Romney Posts Large Fourth Quarter Fundraising, Gains On Obama

It’s still too soon to see any sort of impact that last night’s solid win at the New Hampshire primary will have on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign.  But even before the victory, Romney was already showing major signs of being the one who could provide the best challenge to President Barack Obama in the general election.

Romney’s campaign has reported a total haul of $24 million in fundraising in the fourth quarter, and of that, he still has $19 million in cash on hand.  He raised $56 million in 2011, surpassing the campaign’s goal of $50 million.

And polling numbers for the general are beginning to look up, too.  According to a new Reuters poll, Romney is trailing Obama by just five points, a gain of three points in just the last month.  Romney also has the support of 30 percent of the GOP voters, up 12 points since last month.

All polling and fundraising were done before the New Hampshire results, and both can boost Romney’s argument that he is the best positioned to defeat the president as the battle for South Carolina kicks into high gear.

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Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

In colonial Philadelphia, firefighters were employed by private insurance companies which, of course, had financial incentives to minimize damage to their clients’ properties. Plaques with the insurance company’s insignia were placed on buildings, so that the fire fighters would know whether or not it was their “business” to put out the fires on the premises. (These plaques are often found today in antique shops). If the “wrong” plaque was on the building, well, that was just tough luck. Of course, with their attention confined to a single building, fire fighters were ill-disposed to prevent a spreading of the fire to adjacent “non-client” structures.

Occasionally, when the building’s insurance affiliation was in some doubt, competing fire companies would fight each other for the privilege of putting out the fire, resulting in more water aimed at fire fighters than at burning buildings.

Eventually, the absurdity and outright danger of this system led one prominent Philadelphia citizen to come up with the idea of a publicly funded and administered fire department.

His name was Benjamin Franklin: America’s first anti-free-enterprise commie pinko nut-case.

Eddie O.
Eddie O.4 years ago

cont. --- Do you support Citizens United? Do you want healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid eliminated, or watered down even more so than what they currently are? Do you want greed and money to trump everything else in our society? Do you want massive more amounts of money pumped into the military machine? Do you want our country to continue invading innocent countries? If you want all of this, and much more devastation, then, absolutely vote for a third party and give the Presidency away to the Greedy Obstructionists!

But, when you later say "it's no my fault, I voted for Mr. No Chance," I will just say Bull Crap, you gave the GOP one more vote and possibly more with your misguided advice, and you and the people who listened to you are absolutely partially responsible for them getting elected/appointed!

Eddie O.
Eddie O.4 years ago

Tina -- The lies and BS that come from you don't even deserve a response. You're stance is absurd and totally opposed to reality. You can't be for real, or you must be drugged or worse.

As to you, Brian M., I do hear you but certainly don't agree. If you want $100,000 a year for the work you do, and one person can only pay you $50,000 while the only other option is someone that will rob you blind every chance you get, which one would you choose.

This upcoming election is crucial and the differences are massive. The Greedy Obstructionists Party will absolutely do tremendous damage to our environment, as well as destroy the lives and living conditions of a major portion of US Citizens. Whereas, Obama, while extremely limited by the GOP, at least is fighting for the common person and is making as much progress as possible under these circumstances.

Sure, I could vote for my dead mother, or my best friend, out of contempt for the system. But, in doing so, I would actually be giving one more vote to the Republicans. I would in effect be voting for them and helping them get elected so they can do more massive destruction to our democracy.

Do you support Citizens United? Do you want healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid eliminated, or watered down even more so than what they currently are? Do you want greed and money to trump everything else in our society? Do you want massive more amounts of money pumped into the military machine? Do you want our country to continue inv

Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

Tina G. and DO a chimp and dog show. It's going to be a l-o-n-g year.

Ira L.
Ellie L.4 years ago

Tina, you're joking, right? If not, forgive me for laughing.
Obama in 2012 if we want to keep our Democracy and decency as a nation.
Let the crazies land in cuckoo-ville, while the Democrats unite and take America forward.

Phil P.
Phil P.4 years ago

Tina G, get stuff. Get your talking points for someone other than the fat F$#K Limbaugh and other repugnant whacko jobs and maybe we can have an intelligent dialogue.

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan4 years ago

What you wrote,Tina G.,is among the best satire I've ever seen !

Patricia A.

Let's see, Obama raised over $200M and Mitt is gaining on him. Please, get your facts straight!

Glenda L.
Glenda L.4 years ago

Anyone who would vote for this joker over Obama needs their head examined!!

Brian M.
Past Member 4 years ago

I'm done voting for corporate owned and operated politicians who care much more about serving their corporate masters than they do the American people. The voting process is a sham when all you have to choose from are two free market capitalists from corporate sponsored political parties. If the choice is between a Republican and a Democrat, well I don't accept that as a real choice any more, since both parties do a hell of a lot more for their corporate bosses than they have ever done for me and mine. In that case, my vote is a waste of time. I can choose to vote for either of the corporate drones; I can choose to have a great day on Election Day and not vote at all; or I can at least participate in the system and vote my conscience. If I vote my conscience, then I will vote for a party and a candidate that actually represents what I truly believe is good for the country whether or not said candidate has any real chance of winning. And that is how I'm going to throw away my vote. I'm going to vote for someone who says the positions I hold: the choices are now down to the Greens or Socialist Party USA. To hell with the two party system, the corporate corruption, the Republicans and the Democrats. We need a multiparty system and if we can't have that, then this nation need not bother holding elections at all until our political system has been purged of corporate influence.