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Overjoyed Feral Kittens Reunite After Release from Trap

Overjoyed Feral Kittens Reunite After Release from Trap

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on November 3, 2011. Enjoy!

By Sherman Mohler

As part of the feral trap-neuter-release (TNR) rescue program, we trapped this black kitty and had him fixed. In this video, we are releasing him back to his siblings, who are overjoyed to see him. The kitty will live out his life in the gulch near our house (you can see the shelter we built) without having more kittens and making the problem worse. He has had one ear slightly clipped so that animal control knows a loving family is taking care of this feral animal.

Trap-neuter-release programs make a monumental impact in the welfare of feral cats and have prevented the suffering of millions upon millions of kittens.

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Photo Credit: Doug Delatine

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5:46PM PDT on Jul 10, 2014

While I am a tad late responding to this issue; I would ask those who are against TNR, what about the hundreds of children killed, maimed, abused daily by their human caregivers? It is epidemic and apparently is not causing the outrage that is should be causing. I would stop worrying about feral cats and focus some attention on feral humans! On the other hand, I absolutely do support TNR and it is becoming widely accepted in more and more communities. There is no reason on earth that healthy animals should be killed because of human stupidity. What about the many dogs as of late that are being shot by our erstwhile "peace officers"? There are many issues that require more attention than they are being given. I do not believe that cat colonies deserve to die when TNR can help them to live long and healthy lives.

11:47PM PDT on Jul 8, 2014

So moving, Thanks,

10:14AM PDT on Jul 7, 2014


7:09AM PDT on Jun 27, 2014

@Diane L--
What is immature is you making false allegations and trying to muddy this issue. You have also continuously complained about not wanting to continue this debate, and keep threatening to uncheck the box for updates, yet you keep repeatedly returning, and here you are yet again, LOL! That is exactly the kind of puerile behavior one would expect from a child.

I am proud of my contributions here. You're the one showing a lack of integrity. If any point is being proven, it is that you are making a fool out of yourself. Your distortions and disingenuous tactics are just like those seen from the anti-vax people. The science does not support TNR advocates, just as it does not support the anti-vax groups, which is the reason why both groups resort to slimy tactics.

10:55PM PDT on Jun 26, 2014

Thanks, truly did make my are obsessed with this topic and have some weird need to monopolize it and control what is said. I unclicked it and did not post for two days, wondering if you would do exactly as I thought you would, and I was right on. You posted nothing but insults that are about as baseless as your arguments against the topic. No, I didn't run away to hide.............I made my comments known and stated my opinions, You chose not to agree and kept arguing and goading me to answer some ridiculous questions you'd made up and I said I already had answered most of them and one was to ridiculous to bother with.

You are honestly behaving like a spoiled child who can't have their own way. Grow up.

7:40PM PDT on Jun 25, 2014

The Trouble With TNRe (Abandon!)
2012 Florida Department of Health Rabies Guide:
“The concept of managing free-roaming/feral domestic cats (Felis catus) is not tenable on public health grounds because of the persistent threat posed to communities from injury and disease. While the risk for disease transmission from cats to people is generally low when these animals are maintained indoors and routinely cared for, free-roaming cats pose a continuous concern to communities. Children are among the highest risk for disease transmission from these cats.”
Veterinarians are legally required to follow the Rabies Guide. As a result, we are gravely concerned about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), and the implications of any such county funded or endorsed program. Most importantly, veterinarians are aware of the following numbers (to mention just a few):
* 30,000 +/- Kids are Hospitalized Each Year from Cat Scratch Disease!
* 455 People in Florida given Rabies Shots from Cat Attacks in 2010!
* 250,000 -1.25 MILLION people impacted yearly with Ocular Toxoplasmosis!
* 1 of every 4 Americans infected with Toxoplasmosis!
* 4,000 – 6,000 Kids develop Congenital Toxoplasmosis each year!
* 2.4 BILLION Birds Killed by Feral Cats Each Year!
* 12.3 BILLION Small Mammals Killed by Feral Cats Each Year!

7:23PM PDT on Jun 25, 2014

TNR Critical Assessment Study
Many jurisdictions have adopted programs to manage feral cats by trap–neuter–return (TNR), in which cats are trapped and sterilized, then returned to the environment to be fed and cared for by volunteer caretakers. Most conservation biologists probably do not realize the extent and growth of this practice and that the goal of some leading TNR advocates is that cats ultimately be recognized and treated as “protected wildlife.” We compared the arguments put forth in support of TNR by many feral cat advocates with the scientific literature. Advocates promoting TNR often claim that feral cats harm wildlife only on islands and not on continents; fill a natural or realized niche; do not contribute to the decline of native species; and are insignificant vectors or reservoirs of disease. Advocates also frequently make claims about the effectiveness of TNR, including claims that colonies of feral cats are eventually eliminated by TNR and that managed colonies resist invasion by other cats. The scientific literature contradicts each of these claims. TNR of feral cats is primarily viewed and regulated as an animal welfare issue, but it should be seen as an environmental issue, and decisions to implement it should receive formal environmental assessment.

6:54PM PDT on Jun 25, 2014

@Diane L--
That's right, Diane, you got caught lying, so go run away and hide, now. Your main tactic in debating this issue has been obfuscation, so I guess the lack of integrity should come as no surprise.

You've also been caught out making a number of inanities, like birds only build nests where cats can't get them, or dogs aren't an invasive species. Claiming invasive feral cats are wildlife is yet another. They remain a domesticated species that cannot survive on their own out in the wild, whether they are abandoned or they are feral from birth. Biologists don't classify feral cats as wildlife.

And it's become quite obvious you and other TNR advocates are placing feral cats over the protection of wildlife. That isn't caring about wildlife.

7:09AM PDT on Jun 25, 2014

Aaaah, shucks, caught me before I logged out. You spent only 2 minutes to find just WHAT? To find your posts, it would require clicking on "view all comments" and that takes a lot longer than two minutes to load, and I simply am not willing to spend the time to scroll back thru a week's worth of this stupid (yes, it's gotten absolutely STUPID) BANTERING because you can't tolerate a difference of opinion, to find your original posts supporting PETA

Inspector didn't accuse me of anything, so try again to get support. He actually sent me a Green Star for my reply to him. I care very much for wildlife, which includes feral cats. So, go have a nice day, and glad you have nothing better to do that stay online composing such lengthy diatribes of literature to do nothing but argue with me. I must be very important to deserve all that attention from you. On the other hand, I have a life off the computer, so since it's now just you and me posting on this discussion and I have said all I have on it, I'm DONE............I know I've said that before and honestly did try 2 or 3 times to move on. I'll have to keep my word this time, so if you reply, you're replying to the wind as I won't read it. I HAVE unchecked this so when I hit "add comment", it will post and I won't get anymore comments in my IN BOX to read. Bye.

6:54AM PDT on Jun 25, 2014

@Diane L--
It took me less than two minutes to find the statements in question. I'm looking right now at all the comments I made regarding this, and in none of them do I say what you are alleging. The problem isn't my memory, because I knew very well what I stated. The problem is a lack of integrity on your part to admit you were wrong or lying about this.

It isn't just endangered birds that have are being inhumanely slaughtered by invasive predatory outdoor cats--feral or otherwise. Native birds and other animals have more right to live than those cats that humans introduced into THEIR environment and are maintaining there through TNR and irresponsible owners. The environment belongs to them, not invasive cats.

I'm beginning to think you really could care less about wildlife. Maybe inspector thirty-seven had it pegged right, after all.

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