Rape Jokes? Tosh Has Plenty of Company (Video)

Watch this!  What kind of “long way” have we really come, baby?

Thanks to the Women’s Media Center for this – and Care2 friend Jenn Pozner.


Photo by Laughing Vault


jennifer k.
Jennifer K.3 years ago

its funny if its done right. my sister , who was raped, laughs at some rape jokes.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

rape is not funny. ever. period

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

Thanks for the share!

Valentina R.
Valentina R.4 years ago

Did Zach Braff actually say that...?

Samantha W.
Samantha W.4 years ago

thank you

A N M.
anne M.4 years ago

Gary A., trust me, I'm familiar with satire but joking about rape and lynching or calling all the German people nazis for the gazillionth time has nothing to do with satire. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the concept of satire yourself. In fact, if you ever learn a few foreign languages, you might even discover some real satires. In fact, the Germans themselves created some of the best satires concerning the nazis. The problem with Colbert is that for Brits and Americans, who are the original nazis to begin with, to constantly just attack the Germans as being nazis in this day and age is not satirical, it's just plain stupid and boring as well as delusional. Look up what the definition of a nazi (= nationalist) is and you'll find out that the UK and the US have fit this description for centuries already. Sorry Gary, but you really blew it with your silly comment.

alex l.
alex l.4 years ago

James - you quoted Joy Behar saying " I heard Joy Behar once make a sick joke about "mothers who pick out one of their children just to hate them." "C'm on, we've all seen that," she said."
you then claimed that no one called for retribution.

retribution for what? Tosh actually called for the GANG RAPE of one of his audience members, in order to silence a woman who said "rape is never funny".
Tosh makes jokes about rape. he claims rape is funny, and downplays how terribly serious it is.
in your quote the comedienne a.) doesn't encourage anyone to hurt anyone, b.) is talking about a sad thing that some mothers do, NOT approving of it and c.) is not attacking a member of her paying audience.

your little rant about american mothers killing their children more than any other place on earth is quite creative, considering actual infanticide is far more rampant in many countries where female children are drowned routinely in rivers. and i notice that you are totally avoiding talking about the actual topic - the encouragement of rape - by talking about something completely unrelated. why is it, when a man does something terrible to women, instead of saying "that is bad", men like you have to scream "well look at this bad thing some woman did!!" why is it that you can't care about women, when men hurt them?

alex l.
alex l.4 years ago

and the girl you raise isn't the victim of the sick guy in the audience who laughed the loudest. would you tell her then "you can't take a joke"?
or would you tell her, "mommy is sorry. i didn't think about it. it just seemed harmless..."

alex l.
alex l.4 years ago

Jessica L, and Lisa T - what you may have missed is that this "funny man" is sending out a message - that rape is funny. to you and i, it tells young boys and girls that MEN CAN LAUGH AT THE RAPE OF WOMEN. it tells them that MEN CAN ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER TO RAPE AS A JOKE when trying to SILENCE A WOMAN.

you must not ever say "it's just a joke" when the joke is about HURTING PEOPLE. 80% of rapists are boys between the ages of 13 and 24 - and they do what they do because the society tells them that a.) they can blame it on the woman or girl they decide to hurt. b.) they better not rape another man or boy because that will be treated as very serious, but if it is a woman or girl, it isn't really important and c.) other men will support them, if they present it in the right light.
jokes like this may seem harmless to you - but to those inclined to rape, this is SUPPORT.
they think that this is evidence that all men think like they do. they KNOW it is support when all the men laugh.
if you really are women then, sorry, you are incredibly stupid. much like women who support Republicans, you are supporting the people that are encouraging other men to hurt you, or worse, women or girls who try to protect each other. it can't be overstated that what you are supporting is the very reason so many mentally deficient young men decide that doing what they want ISN'T ALL THAT BAD. let's all pray that the boy you raise doesn't get that message from you, and the girl you raise isn't

Julimar C.
Julimar C.4 years ago

I agree that we can't take everything seriously, but some things are just not funny. I don't see what is so funny about a woman being raped, the horror of it all. I have never been raped, but have known women who were. There is absolutely nothing funny about it. I have laughed at politically incorrect jokes - but those little snippets shown in the video were a little too much, in my opinion. I think you would have to be either ignorant or sick to find anything fun about most of those jokes.