Rescue of the Week: Woman Begs God To Open Gates for Ice Cold Kitten…And He Does

This week, The Great Animal Rescue Chase is proud to share a story of faith.  Have you ever been in the right place at just the right time?  Have you ever tried to help an animal who was just out of reach?  This week our featured hero was faced with a seemingly impossible challenge as she attempted to save the life of a critically ill kiiten.  It seemed that all was lost and she would go home broken hearted…that is, until she stopped to pray. 

By Trisa Perry

It was a cold October morning just off I77 in Marietta, Ohio.  A quick stop for coffee, I thought.  Having our two rescues (lab mix Spot and 15 pound giant cat Smokey) in the back of the Blazer and driving another 12 hours to Atlanta, I parked in the side lot to keep people contact to a minimum.  There was one lone sunbeam shining on a small black pile of fuzz on the sidewalk.  As I got closer, it moved.  It was a tiny kitten. 

Each time I tried to get closer it would move, albeit slowly, out of range of my hand.  Finally, it crawled under the trash can corral door and out of reach.  I went into the restaurant and asked if any animal agency would come for it if I reported and was told that only dogs were picked up. 

Taking a small saucer of milk outside, I slid it under the locked enclosure, saw that the kitten took a lick and then retreated further into the corral.  Faced with that 12 hours of driving to Atlanta, I leaned against the building and uttered these words, “God, You know I have to get on the way.  If You want me to take this kitten, someone has to open these locked gates and NOW!”


They Say He Moves In Mysterious Ways

It was no more than a blink of an eye before two young employees came out of the back door with garbage to take into the enclosure!  After asking them to help me look for the little furball, we found it crouched in a back corner.  It weighed less than a pound, had lost all belly hair due to malnutrition and was cold to the touch.  Eyes shut with infection, it could not turn itself over and was covered with fleas!


Wrapping it in a towel and putting it on the passenger seat, I made a stop at a local KMart and got liquid baby formula – no kitten-type available  – and an eye dropper.  Warming the formula between my legs as I drove, we stopped every hour for a small snack break.  Arriving home at 2am, the little one slept on my chest for warmth as we both got some rest before the 7am visit to the vet. 

Told that he would likely not survive, he was given some drops for the eye infection.  Flea medication would have done him in, so the fleas were manually eliminated over the next day in repeated hunting sessions. It took a week for him to gain enough strength to be dewormed.


Bobby Is A Survivor …. More Photos!

Now a very healthy 8-year-old weighing in at 9 pounds and purring next to me as I write this, Bobby Evans has made that trek to Ohio several times…we always stop for coffee at his old home and smile!


Click here to see Bobby relaxing in the sunroom with one of his five rescued siblings.

Do You Believe In Divine Intervention?

If you believe that a higher power has guided you in a rescue situation, we’d like to hear about it.  Share your animal rescue story & photos as part of The Great Animal Rescue Chase worldwide mission to save one million animals in crisis.  It’s a free event, open to all, regardless of whether you’re saving one life or one hundred. Simply register (it takes 20 seconds) and you’re ready to roll. 

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Photo credit: Trisa Perry


Camilla Vaga
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Beatrice Angonang

nice story

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Nicole L.2 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing.

Gael M.
Gael M.3 years ago

mike d, Karma or The Lord? Why not just thank the kind lady?

Gael M.
Gael M.3 years ago

Why do we thank the one who could prevent suffering, who created pain, and who never replies. It was this kind woman and the employees who saved this kitten. I thank them.

Fiona T.
Fi T.3 years ago

Can there be more nice people of this kind?

Maria D'Oporto
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Lovely story!!

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 4 years ago

Lovely story!!

Maria D'Oporto
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Lovely story!!