On The First Anniversary of the Giffords Assassination Attempt, Things Are Still In Limbo

It’s been exactly one year since the country was stunned by the violent shooting rampage that nearly killed Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, and did kill and wound numerous staff, supporters and even a little girl.

The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was quickly arrested, but has since been held and forcibly medicated for schizophrenia, being unlikely to be put on trial at any point in 2012, if ever.

Since the shooting, Giffords has been recovering, slowly learning once more how to walk, talk, and even making an occasional appearance and vote in Congress.  She and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly have even published a memoir about her ordeal. But politically, her future is still in limbo.  It’s unclear whether she will run for her seat again in 2012, and she has even picked up a challenger for the primary, despite the fact that others have tried to hold the seat for her and have fundraised in preparation for a campaign.  And an open senate seat in Arizona, normally a given move for a popular, moderate Representative, is a possibility, although highly unlikely at this stage in her rehabilitation.

But she is making the effort to appear publicly on this infamous anniversary, visiting a memorial site for one of her slain staffers as well as the site of the shooting, and a vigil at the University of Arizona.Although many began rallying for stricter gun control laws after the January shooting, the effort has mostly faded away, and the Obama administration has made it clear that they have no interest in using the anniversary to reopen the debate.  ”‘I don’t have anything new for you,’ White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday when asked about the anniversary. ‘It’s a solemn occasion. … It’s a remarkable recovery that Congresswoman Giffords has made, but we can never forget the lives lost on that day,’ he added.”

And others are even using the anniversary to promote weapons.  According to Think Progress, the Crossroads of the West gun show has decided to use today as the day to throw their Tuscon exhibit and sale.  But at least they don’t appear to be raffling away the same type of gun that nearly killed her, like the Arizona GOP did last fall.


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Mark S.
Mark S.4 years ago

Ed G, I understand what you are saying.But you cannot get rid of all guns in the U.S. until you could convince everyone to give them up. That's not happening. You could make them all illegal, but the crooks will still get them. As far as mass killing goes, you don't need a gun. If someone wants to kill they will, guns or no guns.Personally, I would like to have a "chance" of defending myself against an attacker than none at all.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.4 years ago

I agree Doris T, Gabby is a bright spot in Arizona's otherwise ultra conservative politics. She is doing remarkably well and hope she can run again.

jerry coleman
jerry coleman4 years ago

We have to stop killing each other but it is not likey but it is on my wish list

Richard Pietrasz
Richard Pietrasz4 years ago

Giffords website makes clear she is a serial killer herself, as part of the US war machine.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence4 years ago

I so admire Gabby ...what aninspiration and our thoughts are always with those who lost their lives that day ...

Doris Turner
Doris Turner4 years ago

Gabrielle, one of the few bright lights in Arizona politics is making tremendous progress in her recovery. Will she be able to run? We'll see. However, everytime I sent an email to the two Arizona Senators, McCain and Kyl, and to the Gabrielle's office, her office is the only one that sends a response.

Sandi C.
Sandi C.4 years ago

glad shes doing better!

Edward Grundy
Edward Grundy4 years ago

Mark S. I lived in 3 different countries in western Europe and NEVER experienced such violence in any of the countries I lived in as I experience here in the "Old Pueblo" - Tucson. I attribute that to the lack of guns. If Loughner only had access to a bat, or a knife, how many people would have been killed or injured? I do not think 19. Why was Loughner allowed to by more than one clip that holds 33 bullets for his Glock? Our "right to bare arms" and our "freedom of speech" has gone way beyond the original intention that our Founding Fathers meant. We live in the UN-United States of America; we can no longer agree on anything, especially when it comes to killing and murder.

Edward Grundy
Edward Grundy4 years ago

One of our local stations, KGN9, produced an hour long memorial tribute for the 1st anniversary of the shooting, and repeatedly announced the Candlelight Vigil that was held yesterday evening with the attendance of Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords. Two nights in a row, at least what I saw, immediately after promoting those two events they went to commercial. The FIRST commercial, both of those nights, was for a GUN SHOW!!! How sick, insensative and tasteless is that!? I wrote them a sharp email in respose, but have not received any reply. KGUN9 is obviously just into sensationalism and greed. They owe Tucson, those that lost loved ones on that day; those that survived, and especially to Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords a meaningful public apology. The Candlelight Vigil was beautifully done, and Gabrielle looked beautiful!

Mark S.
Mark S.4 years ago

Ban guns, then they will use knives. Ban knives, they will use pens. Ban pens, ban anything that can be used a weapon. Even an umbrella can kill. Oh, by the way. Criminals will always have guns (from the black market) and would love to know that law abiding citizens are unarmed. Makes it easier for them to rob, rape and kill people in their homes without worry of getting shot.