UPDATE: Foster Home Will Save Kodo From Owner’s Gun Threat

UPDATE ON DOG’S RESCUE: Before you read the original story, we’re pleased to announce that the immediate threat by shot gun is over.  Kodo has been moved to a kennel to protect him from his former “owner’s” death threat.  He had his first walk on a leash today alongside another dog and he behaved like an angel.  He didn’t even tug! 

Over the next two weeks, Kodo will be thoroughly evaluated by a trainer to determine the right home environment.  We’re eagerly accepting foster care applications and adoption applications for Kodo (currently in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area) and numerous other chained dogs across the United States who are on the verge of being cut from their chains. 

The only thing that stands in their way is the wait for  foster/ adoptive families.  Can the Care2 audience save these dogs?  I believe we can.  Read on to learn about Kodo and for information on how you can apply to foster/adopt one of these chained dogs near you.  Next week we hope to share new video of Kodo’s rescue.  Thank you all for your tremendous support!


Every week, I take great joy in posting rescue stories from The Great Animal Rescue Chase for the Care2 audience.  But today is different. Today I’m going to ask you to be a part of a rescue-in-progress.  I’ve made a promise to never use this blog as a means of distributing bad news, so please join me today in creating a happy ending.  Let’s not despair.  Let’s simply pull together and find ourselves a hero.  

Twice Betrayed – He’s Now Going to Be Shot

Kodo, also known as Puppy, is about 4-years-old and has had a rough time in this world.  A while back, his original owner was in the process of tying him to a tree in the woods and leaving him for dead. A second man came along and asked to have the dog and it was agreed.  So the the “rescuer” brought Kodo home.  However, upon discovering that the dog was not yet housebroken, this man betrayed Kodo too.  The rescue turned to shattering disappointment.  Kodo was fitted with a choke collar attached to a heavy chain and put out in the bitter cold where he has been ever since. 

I have hundreds of photos of my own pets, but Kodo has never been cherished that way.  I didn’t have a single photo of him to post but you can see Kodo (and hear the voice of his “owner”) in this brief video.

Kodo somehow survived the winter and after an intervention by the Pennsylvania-based organization Dogs Deserve Better, we had hoped the worst was over.  The dog’s “owner” agreed to surrender him and I have been helping to search for a foster home for Kodo and, although frustrated by the scarcity of foster care volunteers, had thought we had more time…until tonight.

We Need a Foster Home Fast.

I’ve just learned that Kodo will be shot by his “owner” who claims that Kodo was responsible for killing his chickens.  We do not know if the claim is true, but we do know that the dog is affectionate and submissive, and we’re still trying to work out how a tethered dog would successfully hunt and kill a flock of chickens.  Something just isn’t right here.  The truth is that Kodo is desperate for attention and needs a patient foster parent who can teach him how to live inside a home.

The Care2 audience is perhaps our only hope.  Kodo is about to leave this world without ever knowing the meaning of love.  We are eagerly looking for a foster home for Kodo with someone who can teach him house manners or a new permanent home with a person who understands that Kodo will require patience and consistent positive reinforcement training.   

If you think you may be that person, please complete this online foster form.  http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/foster.html Veterinary costs will be covered – no cost to you and we can arrange transport to a foster home in another state if needed.  You can also contact Dogs Deserve Better Representative Liesa at: nochainspa@yahoo.com 

Take your pick – There Are Others Too.

Across the United States, we actually have several other gorgeous, goofy and simply charming chained dogs, just like Kodo, who have been relinquished by their “owners” but are still waiting to get help because of a shortage of foster homes.  We simply can’t have too many applicants.  If you’ve got a few feet left on the end of the couch, maybe it’s time for a friend to share it with.  After years on the end of a lonely chain, these are the most grateful dogs on the planet.  The only thing standing between them and freedom is a foster home.  Simply contact Marie Belanger at DDBRepCoord@DogsDeserveBetter.org for info on a dog near you.

Can’t Foster, But Still Want to Help?

Kodo is one of thousands of animals we aim to rescue this year.  The Harmony Fund sponsors not only the rescue of neglected dogs here in the United States, but we’re also actively pursuing a better life for dogs in places like Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, India, Greece and throughout Asia.  You can learn more about our work here and make a donation if you are so inclined. 

Please help us spread the word about Kodo today and I’ll be absolutely delighted to share the good news and photos of his rescue and his new foster or forever family.


Laura Simpson is the Founder of the Harmony Fund and The Great Animal Rescue Chase.


By Laura Simpson


Majvi Treff
Majvi Traff5 years ago

There are so many dogs but not enough good homes for them.
Spay/neuter them until all dogs have owners who care for them.

Majvi Treff
Majvi Traff5 years ago

There are so many dogs but not enough good homes for them.
Spay/neuter them until all dogs have owners who care for them.

Mary Beth M.
Mary Beth M5 years ago

Why do people get dogs just to abuse them? I will never understand that. There are too many 'Kodos' still out there...

Bruce S.
Bruce S5 years ago

In the video the owner says, "he's not a house dog". I'd like to tie that owner up in my backyard this winter to see if he's a "house owner".

Katherine W.
Katherine Wright5 years ago

I truly hope that Kodo, as of this posting, has since found, not only a foster home but also, his forever home.

To Kye J...do you want to hold down this POS while I pull the trigger or do you want the priviledge of putting this miserable sack of $hit out of his misery while I hold him down? Makes no difference to me as long as this scumbag is exterminated. He has absolutely no value to society.....

Kye J.
michelle t5 years ago

I would love to see Kodos former owner shown a gun up close and the trigger pulled.Good riddens to rubbish and this piece of crap deserves karma!!! for his treatment of poor Kodo

Marilyn G.
Marilyn G5 years ago

Sorry Kodo. Spelled your name wrong. Hit the wrong button.

Marilyn G.
Marilyn G5 years ago

:Look at that beautiful sad face. I am so glad to see that he is away from both of those cruel stupid yahoos. Hopefully he will find a loving home where he will be treated as he should be. Bless you Yodo.

jessica w.
jessica w5 years ago


Tammy McKee
Tammy McKee5 years ago

I hope that Kodo finds a new home with people who will love and take care of him. Both "old owners" should be fined and sentenced for what they did to him.