Protest To Stop Trapping Cats At Loews Orlando


Dozens of concerned citizens and activists joined Alley Cat Allies in protesting the inhumane trapping of feral cats at the Loews Orlando hotels on Saturday, April 14. Sixty-eight people raised their signs to demand the reinstatement of a Trap-Neuter-Return program at Loews Royal Pacific, Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resorts after management decided to permanently remove the cats that have lived peacefully on the properties for years.

When Alley Cat Allies learned that the three Loews hotels in Orlando decided to relocate the 23 feral cats living on the properties to an animal shelter, they reached out to the company to offer “guidance and assistance” that would allow the felines to remain in the only home they have ever known.

Alley Cat Allies says the cats are “healthy, neutered, and vaccinated and living peacefully at the resorts.”

Loews management did not respond to Alley Cat Allies’ suggestions, opting instead to implemented harsh new mandates regarding the cats.

“The company forced employees to stop feeding the cats and last week hired a pest control company to cruelly trap them,” said the advocacy group in a statement.

“Cats have been killed, injured, starved and left in traps exposed to almost 90 degree heat,” said Becky Robinson, founder and president of Alley Cat Allies. “Meanwhile, our numerous offers of assistance have been ignored.”

The group felt the only way to save the cats was through a community-wide protest.

“We are protesting the inhumane removal of these cats from their home and asking that Loews reinstate the TNR programs, which had been successfully carried out for years before Loews reversed their policy with no explanation,” Robinson said.

Since the protest there has been no statement from Loews who calls its hotel chain “pet friendly” and offers vacationers traveling with their four-legged family members a special VIP (Very Important Pet) program.

According to the Loews website, the VIP program is available because “Loews loves pets.” The program includes:

  • Gourmet room service for cats and dogs
  • Special bedding, leashes, collars and litter boxes
  • Treats, rawhide bones, catnip and scratch posts
  • Pet-walking and pet-sitting services

Sadly, it appears that Loews places value only on animals lucky enough to have owners and not the 23 feral cats who call the property home. Maybe Loews doesn’t understand that the feral cats aren’t different from beloved pets. They want kindness, clean food and water and a safe home.

Loews management should be reminded that the plight of feral cats is entirely manmade and some of the felines living at their hotels may have once been family pets.

Take Action:  Please Sign “Tell Hotel Stop Trapping Cats”


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Photo Credit: AlleyCatAllies


Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

Mark, I answered because you referred to me, personally. However, this is getting very boring, indeed. As I said, I'm not that concerned about spelling errors or "typos" as I make alot of them myself. However, I AM annoyed, as I said, at getting messages in my Care.2 IN BOX on this article and if they're from you, they are long, lecturing, preachy novels about everything BUT the topic.

Observing your behavior and stating what I observe/read is not insulting. The topic here is whether it's okay for a hotel to trap cats that have lived there for decades (not the same cats, obviously) and then take them to shelters where they will be more than likely, euthanized, OR try to relocate them when everybody who knows anything about feral cats knows they'll return. YOU seem obsessed with the fact cats will hunt and that a songbird will sometimes be included as their prey. That isn't the topic here. How many songbirds live in this hotel? I have 4 cats, and about 10 birdfeeders set out right now. Haven't seen the remains of a dead bird all year. When the risk of black bears visiting is over, there will be twice as many feeders. In all the years I've lived here (surrounded by woods) and have had cats here (the entire time), probably had one bird caught. They sit and watch, make mock charges and leaps, but that's about it. Now, mice and shrews? Yup. That's what 2 of them are here for.

Mark Jones
Mark Jones4 years ago

Hi Diane, good, you are the one to answer, as I expected. Sadly, you have said much what I expected as well. I did hope to be wrong about you.
Sorry, but the spelling story certainly seemed to be a bit of a sarcastic issue to you in your 6-14pm PDT answer to Douglas. (or is this me reading into something that I think you are implying, just as you did to me?)
What appears to annoy you is if somebody makes reference to anything but the Loews cats. For one thing, can we truly believe every word of this story? (no offence to Sharon Seltzer, but see World’s Most Endangered Cat Saved From Extinction? (Video) by Paul Canning April 17, 2012
4:00 pm, and see my comment about it. Its that easy to make mistakes, and people just believe it all without question) For another, you obviously don't know anything about wildlife from your comments made, that much is clear. As expected, unfortunately, you did not, or cannot, read between the lines of what I have written and tried to see how the ALL is more important than the ONE. I also can't figure out why it is not okay for me to insult (supposedly) anyone, whilst you so obviously think you can. That's not a novel, I haven't even started.

Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

Mark, I could care less about spelling errors. What does annoy me is coming in here after getting a notification of new comments, only to see the entire discussion is being filled up by rambling diatribes from you that are not even on topic for the most part, and if they make any reference to the issue, are long, rants which digress to the point of borderline nonsense. You've just now posted another three novels that do nothing but insult anyone who ever stated a single word of disagreement to your opinions, including saying that none of us has any knowledge of wildlife (implying that only you do, since we disagree with you).

Mark Jones
Mark Jones4 years ago

Continued... It is impossible to know how much damage we cause by our everyday use of products; shampoo’s, shaving cream, foodstuffs, etc. Any usage of some of these products not only means potential use of poisons & chemicals, but means carbon footprint, destruction of rainforest, etc. You have to take everything you do daily into consideration.

The quicker you all realise that everything is linked together, the quicker we can try remedy our mistakes. Stop fighting over one thing, because that does so much damage to so many other things. Start trying to take care of all species! Not one at a time, but all together. EVERYTHING that you do EVERYDAY, MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE, or you are not doing enough.

Two more things, I am terribly sorry if there are any spelling errors Diane, didn’t realise that it was such an important issue for the little ‘forums’; and bring on the insults, just try thinking about all this first, please?

Mark Jones
Mark Jones4 years ago

Continued... I hope one day that you will figure out that there is a bit more to life than a handful of stray cats. As with any creature on this planet, plants, insects & reptiles included in this) I do not appreciate any form of abuse and if this article is true and that the pest service did do what is claimed, then that issue is what should be addressed primarily, to ensure that they do not do it to others.

Doris M, it would appear in one of your comments that you are, at the very least, leaning toward a human cull system of some sorts. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. It always amazes me at the amount of venom, aggression and threats of maiming, beheadings, castrations and any other form of painful death gets chucked at humans by animal lovers. I love animals, but not humans? Wow, bit hypocritical, don’t you think? What about spiders, cockroaches, crickets, snakes, and all the other hard to love creatures. Please tell me that you will placard outside Loews for them too. I’m sure that they have killed a few, probably with pesticides I’d imagine.

Beth K, You’re very wrong, pesticides do cause a lot of damage worldwide, but the number one destroyer of insects is city lights. It’s a very broad sentence about poisoning that you wrote down. It is impossible to know how much damage we cause by our everyday use of products; shampoo’s, shaving cream, food

Mark Jones
Mark Jones4 years ago

Continued..It took me all of ten seconds on the internet to find the below mentioned link about cats in the US, domestic & feral. Do please take a look at it; you might learn a thing or two. I’m not a fan of the organisation writing the article though, as I don’t appreciate the whole trend to keep cats indoors. Are we going to turn them into vegans next? Oops, we’re already doing that. Most of you keep these cats, out of love for the animal, and do not actually understand the animal itself, its behaviour.
You are the epitome of one of the problems with the world of wildlife & conservation today. You show more interest in the exotic & invasive species (proven to be highly damaging to the environment) than you do in your own indigenous species that you could genuinely enjoy too, never mind the fact that they actually keep us alive on this planet. There’s a pretty good reason to take care of our indigenous wildlife. Your knowledge of wildlife & conservation is so bad (obviously so from your comments) that how you can even make comments without feeling guilty or embarrassed is astounding. (I did not know that there were anything but 4-legged rodents) It’s beyond me what else to write as I am very sure you could not care about what I am trying to say. I hope one day that you will figure out that there is a bit more to life than a handful of stray cats. As with any creature on this planet, plants, insects & reptiles included in this

Mark Jones
Mark Jones4 years ago

To Douglas T, Diane L, and anyone else that was involved in this wonderful conversation;

Douglas, well done, you are the first person on this website that I have seen do any writing that try to take the whole into consideration instead of the one story being covered. Most people are incapable of thinking outside the box. I have seen this time and time again teaching wildlife to the public. Everything you have said is correct, and it can all be backed up if people took heed to your words and actually looked it all up on the internet. I feel your frustration in trying to do what’s right for all out there.

Diane, I will apologise for any disrespect that you are about to read into the next few paragraphs, but I will not apologise for actually saying it, as it is needed. Judging from some of your comments, I imagine you will not take any of this to heart and realise what I am on about, but that you will probably just tell me (in however many words) to piss off, as you did to Douglas. Sad truth is that you said some unbelievably dumb and naïve stuff about wildlife in general and showed (immediately to the likes of Douglas and myself) just how virtually non-existent your knowledge of wildlife is.
It took me all of ten seconds on the internet to find the below mentioned link about cats in the US, domestic & feral. Do please take a look at it; you might learn a thing or two. I’m not a fan of the organisation writing the article though, as I don’t apprec

Nancy Crouse
Nancy Crouse4 years ago

These people have no conscience! What next? What is the point to this needless cruelty? Let's put these guys in a cage and leave them in 90+ degree heat, without water or food. Maybe if we do to these cowards what they do to harmless animals some of these people might actually learn and quit this cruel behaviour!
Aren't there laws to stop this? Well, enact some legislation to prevent this cruelty and, give it some teeth so offenders are properly dealt with when they do stupid cruel acts of aggression against animals. It isn't brain surgery!

Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

I guess Douglas considers anyone who disagrees with him an extremist, or an A/R zealot? Wow, talk about "brain changes", but who knows, maybe that mind-set has been there all along. Douglas, if you hadn't come in here with guns blazing and talked down to those who actually have a bit of expertise on the topic, nobody would "insult" you, nor do most people take civil disagreeing as being insulting. You might have tried that approach.

Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

Exactly, Lucy!