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Robertson: Why Is it Bigoted To Speak Out Against Muslims? [VIDEO]

Robertson: Why Is it Bigoted To Speak Out Against Muslims? [VIDEO]

Oh, Pat Robertson, so old, so rabid, so crazy.  It’s been a long time since there have been any natural disasters that he can blame on the country’s acceptance of homosexuality, so it’s time to turn to another boogeyman — Muslims. 

Robertson calls on his followers to renounce them as people renounced the Nazis.

Via Mother Jones:

Televangelist Pat Robertson isn’t the powerful political force he once was, but as the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, he’s still an influential voice on the Christian Right. Yesterday, on his television show, The 700 Club, Robertson delivered a warning to a weary nation: Muslims are the new Nazis:

Robertson: I was thinking, you know, if you oppose Muslims, what is said? Well, you’re a bigot, right? Terrible bigotry. I wonder what were people who opposed the Nazis. Were they bigots?  

Co-host: Well, in that day I think they were looked down upon and frowned upon.

Robertson: Why can’t we speak out against an institution that is intent on dominating us and imposing Sharia law and making us all part of a universal caliphate? That’s the goal of some of these people. Why is that bigoted? Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?

Robertson then concludes that Muslims, like facists and communists, are “slowly and surely trying to exercise domination over the world.”

Watch Roberston’s video below, courtesty of Right Wing Watch.


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5:03PM PDT on Sep 16, 2011

So now we are being told that there is no command in Islam to rule over EVERYBODY ? Over every land and country ?

Fai'zah J..... You lying ?? Why ? Islam takes the rights away from Non-Muslims. What YOU think means nothing. The point is islam treats the Non-Muslims as inferiors ! LEGALLY

3:59PM PDT on Sep 16, 2011

Michel D....because you sent me a personal message I presume you are saying that i am a bigot. Did you not grasp what i was saying ?How does one make it any clearer ?Can you not see that the point i made is far from being a bigot.That point merely stated facts concerning how disadvantaged many Muslims are when in their own countries thay are not given the chance to choose who or what or how to believe....especially Iran which is very rigid and severe on those who object.So because of that, those who can and want to,flee their own place of birth.Many are peaceful nice people but there are also those who have been affected by being brainwashed by the doctrine of fanatical Islam.They see their mission as one of attack on on anything which opposes thier beliels.They lose sight of realism and even attack those who are Muslim themselves.I mean look at the WTC attacks when Muslims there were killed as well.Irans president openly stated that his and Muslims goal was the spread of sharia law after the destruction of Israel and western culture.Now that certainly does not encompass the view of all Muslim people -just the fanatics like bin Laden and those schooled in the Sunni sect who know no difference.Unfortuantely that does include a lot of people

3:20PM PDT on Sep 16, 2011

Your a bigot if you speak out against Muslim's as a whole. You can not compare that to speaking out against Hitler. Hitler and the Nazis were not the entire German population. I don't understand why these fanatics can't grasp this concept.

5:36PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

Sorry, the "same" brush.

5:35PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

Robertson, as is his wont, is painting all Muslims with the brush. There is a spectrum of belief amongst those of the Islamic faith, as as there is for Christians and other religions. Some are intolerant and bigoted. Others tolerant, thoughtful and kind. I have worked for and with people of Islamic faith whose values more closely matched mine and the preachings of Christ than Robertson's hate mongering drivel.

5:22PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

Fa'izah...I am well aware of the origins of the Jewish and Muslim faiths. The Jews never accepted that the Messiah ( and they still don't )came when He did but before that both Jewish and the Islamic origins had been formed as you say from Abraham's descendants.But because Christ had not come then,Christianity was not formed for He is the very centre of Christianity obviously.The accounts of old Testament period was to show and lead to the coming of Christ but the Jews did not recognise Him and are still waiting for that to happen.So now we have 3 seperate faiths as Muslims recognise Jesus merely as a prophet and not the Son of God. As for your impilcation that Christian's want their values and "laws " imposed on everyone ,that is just not so.In fact it is impossible because Christianity is based on trust and faith and morals Of Christ.That is not a law but a life which cannot be imposed because it is personal choice.It is the only faith structured on one element which is the spirtuality needed to believe in a Saviour...and He still lives.

4:50PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

I wish also to re-iterate another point previously made.
The Iranian president has openly declared his opposition to anything western.He has declared that Israel must be completely destroyed and supported any in conflict against Israel.We all know Iran has been developing nuclear weapons and is now thought to have them.She also has the capacity with new rockets to reach Israel and many other targets thousands of KM's away..Many Arab nations are in disaray at the moment especially those who had dictators and those who supported a western alliance. Many Muslim citizens fled their own countries ,including those who were Sunni as well as Shia because of lack of peace and disrupted lives with no futures.Yes...people are people who are all different.Fanaticism is generated from brainwashed people from an early age who know little of any alternative way of thnking.That is NOT the Christian way.

4:21PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

Where much of the subject of this topic is generated is from those who do not listen and then hear and understand what is being said.

4:08PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011

who do not listen and hear and understand what is being said.I have also said many times that a christian is required to LOVE everyone...enemies or not.That means to respect and understand everyone.But when an extreme muslim attacks and maims and kills so many innocent people should we not take real notice of that? It takes an understanding of what is behind it .I certainly am far from being "brainwashed" by the media.I have learned that a long time ago media reporting can be so biased to one aspect of the subject.That is what the reporting of this topic we are discussing now is....biased against what Robertson was saying by accentuating a particular point.
I specifically mentioned Iran previously because that country embraces the Sunni faction of Sharia law which is the extreme version .Al there are required to be schooled up and abide by it.Kids have been educated in schoolsespecially set up right from birth to teach them.80-90% of the worlds muslim population are Sunni while the other 10-20% are from the Shia faction the latter ones are the more peaceful ones.Bin Laden was extreme so why did he seek refuge in Afgaistan and Pakistan? the answer is obvious to thoise with their eyes open

3:48PM PDT on Sep 15, 2011 I ned to re-iterate what i said over and over again.First of all,I am not American but I am a Chrisatian which makes me a non-conformist to the biggest part of the worlds population.It makes me a target for those who are anti-Christian as it does for all Christians and Carole and Stella will know that too.Pat Robertson may be a controversial figure but he believes in God and Christ and is not afraid to show that.I think many who send me personal messages need to re-read what i have written and not take things out of context add things i have not said.If you do,you will find that i have not condemned all Muslims at all.They are people like everyone else and even if I do not agree with their religion i do respect their right to make a choice.Right?...Ok then.As for Marge's comment,it is plain rediculous to imply that a Christian does not know what an extremist is.The KKK by their very actions indicate they are merely acting under the guise of Christianity and that Nazi's represent the whole German race.Jesus said we would know who His followers are by their fruits ...meaning their actions.It also is just plain indication that you do not know what being a bigot fact it is the bigotry of non-Christians who are so against God Himself to suggest that when a Christian recognises by the actions of some that they oppose Him such as extreme Muslims.Those Muslims are even against what their own law says.Where so much of this topic is generated is from those who do no

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