Raccoons Rescued from Vending Machine (VIDEO)

Two baby raccoons were stuck inside a vending machine at an apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Neighbors heard them checked things out and then called Ned Bruha, the Skunk Whisperer, along with an employee of the vending machine company. They coaxed the two thirsty explorers out of the machine, and they recuperated from their ordeal with a wildlife rehabilitator.


Photo credit: Peter Stevens


Marilyn Diane Lee

Great story, they were so cute. I have two raccoons that live in a water drain in my back yard and come out every evening. They are very rambunchious and get into everything. When mon had little ones that she would bring to my deck at night they would climb on everything, she was not good at discipline. I just got tired at seeing them always looking in the trash cans for food, broke my heart, so now I feed them every night. They get a few sandwiches and they seem to be happy now and so am I. I really like the raccoons and that is why this story touched me so much.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol Cowbrough6 years ago

What little sweeties!

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

The quick poll is kind of worded wrong. I'm glad that the little guys were unhurt.

Charlie Lammers
Charlie L.6 years ago

As for the question posted....I would hope that no animal ever gets caught in a vending machine which might result in harm to the animal....but if it would ever happen I would want to get the animal out and perhaps get something to drink later. It's such a strange question....that's the only way I know how to answer it.

I am glad the racoons in the story are okay and hope they stay out of harms way in the future.

Randall M.
Randall M.6 years ago

I'm so glad they went to a rehabilitator. Now they may have a chance to be released and live a normal raccoon life.

jade owen
jade O.6 years ago


Patty G.
Patty G.6 years ago

Also that poll question was worded strangely. Heck no I would not rather get racoon instead of Pepsi out of machine. They could get hurt or killed. They were the cutest things.

Patty G.
Patty G.6 years ago

How cute they were. That man has a lot of talent , they weren't even afraid of him. So glad they were rescued. Probably crawled in there to cool off or something scared them. They must have gotten away from their Mom. Little sweeties. Happy Ending. Good story!

Juan Pablo de la Torre

Beautiful!!! ^_^

Marıanna M.
Marıanna M.6 years ago

thanks for sharing