Operation Rescue Posts Abortion Patient Information Online

Operation Rescue claims to be in possession of the records of at least 86 women and girls who were treated in April of this year at an abortion clinic and they plan to turn the records over to the state–after redacting patients’ names and other identifying information and most likely keeping that information for itself of course.

Based in Wichita, Operation Rescue posted what it claims were images of the redacted records on its website and YouTube. They claim the records include patient ages, gestation ages and photocopies of driver’s licenses as well as dates and costs for abortions performed at the clinics.

The clinic said that a locked trash bin on its property was broken into last week but that the bin didn’t contain patient records.

Attorney Cheryl Pilate, who represents the clinic, said a report was filed with Kansas City, Kansas, police and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Pilate said the clinic also has surveillance tapes of the break-in and will seek criminal prosecution.

Holding the identities of women who had abortions serves absolutely no purpose but to terrorize and punish those women who needed the procedure and to terrorize and intimidate those who will in the future.

And isn’t amazing that once again Operation Rescue finds itself thisclose to a criminal act of domestic terrorism targeting women and abortion providers in the state of Kansas. The Department of Justice needs to come to Kansas, and it needs to stay.

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Photo from tedeytan via flickr.


ERIKA SOMLAI9 months ago


Marion W.
Marion W.3 years ago

Steve R. Turning someone into an illegal alien is not a threat. Just look at how all the illegals in this country are being treated. Becoming an illegal could be the best thing that could happen to some people.

Marion W.
Marion W.3 years ago

Women have been having abortions for hundreds, probably thousands of years. Until 1973 they were done in unsanitary 'back alleys' with implements such as coat hangers. Many resulted in partial births, horrible infections leading to sterility, and death.
I may not believe in abortion for myself, but I believe that if a woman is that desperate she should have access to clean, sanitary and professional services. Making laws based on the religious beliefs of a group of people is truly stepping on the separation of church and state.
If these terrorists got their way and federal laws were enacted based on their personal beliefs, how easy it would then be to enact Sharia Law.
There are millions of people in this country who don't seem able to see beyond the end of their noses. Before you push for something, think about how that law could be used and abused in the future. Can anyone say "Pandora's Box"?

Kelly Rogers4 years ago

Beverly said it all

Laurie A.
Laurie A.4 years ago

I don't think they were 'that close' to an act of terrorism - it WAS an act of terrorism. It was breaking and entering, then stealing documents, all for the purpose of terrifying the hell out of the clinicians and any future clients. It was not to steal a computer so they can make some money. When oh when is Operation Rescue going to be treated as the terrorist organization?!

Dieter Riedel
Dieter R.4 years ago

Sad to see that this kind of "narrow mindedness" still exists in a "civilized" society. Obviously they is not enough war and terror out there for these people.

Beverly W.
Beverly W.4 years ago

Sound like a violation of the HIPPA act which carries fines of $250,000. Someone should file an official complaint

Beverly W.
Beverly W.4 years ago

Sound like a violation of the HIPPA act which carries fines of $250,000. Someone should file an official complaint

Beverly W.
Beverly W.4 years ago

Sounds like a violation of the HIPPA act to mean which allows for fines of $250,000. Some one should file an official complaint against this Operation Rescue.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago