RNC: Don’t You Dare Cover Trump’s Legal Fees

The evidence to suggest that the President Donald Trumpís campaign colluded with the Russia government to manipulate the election has gone from an occasional drip to the steady trickle. Given how deep this scandal possibly runs, itís no wonder that even Trumpís lawyer is hiring a lawyer for his own interests.

It also seems inevitable that Trump and crew are going to rack up some hefty legal bills fighting the charges against them. As such, the White House has apparently been pressuring the Republican National Committee (RNC) to foot these legal bills on the administrationís behalf.

Sources inside the RNC say that the party is hesitant to commit to such an arrangement, and the Care2 community is asking party heads to trust their instincts on this matter. Sign the petition urging the RNC to make Trump and his staff pay to defend themselves in this mess of their own creation.

When asked whether the party would be willing to financially assist Trump with the lawyer fees, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said, ďIím always going to look to support the president.Ē

Still, she conceded that it might not even be legal for the RNC to pay Trumpís attorney fees since the money is used to cover lawsuits against the party, not individuals. She said the RNC would have to consult its own lawyers to determine whether the party is able to do something like that in the first place, and until then, she didnít want to comment.

Moreover, Romney McDaniel said sheíd want to make sure RNC donors were okay with using party money to fund Trumpís legal fees since they likely gave the money with other intentions in mind. She suggested that starting a separate legal defense fund might be the better solution. Even directing donor money elsewhere would be taking ownership over a scandal the RNC shouldnít want to have its hands in, though.

Besides, the RNC ought to be wary of what exactly it would be paying for: Marc Kasowitz, Trumpís personal attorney covering matters related to the ongoing Russia investigation. Although Trumpís lawyer would need a security clearance to look at the sensitive information in these cases, Kasowitz is not even seeking this clearance, purportedly because his past substance abuse problems would prevent him from receiving one.

To make matters worse, Kasowitz sent several harassing and threatening emails to a citizen who had encouraged him not to work for Trump this week Ė emails which would make anyone question Kasowitzís judgment and temperament. If the RNC is committed to seeing Trump through this legal saga, theyíll probably want to encourage him to get a better lawyer.

Letís not forget that Trump is the richest president ever, a billionaire who brags about his own net worth. If the man is willing to skirt ethics rules to massively profit off his presidency, surely he should be able to dip into his own bank account to cover his legal bills.

Since Trump first entered the political arena, Republicans have waffled on whether to support or condemn the figurehead of their party. Trump is no longer just guilty of making offensive statements, though Ė the evidence against him and his associates is starting to look like treason.

The GOP should have taken a stand against this man long ago, but if they really want to maintain even a little integrity and demonstrate that they put country ahead of party, they need to keep their money away from Trumpís legal funds.

If Trump and his associates are found guilty of colluding with the Russian government, does the RNC really want to be the establishment that tried to pay to defend him from these charges? †Furthermore, if the party intends to distance itself from the president if and when the other shoe drops, it’s going to have a much harder time doing that while paying his bills.

Sign this petition telling the RNC to quit allowing the Trump family to grift off others. The Trump administration made this mess and they ought to have to use their own money if they want to fight these allegations.

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Margie FOURIE2 days ago

Thank you

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E5 days ago

Well david f., I guess you don't care much about honesty or ethics do you

David F
David F5 days ago

Rhoberta, Stupidity is being victimized by Fake News.
Contributing to and Voting for Trump was the best investment in everyone’s 401K they ever made.
The mega Criminal alternative was XXXXXXX.

David F
David F6 days ago

I wonder if the Hillary defense fund will use her half of the half million dollars she received when Bill doubled his speaking fees to speak in Moscow in behalf of the 20% of the US uranium deal she made with the Russians, Or the $145 million that was funneled into her foundation from the Russians?

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E6 days ago

I heard today that RNC political donations are going to pay baby trump's legal fees.
Must make all those donors who were only able to give a few dollars having it spent on stupidity pf millionaires. SAD !!!!

ERIKA SOMLAI6 days ago


David F
David F7 days ago

David Y, it's time for your weekly lesson in American History.
Our founders recognized how the King of England abused the word Treason to execute and imprison whomever he decided he did not like.

They felt it was so important to eliminate this power of the ruling class that it had to be defined and written into the constitution. They limited the word to apply only to transgressions against the USA during a time of war.

Under British common law, statutory law and legislative decree, treason can mean anything from sleeping with the wife of the eldest son of the king and thereby interfering in the royal descent. It could mean counterfeiting. And most pertinent, it could mean some association with rioting. And in the Colonies, treason had been used by the royal governors to crush riots.

So these colonists who became the framers of the Constitution, having learned what they didn't want to have treason defined as from the British, defined it as shall consist only in levying war against the United States or in adhering to the United States' enemies, giving them aid and comfort, very specific.


Rachel -
Rachel -7 days ago

Oh for pity's sake, last time I check we weren't at war with Russia. Enemies in the treason clause means a foreign power with whom we're in active military conflict. Therefore, the aid and comfort charge only applies during wartime. I don't blame anyone for not knowing this because our mainstream media is full of shit!!

Lenore K
Lenore K7 days ago


Paul Carter
Paul C7 days ago

Politics has always been conducted by trying to pressure opponents and allies into doing things they would prefer not to do. The problem now is that the back room dealings tend to get reported. Those reports are downplayed by one side and exaggerated by the other to "score points". The whole thing is about getting elected or re-elected to get on the gravy train. Rarely does the whole story emerge, even more rarely does the story that emerges have any resemblance to the truth and both sets of opponents wouldn't agree if it did.