Provincial Government Purposely Skews Survey to Avoid Climate Action

Conservative Manitoba premier Brian Pallister, whose party swept a left-leaning provincial government out of power only months after losing federal control to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is not playing nicely with Ottawa. The provincial leader has battled the nation’s leader over everything from health care transfer payments to responsibility for refugees (since Trump, Southern Manitoba towns have seen a huge influx of border-crossers).

We’re all, frankly, getting a little sick of it. Most of all, we’re getting sick of the premier’s excuses to delay even moderate action on climate change.

As Trudeau has worked to develop a nationwide climate policy, Pallister has continually resisted it. The latest effort is a survey, paid out of government coffers, that could scarcely be more partisan. Here is how Pallister’s conservative government is advertising it on Facebook:

mbgovtcarbontaxsurveyadDo you see the problem? Government surveys aren’t supposed to tell you what option to select. This survey was specifically designed to collected skewed data from conservative supporters based on biased information in order to justify a less ambitious course of climate action. This isn’t a survey at all: it’s a petition and a campaign ad. That’s fine if you’re an activist, but a sitting government is charged with meeting the interests of its constituents, not spending public funds looking for partisan support or preparing for the next election.

Amazingly, the actual survey is just as bad as the targeted ads. It’s a list of loaded questions like ”Do you want a low and level carbon price or a rising carbon tax?” and question-begging that assumes any and all costs will be on the back of the middle class, presumably because the corporation-friendly Pallister government would make it so.

The disrespect for the role of scientifically accurate, non-partisan collection of constituent beliefs aside, there is a heck of a big problem when one province, state, or country tries to sink a coordinated plan for climate action on an argument of local autonomy. Climate change is a global problem. Does Pallister expect the greenhouse gases we produce to hang above our heads, stopping as they reach the lines of the map? There is a reason we have national and international climate agreements.

Pallister’s intention is to collect skewed, inaccurate data. I’d love nothing more than to give it to him. Please, take two minutes to fill out the survey (fair warning: you do have to provide an email address). Tell Pallister and his party that you support the coordinated federal plan (Q1), the federal government’s plan over Pallister’s selfish whining (Q2), and green investment over tax cuts (Q3). Remember, Manitoba’s atmosphere is your atmosphere too, and these decisions impact everyone.

You’ll need to provide a postal code. Please select a random postal code from the list below and make Pallister regret perverting scientific polling to justify anti-scientific policy:

R0C0A0 R0C0B0 R0C0C0 R0C0E0 R0C0H0 R0C0J0 R0C0K0 R0C0M0 R0C0N0 R0C0P0 R0C0S0 R0C0V0 R0C1B0 R0C2Z0 R0E0A0 R0E0B0 R0E0C0 R0E0E0 R0E0J0 R0E0K0 R0E0L0 R0E0M0 R0E0N0 R0E0P0 R0E0R0 R0E0T0 R2C0J7 R2G0Z7 R3V1E1 (or pull from a more complete list here).

Photo credit: Jake Wright


M s
M s14 days ago

that survey is immoral If not for the above article we would have no idea how vile a plan the government is pushing on people I fear the public will answer the questions without the knowledge of being deceived

David C
David C16 days ago

noted, thanks

Mary B
Mary B17 days ago

Consciousness matches with like consciousness. Dumb liberals are mirror images of dumb conservative. Then they argue with each other. An amazing thing happens tho when you kick it up a notch or 2. Insights increase, both ends of the spectrum are into solutions, and the presence of discernment grows and it becomes about authenticity and heart felt ideas that concern more people. The desire for ego pie fights loses it's appeal, conflict is a waste of time. It's like shaking off a bunch of fleas.

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Colin C17 days ago

Good information to know

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Danuta W
Danuta Watola18 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

MilliSiteProbs M
MilliSiteProbs M18 days ago

Oh, yes, forgot to tell you, I will be sending your "article" to the Premiers office so HE KNOWS you are soliciting FAKE responses.

MilliSiteProbs M
MilliSiteProbs M18 days ago

And again, the comment of some Liberals that have no clue make one want to up-chuck, but you are entitled to your opinion. While I do not necessarily support the Premier on all issues, like health care, he is looking out for Manitoba. You people with your so called "compassion, morality, decency and ethical values" sure are good at calling names and condemning individuals that you know zip about! We do not need your type as Premier, we have that at the Federal level! Do some research, quit following C2 blindly are you lemmings or humans?