Paleo Take-Out Restaurant To Open In Denmark

Chef Thomas Rode Andersen is looking back to the Stone Age for his new fast-food restaurant, Paleo, which will open soon in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What does that mean exactly? No starch, no processed food, no refined sugars, and no dairy products. This is fast food fit for a cave man or woman.

Known as the Paleo Diet, this nutrition plan has been gaining popularity, particularly in the U.S., and celebrities such as Megan Fox are rumored to owe their svelte shapes to this ancient diet plan.

Primal Gastronomy

According to proponents of the Paleo Diet, the human body works best (and looks best) when it is fed foods that Stone Age humans originally lived on, such as meat, fish and other game, in addition to plant life such as vegetables and fruits.

Processed foods are a big no-no, as is sugar, dairy, beans, grains and potatoes.

According to Andersen, he is creating “primal gastronomy.”
From The Guardian:

“Bread is the devil,” says Thomas Rode Andersen, 43, who has created the menu for PalŠo and is head chef at the Michelin-starred Kong Hans in Copenhagen. After divorcing in 2005 he started dating a younger woman and swapped late-night beers and snacks for “paleo” food and exercise.

In the last couple of years he has become something of a poster boy for the paleo movement in Denmark, but he still allows himself the odd break from the diet.

“There is room for a glass of red wine once in a while. If I want to smoke a cigarette I will do that but there might be two months in between,” says Andersen.

Andersen is hoping that his take-out restaurant, which opens in Copenhagen within weeks, will inspire people to try a healthy alternative to standard fast food.

Europe’s First Paleo Restaurant Opened In Berlin Last Year

The menu includes “meatza”, essentially a meat pizza turned upside down with a base of organic ground beef topped with baked tomatoes, pickled mushrooms and parsley pesto. For the hot dog, the sausage with wild leeks comes in an egg-based wrapper, while the risotto is made of small kernels of celeriac shaped to look like long-grain rice.

Cutting out refined sugar means that he uses ripe pears to sweeten the puddings.

This is not the first such restaurant: Berlin lays claim to having Europe’s first paleo restaurant, which opened last year.

President Obama’s Personal Trainer Has His Doubts

But not everyone is enthusiastic about this diet. Here’s what Cornell McClellan, who is the personal fitness trainer for Barack Obama, has to say, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Not only are these diet choices somewhat questionable, it’s also worth pointing out that our Stone Age ancestors were not eating factory-farmed meat, which is full of chemicals and hormones. Unless you have a spear handy and access to unlimited buffalo, you are going to have a hard time truly eating like a caveman.

Finally, any diet that is as restrictive as the Paleo Diet is problematic because it requires cavemen-sized willpower, which means many people will soon abandon their hunks of meat for a modern-day helping of lasagna.

Still, the idea of doing without processed food, the stuff that crams the shelves of our supermarkets, is admirable. And if the paleo approach makes people think about where their food is coming from, that’s all for the good.

We wish Mr. Andersen all the best in his new venture!

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Nina O.
Nina O.3 years ago

This type of Atkins type diet that has clearly proven to have serious side effects that show up over time. If you want to run the risk of future heart disease and cancer, then by all means be my guest. A plant-based vegan diet is not only healthier for you but better for the earth. Watch "Forks Over Knives" and get informed! Also, I'd recommend looking at James "Lightning" Wilks (UFC fighter) on YouTube - his interview with "The Discerning Brute" or go to my website and read my thoughts (I have also written it in Danish):

char l.
Past Member 4 years ago

Ah, yes. Carpaccio. Yum! Thanks, Pego, for reminding me of that. Used to go to an Italian place in Heidelberg that had divine carpaccio!

Abbe A.
Azaima A.4 years ago


federico bortoletto

Grazie per l'articolo.

federico bortoletto

Grazie per l'articolo.

Samantha P.
Samantha P.4 years ago

Awesome to see people raising awareness of the incredible health benefits of paleo, but sad that even a personal trainer as high up as the White House is soooo mis-informed. Paleo is not "restricitve" in fact I eat any vegetable you can think or and any fruit....why isn't a sweet potato or a banana an acceptable form of carbohydrates? It's quite easy to find acceptable meats. I eat grassfed pastured meats daily. Paleo people who are doing this as a lifestyle rather than a weight loss trend do place emphasis on eating seasonally as much as possible, but I can say I love bowl of my roasted brussel sprouts any night of the week.
As for whole civilizations being raised from grains...there's a difference between "surviving" and "thriving"...they merely did what they needed to survive and I have the choice to thrive. Besides that...Paleo's do not consume immense and grotesque amounts of protein. It's actually a moderate protein diet with a HUGE emphasis on vegetables, healthy fats, and fruits.

Amber M.
Angela Roquemore4 years ago

I have to agree with the President's trainer on this! TOO RESTRICTIVE!

rita b.
Rita B.4 years ago

What is the natural diet for humans? I have looked at articles from the Weston foundation where a lot of the information on the Paleo diet comes from some of it is just totally unscientific. They say we are more like canids than herbovoires. Well, maybe, but the animals we are really like are other primates. What do they eat? Fruit, shoots, and roots make up the huge majority of their diet. The amount of animal protein they consume is very small and usually low on the evolutionary scale like bugs and shell fish.

There is no way this planet will survive if all seven billion people on it tryed to live on meat based diet. All the great civilizations of world were build on grains corn, wheat, rice barley, amaraeth, quinoa etc. The nick name for the Roman army was - barley crunchers does anyone believe they were weak and unhealthy?

The Paleo people have one thing right - avoid processed food and dairy as much as possible but whole grains and beans -wrong. If you take time to ferment or sprout them they are even healthier and easier to digest.

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

VV V.4 years ago

If you want to be "paleo", then go and kill those animals yourself, then talk.

Oh, and I'd LOVE to see a European caveman/woman eating potatoes and tomatoes... Thatwold be a sight to behold.