black clothes and make up "gothic" crowd would piss themselves and run to a priest if they were put face to face with the whole of magickal reality.

Horsehockey Horace
Past Member 5 years ago

I forgot about her! Bawhahahaha! She said she's me! bawhahah! Poor girl!

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago

by it's use; Grey Magick: that which has no intent to harm or not harm; and Black Magick (no racism implied): which falls into the purview of the "witches" of christian propaganda. You would honestly not recognize a practitioner of the white or grey branches as being any different than any one you passed on the street. And I know several Christian Mystics who practice the white on a daily basis for the benefit of their parishioners.

6.) The practice of sacrifice is also widely misunderstood. Think of sacrifice more like an offering than killing something. A Christian sacrifices their hard earned cash every time that they tithe or give money to the church. Wiccans leave offerings of fruit, rare incenses, wine, and liquor. Only the blackest of the black Magickans in the world would consider use of animal sacrifice let alone human sacrifice. As a side note, animal sacrifices in the ancient world were more akin to a modern weekend Barbeque than the needless killing of animals for some hokey religious purpose; the smoke fed the gods and the meat fed the parishioners. The Aztec practice of human sacrifice has lead modern Christians to assume that because they did we must all do it. Some Christians practice religious inbreeding; doesn't mean I believe you all do.

I couldn't kill another person or an animal unless they were trying to kill me, I sure as hell would never allow my magick to be tainted by this kind of evil, and this holds true for more than 75% of all practiti

Rev. Matthew C.
Matthew Crowson5 years ago


more proof that ignorance breeds hate and intolerance.

OK for those of you who understand nothing about the world of the arts here is a primer:

1.) The term witch has been misused for many years by various religious zealots over the centuries to justify theft and torture. The term comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word which means simply one who twists; or from old English word witan which means "to know."

2.) A Wiccan (the group most commonly using the title witch) is sworn upon the blood of their ancestors to HARM NO ONE IN THEIR PASSING OR BY USE OF THEIR ARTS. This includes animals. Now there are sects among Wicca, just like among Christians, Muslims, and Jews; that do not adhere to the clause of harming none by use of their arts; but in every single case none of these groups would kill a person or an animal for Magickal Purposes.

3.) Magick is a Meta-Science and not a religion. It is practiced by every single religion on the planet in some form. When a Christian, Jew, or Muslim prays they are practicing the ancient art of invokation. When a Catholic consumes blessed wine and wafers, they are performing a magickal act just as the priest who blessed the wine and wafers had. The Christian act of Marriage is a magickal binding. Catch my drift.

4.) Witchcraft is considered by most practitioners of the art to be more herbalism and charms than true magick.

5.) There are three broad schools of Magick in the world. White magick: that which harms none