A Victory For Whales: Plan To Legalize Whaling Fails

When reports surfaced of United States support for a plan to reopen commercial whaling after more than twenty years, many of you sprang into action. In joining efforts with IFAW, Greenpeace and WSPA in the fight against whaling worldwide, five petitions featured on Care2 gathered more than 110,000 signatures in the last year.

And it certainly paid off!

At an International Whaling Committee (IWC) meeting in Morocco on Wednesday, June 23, a proposal to legalize whaling was dismissed.

Thank you to all Care2 members who took action and signed the original petitions against legalizing whale hunting. But the fight doesn’t end here. Although the proposal to legalize whaling failed, “scientific” loopholes allow for the hunting to continue in Japan.

Japan, Norway and Iceland are responsible for the highest number of slaughterings and continue to disregard rules against whaling. Sadly, more whales will be hunted if we do not take further action.

Please sign the petition to put an end to illegal whaling and close the loopholes allowing the slaughter to continue!


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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Lauren Tebo
Lauren Tebo4 years ago

awesome news, good job everyone!

Peace D.
Peace Dolphin4 years ago


Saleana Carneiro
Saleana C.5 years ago

Very excited that we can do something to help the creatures of the earth.

Byron Mulder
Byron Mulder5 years ago

Hooray! This truly is a victory for our gentle giants of the SEVEN SEAS.. This will pave the way to ending whaling globally once and for all! Norway, Iceland and Japan PREPARE yourselves!! This is a friendly reminder that whaling will not be tolerated..

Dawn Zegledi
Dawn Zegledi5 years ago

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Dawn Zegledi5 years ago

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Alison A.
Alison A.5 years ago

Petition signed, thanks for posting.

Katherine S.
Katherine S.5 years ago


Donnaa D.
donnaa d.5 years ago

yes green peace is truly here, as Irina says, once all living creatures are treated with care and love and attention, we all need to strive to wipe out all cruelty and neglect, without our fellow creatures we are nothing!