Presidential Divide – Are You Working For A Living?

We’ve already seen how there is a fairly significant gender gap between President Barack Obama and likely rival Mitt Romney.  Although Romney has gained some ground since he has basically clinched the nomination, Obama still out-polls him among women — especially those of reproductive age.

But there is another large gap between the two candidates, and this one isn’t a based on gender, but on working.  Those who have bosses, unsurprisingly, trend more towards Obama, while those who don’t — executives and business owners — prefer Romney.

Gallup results show, “Barack Obama has a significant lead over Mitt Romney among the 24% of American working voters who are classified as professionals, and among the 13% who are service workers. The two are tied among clerical and office workers. Romney leads among all other job categories, including in particular the small segments of voters who work in farming and fishing, construction, and who own a business. He also has an edge among executives and managers.”

That Obama does well with service workers makes sense — after all, the Republican party has made union-breaking and eliminating government jobs a plank on their party platform.  Obama’s lead with professionals, according to Gallup, is due to the additional education required for the jobs, since advanced degrees are more common among liberals.    That Romney does well with executives — who receive bonuses and stock options more so than salaries — and business owners of all stripes (including farmers and fishers) also makes sense as they would be the most concerned about taxes.

Gallup’s conclusion? “Different types of American working voters have differing demographic characteristics, and given that these characteristics are related to political preferences, it is not surprising to find that workers’ vote choice is related to the type of work they do.”


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Kevin W.
Kevin W.4 years ago

I guess I don't fit the profile. I'm a farmer and a small business owner and I'll be voting for Obama. The Republican party in my lifetime has always been for the rich and big business and never gave a damn about the little guy. To their credit, they've done a great job politically by convincing working people, particularly in the south, that the Republicans represent their interests. How the Dems let that happen is beyond me.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.4 years ago

I can't for the life of me how anyone could vote for a Republican at this stage of the game; unless they are just as bigoted, racist, wealthy, or just as uncaring.

Hannah Short
Hannah Short4 years ago

i cant believe people are actually voting for Romney, a sick sadistic monster

Prentise W.
pre,tpse w.4 years ago

What a shame that there is so much indignation and hostility in so many of these comments; they represent the style of interacting that never resolves issues or results in solutions, agreement, or peace. They just feed fuel to the fires of antagonism.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

David F.-You have got to be the most laughable troll I have seen in a long time. Add to your list of right wing bubble fantasies that you are "filling us in." Silly lies and reheated right wing talking point babble is not "filling anyone in" on anything.

David Fletch
David Fletch4 years ago

I would feel bad if I didn’t get a lot of negative feed back on this site; people need a lot of help to fill in what the media leaves out.
Law school 101: If the law is on your side, exploit the law, if the facts are on your side, exploit the facts, if neither is on your side, pound the table. There are a lot of sore fist right now.

Beth K.
.4 years ago

David you are so full of shit. Bush never flew in combat. They had him delivering packages, in the older planes because they were afraid he would crash one of the new ones. He was in the Champagne unit, so called because the rich kids went there to party until their stint was up. He didn't even finish, left early but because of who daddy was they gave him an honorable discharge, when he should have been AWOL and in military jail.

And he wasn't anywhere near where he could protect America, they let him go to DC to date the president's daughter.

He was a coke addict, if that's what you're referring to with the drug stuff. And a dry drunk, the worse kind.

If that's the kind of person you admire, that explains a lot.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

David F.-Oh my god you are so ignorant about history that you actually think the nazis were "socialist" because "socialist" was in their name? They were fascists and they hated communists and socialists. The name is meaningless. I did not realize there were still dinosaurs around that believed that nonsense. I suppose you think the labour party is made up of women about to give birth?

David Fletch
David Fletch4 years ago

Aurea: It’s interesting that you are degrading a soldier on Memorial day yet worshiping two non military civilians. Obama loathes the military, the examples are numerous. Clinton received two induction notices; instead he went to protest in Moscow in 1969 while the soldier that had to replace him was fighting in the swamps.
Anyone that goes thru the military training to fly a supersonic F-102 Delta Dagger had to take some very serious risk to his life and limb and is a war hero. One of the most dangerous airplanes of the time, with over 25% loss ratio in accidents, not counting combat. The risk level flying this airplane in instrument conditions, at night, dynamite under the seat in case the engine flames out, rolls over at slower speeds probably approaches the risk of a point man in a jungle patrol. You need to tell your daughter that President Bush was there to deter the Russians from attacking the USA from Canada. She and all owe him a thank you.
Seem a lot of posters don’t believe what I posted; again The DUI and drug stuff is in his own recorded words. State media will hide it.

Aurea Walker

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