Ron Paul Thinks Everything is Unconstitutional


Written by Jeff Spross and Ian Millhiser

Should the GOP primary electorate ultimately choose Paul as their nominee, it would be the clearest possible sign that they want to remake this country into a much meaner and more cruelly indifferent nation than the one nearly all Americans grew up in. Rep. Paul does not simply want to repeal most of the 20th Century, he believes that nearly everything America does is unconstitutional. ThinkProgress compiled video of just a few of Paul’s many claims that basic laws and essential programs violate the Constitution. A short list includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Reserve, income taxes, and even the dollar bill.

To see the new Iowa GOP frontrunner claim that all of these things violate the Constitution — and to learn which seven cabinet departments he also believes are unconstitutional — watch our video here:

This post was originally published by ThinkProgress.


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Charles W.
Charles Wise4 years ago

Both Pauls are ass hats!

Dijana D.
Dijana D.4 years ago

and no ron paul would never force a woman to not go through with an abortion if that's what she wanted. even though he is personally against them, he maintains, above all, freedom, liberty and state's rights, so if a state decided that abortion should be legal (as they have) ron paul would not go against that.

Dijana D.
Dijana D.4 years ago

no, this is completely biased. ron paul is the only lucid and rational candidate. not to mention, his incredible, consistent record.

Diane O.
Diane O.4 years ago

Jason, you are right on the mark!

Jason Shepard
Past Member 4 years ago

Stacey S.:

"@ Laua G what planet are you posting from????"

Earth and she is expressing her opinion as, at least for now, still guaranteed by the US Constitution. Your constant personal attacks and name-calling against people who don't agree with you show exactly why Ron Paul isn't taking seriously and neither are the majority of his followers. You always resort to these attacks when you are cornered with no real argument.

I'm not even going to attempt to cover the rest of your ridiculous postings. I know how Ron Paul supporters are from participating at The Daily Caller. You're rabid and have no interest in educating yourselves or even reading what others have to say and considering it.

Ron Paul has clearly stated, in his own writing and words, that he is against Gay Marriage, supports DOMA, supports the legalization of marijuana AND HEROIN and I could keep going for quite some time, but I won't waste Care2's bandwidth. You may have interest in setting America back 100 years, but I don't and many other Americans don't either.

Jason Shepard
Past Member 4 years ago

Stacey S.:

"He is absolutely correct when he said it is not for the Federal Government to care for the ill etc. It is for the states!!!"

This is an opinion. See, once again, Ron Paul's rabid supporters are running around claiming opinion as fact. This the entire problem over at The Daily Caller where your ilk usually hang out.

"the US government is counterfeiting, & has been ever since the Fed Res, took over printing money out of thin air!!!!!"

Once again, this is opinion. Counterfeiting is a serious claim, especially when made against the US Government. I hope you have sufficient evidence from reliable sources to back up this claim or you are setting yourself up for a HOST of problems.

Stacey S.
Stacey S.4 years ago

Meant to type KOOK, sometimes passion on issues makes type too fast!

Stacey S.
Stacey S.4 years ago


@mark s. you got it correct when you said State!

@jason s. Legalize Legalize Legalize, why cause "WE" wont have to waist money prosecuting people that only hurt themselves, no different than drinkers, smokers, prescription drug takers etc. It is not my job nor anyone elses to tell you what you can or can't put into your own body!!!! As long as you don't break a law against me, it is up to you how you choose to live.

@Charlene R.You just maid pro Paulistas point for us, although it doesn't matter to me what ticket they use to get there, paul is using the republican ticket he is a true Libertarian!!!! When I say do your homework I'm not talking about the Corporate owned media, I'm talking real homework, Listen to those that speak the truth!!!

Ron Paul is no cook, he is the only honest one in the bunch, not corporate owned! YOU THINK HE IS A COOK BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT!

Stacey S.
Stacey S.4 years ago

I see that most people anti Paul never had a serious US History lesson, you speak as if you know yet have no clue. He has never said he would stop any of the Government programs to those that are on it, he said they would be changed for future generations that aren't on it yet. He is absolutely correct when he said it is not for the Federal Government to care for the ill etc. It is for the states!!!
@Jean the US government is counterfeiting, & has been ever since the Fed Res, took over printing money out of thin air!!!!! Do your homework & find out the definition of income, it is not a salary, it is interest derived from things like stocks & bonds.
@ Laua G what planet are you posting from????

@Luvenia V. totally wrong, for those of you that prefer the NEW WORLD ORDER move to CHINA!!!
@Mercedes L. Ron Paul is the only Candidate running that voted pro choice, do your homework!!!

@Sharon A. "The fallout from these ideas???" Ahh, ask your forefathers it's call the "Constitution of the United States of America" My family died for it in 1776, did yours??

@marg W. you need a true education, we never paid a single income tax before the 1913 war tax. A temporary tax created for world war 2 it is & was temporary, go get edumecated and then come back & discuss how salaries are paid. It is not our job to educate you, & if you like relying on our current school system for education, this is the perfect example of why it is in great need of repair!!

Jason Shepard
Past Member 4 years ago

(Continued from below):

America can't even handle the concept of hemp used as fabric; I guess they think our kids will start smoking their clothes...