Rescue of Baby Raccoons & Their Mama Stuck in Drainpipe (VIDEO)

For the New England Wildlife Center,áthe business of mending broken wings and nursing orphaned songbird hatchlings is all in a day’s work. áInside the exam rooms at their environmentally designed hospital, all manner of wild things are healed with the intention of returning them back to their natural habitat as quickly as possible. The center is a haven for animals who have absolutely nowhere else to go, and because of the specialized veterinary care provided here, tens of thousands have gone on to see the sun again.

Last week, the team got to work on the delicate rescue of a mother raccoon who had become wedged in a pipe when trying to escape from the people who were panicking upon finding her. As you’ll see in this video, both mama and her babies are doing just fine and are once again living as a family at the forest’s edge where they belong.

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As founder of the Harmony Fund,áI am privileged to witness these kinds of rescues each and every day. áWe’re supporting the New England Wildlife Center and other extraordinary rescue squads around the world. áIf you’d like to enjoy more uplifting stories like this, please visit our website. áAnd, if you’ve rescued an animal and have a story to share, check out The Great Animal Rescue Chase.

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Photo credit: NEWC


Christine Stewart

I am so grateful to the rescuers!

Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

Great story. So happy to see that Mom and babies are all safe now.

Dale O.

Glad to see that the raccoons were rescued. Wildlife centres do very good work and are essential.

Richard Hancock
Richard Hancock4 years ago


Darla Taylor
Past Member 4 years ago

Blessing upon all those who played a part in this raccoon's rescue and release back into the wild. She and her babies were adorable and without intervention she surely would have died as would have her babies.

LMj Sunshine

Heartwarming article, thank you for sharing!

LMj Sunshine

Heartwarming article, thank you for sharing!

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

Thanks to all of you at the centere for the great job you do!
Mom and babes are just adorable!

Andrea A.
Andrea A5 years ago


Glynis M.
Glynis Martin5 years ago

Wonderful, heartwarming story.