Police Kill Two Dogs, Bella And Jordan, In San Mateo, CA


A family in San Mateo, California is expressing outrage that police shot and killed their two dogs after they escaped and started barking at children in a park.

Carla Torres, 38, says her two boxers, a female named Bella and a male named Jordan, may have been loose and loud at Laurie Meadows Park, having escaped out a side gate at her home, but that there was no reason for officers to shoot them.

Police Shot Both Dogs

From The San Francisco Chronicle:

The incident happened on Monday, when a “frantic” citizen called 911, reporting that “two vicious boxer-type dogs” were at the park growling at people, including a group of small children practicing soccer, said police Sgt. Dave Norris.


Officers arrived and saw that the dogs were “behaving in an increasingly threatening manner, creating a clearly dangerous environment toward the officers and others in the park,” Norris said.

As other officers cleared people from the park, an officer tried to use a Taser shock weapon on one of the dogs, but it didn’t stop the dog.

Without waiting for animal control to arrive, the police shot both dogs, killing Jordan and wounding Bella, who was later euthanized.

Two Differing Points Of View

Police have described the dogs as vicious and said they were threatening another dog and a child. They say animal control was called, but the situation escalated too quickly, forcing officers to open fire. They say they had no choice but to use their weapons.

Torres says she’s sorry that kids got scared at the park, but points out that the pair of year-old dogs, who were from the same litter, hadn’t bitten anyone at the park. In fact, no people were injured in the incident.

So why didn’t the cops wait until animal control arrived?

“They Were Wonderful Dogs”

Her daughter, Cheyenne Torres, 13, said this was the first time the dogs had escaped.

“They were wonderful dogs,” Cheyenne said. “Bella was shy. She was really quiet. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, and Jordan, he was really hyper and he would bark more than Bella. He was so loving.”

A sad and disturbing story of two unnecessary deaths.

What do you think?


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Catriona Macfarlane

Seems that the police in CA use dogs instead of the range for target practise.

Colin Wright
Past Member 4 years ago

The more people go Vegan the less this will happen. Go Vegan now.

GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSAway D4 years ago

Not having been in the park at the time I really don't feel I need to comment.

Winn Adams
Winn A4 years ago

Investigate and prosecute. Keep the spotlight on this so it never happens again.

christine p.
christine Perera4 years ago

Cops have gone mad all over the world. We need a new breed of cops.

Karen SICK4 years ago


B Jackson
BJ J4 years ago

Sounds like a couple of blood-thirsty cops wanting to kill something, anything. Unfortunately, 2 dogs made their day! Wasn't there another story on here just a couple of days ago about a cop shooting another dog? Is this becoming a game with cops? Or are they just afraid of their own shadows & think killing dogs will make them look & feel like tough? If cops can't control or somewhat "read" dog body language, wtf are they going to do in a dangerous situation with people? This type of cop needs a babysitter!

Jack Grevelink
Jack Grevelink4 years ago

that is such b******* sue them and get them fired that was completely wrong

Robynne W.
Robynne W4 years ago

So sad and unnecessary.
I saved my cat from the mouth of a young pit bull (cat was not physically harmed at all!) and once he let go of my cat I realized this dog wanted to play. He was not trained and was just going on instinct. I would have felt horrible if the police had shot this dog. (I returned him to his home, admonished the owner and still filled out a report.)
I do understand there are SOME situations that may require this extreme measure - but many, MANY of these situations are not in need of this type of action. I think shooting has become the standard operating procedure for too many cops...

Walter G.
Walter G4 years ago

Again I ask "Where do the bullets go after they leave the original target?" They could end up on your loved ones, pets, neighbors, or you. This was just plain stupid, and after learning about other such incidents in 'Californicate,' it seems that these two bozos should have the book thrown at them. This senseless and publicly dangerous pet execution is becoming a fad with cops, and needs to be stopped by exhibiting maximum punishment and separation. Their superiors, including mayors and police chiefs should also face censure and fines for dereliciting their responsibility. It'll only happen if Care 2 forms an effective, insistent, and repetitive pressure group for punishment in cases of misuse of official firearms. If we don't, one day one of us will end up in and ER due to a stray police bullet.