Preteen Girls Satisfy Demand for Sex Tourism In Brazil

How do you weather the global economic crisis?  Following Brazil’s example, it seems that one way is to permit, if not encourage, large-scale sex tourism.  The country has long attracted significant numbers of tourists, but, as a BBC reporter pointed out in a recent article, the country’s “erotic” reputation often results in an “unwanted” kind of tourist.

The legal age for prostitution in Brazil is 18, but in reality, many of the country’s sex workers are younger.  Some begin working when they are as old as seven or eight; Unicef estimates there are 250,000 child prostitutes in Brazil.  Some work to fund crack cocaine habits; others, because there are simply no other options.  And although the Brazilian government has engaged in a significant crackdown on sex tourists, arresting offenders and taking underage girls into care, the problem is still incredibly widespread.

The people who operate care houses for underage prostitutes report that girls routinely arrive with varying stages of cervical cancer; others are pregnant.  Other girls live in a state of constant fear, under the influence of a pimp who threatens them if they try to escape.

“I had no choice but to do what he said. I felt I was losing my childhood, I was only nine years old,” explained one twelve-year-old girl. “I was scared. Sometimes if I came back without money for him he’d hit me.”

Prostitution has a complex history in Brazil; it is legal but not regulated, and although condom use is high, due to a large-scale education campaign initiated by the Brazilian government.  The government has been trying to curb sex tourism for decades, with limited success.  And although child prostitution is often targeted, Brazil is usually ranked second behind Thailand in terms of child sex trafficking.

The BBC article, which is a little strange (why the accompanying pictures of the BBC reporter talking to various child prostitutes?), nevertheless gets its point across.  Child prostitution is a huge issue in Brazil, and the government, whatever it’s doing, is not effective enough. 

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Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers5 months ago

According to the news, the sex trade is alive and well in the U.S. as well.

Elaine W.
Past Member 5 months ago

Is this article turning up again because of the impending Olympics? I hope progress for young girl's safety has improved.

Rosslyn O.
Rosslyn O.6 months ago

Since this article was dated back in 2010, one wonders if 'things' are any better for the Government Agencies controlling this situation or the children???

S Gardner
sandy Gardner7 months ago

First it was in Asia. Now it comes here, Terrible!

Fi T.
Fi T.7 months ago

It's a pity

Pablo B.
Pablo B.8 months ago

The "tourist" can even choose to advance their V.T.I. or "all-inclusive trip" in which not only choose the type of hotel you want to get, but also the type of drink and food and, above all, sexual companion. Many packages offer children who have not attained the age of 2. Yes, he read well, 2 years old. 4 thousand dollars for the pederast have everything resolved. Yes, from the United States and Europe.

Pablo B.
Pablo B.8 months ago

While in Asia and the French and British had opened many cabarets in port areas was after the Cold War between Russia and the United States when prostitution proliferated to meet the armies; at the end of the war, US soldiers went to the United States, but were frequented establishments; not only female prostitution developed, also male, it gave rise to sexturism of the Pacific Rim.
The so-called sex tourists, is usually originating in a developed country, usually the United States or Europe, with a good level of income and, mostly, with wife and children to whom you have an image of respectability. However traveling to countries developed sub, Mexico is one of the main destinations like Brazil and Argentina; and Asian countries; to give free rein to their lowest instincts fulfill their sexual fantasies with children and teenagers forced to serve as objects of pleasure, target of all kinds of abuse.